Robot lawn mowers battle Robomow RS612 vs Bosh Indego

Hi, you are watching Review machines – the
channel about most interesting machines for work and fun! Today our video is devoted to the robotics
lawn mowers which are becoming more and more popular nowadays. We have two interesting models. First – Robomow RS612, one of the newest
and allegedly most efficient mowers. And another mower is Bosch Indego which according
to the stats is one of the best selling mowers in the market. Firstly lets try to find out why these machines
are so popular. The main reason is that robotics mowers absolve
us from the most tedious duty – from the mowing. Such a machine may become your personnel gardener,
which is ready to work all the time without any rest and salary. Well it is time to have a look at our robots. We start from bosch. The mower is produced in Great Britain. The main feature is the intelligent navigation
system Logic Cut. Due to the system the robot moves on the site
like a human not chaotic but very neatly. In order to do that the robot makes a map
of a yard before mowing and than it works strongly according to its route. Robomow RS612 is produced in Israel. By the way the company is focused only on
robotics mowers, and its production may be considered as the most innovative! Robomow is the only mower which working width
is wider than its wheel track. As a result it can perfectly mow the edge
of the site and besides this feature allows to avoid grass rolling by the wheels before
mowing. Now you can see main specs of the both robots. Working time is approximately the same, but
robomow has significantly bigger working width, that makes the robot be more efficient. As to the dimentions Robomow mower is bigger
and heavier than Bosch. And as you can see the robots have different
blades system. Bosch has three tiny blades and robomow has
two big steel knifes which provide so impressive mowing width. Firstly I should say it is very easy to handle
with this machine. Simple menu, good display, everything is clear. This is the handle to adjust the height of
the mowing. Now you can see the blades. The advantage of such tiny knifes is that
it can bump into some object like a stone and without any problems proceed work. But on the other hand these blades can’t
handle with thick grass, and the cutting width leaves much to be desired. Plastic wheels are covered with rubber and
the provide good traction. You can see that Bosch has a very qualitive
bright display and simple menu, it is very convenient to control any settings. Robomow. First of all it is much wider than Bosch,
and consequently it has more working width that is very important. This is a handle to adjust mowing height. And here we have a remote control we can control
the robot in manual mode. As to the blades, Robomow has two steel knifes
that can cut even thick grass. Besides the mowing width is wider than wheel
base. It is a very good feature, cause it prevents
pressing grass by the wheels instead of cutting it. But there is a drawback – these knifes may
be damaged if they bump into some object. Display is smaller than Bosch, but you always
can manage your robot by a smartphone. By the way there is a special application
for you mobile, where you can choose all the settings of your robot, you can make a schedule
of its work, and there is a special manual mode, in this way you can steer the robot
on your own. This mode allows you to drive your robot not
only within a working perimeter but in any place you want. For example you can mow your neighbor’s
lawn. Or just to mow manually the sites which were
badly treated by the robot. Now lets see how these machines can work on
a lawn with very thick grass. In our first test we will see the machine
climbing on a slope. Ok Bosch managed to handle the slope without
any problem. Also it easily can go over the in the grass. But it got stuck when the robot was trying
to get over the handle of the spade so such obstacles may cause some problems for Bosch. Now you see the lawn before Bosch start to
work there. As you see the grass is rather thick and tall. I should say it took some time before Bosch
started to mow. Firstly the robot was going through the site
in all the directions, I think in this way it was preparing some kind of a working plan. But you know when it finally started to work
I hardly could see the result of the mowing, robot had to go through the same place again
and again to handle such a grass. Certainly this machine is designed to work
on lawns with young and soft grass, that is why it was rather a tough task here. But on the other hand we liked how this robot
moved through the site. It easily passed all the obstacles, we can
see that Bosch could find his way even in tightest places. Now you can see how intelligent system logic
cut works. In this way the robot moves not chaotically
but like a human being. It tries to mow the grass neatly and consistently
– row by row. Unfortunately we don’t have enough time
to see how Bosh finishes its work. But I think if Bosch had had more time it
could have finally coped with this site. Before testing Robomow lets get to know how
to install any robotics lawnmower in your household. All the contemporary lawn robots work within
a certain perimeter which is limited by special wire. A robot can’t cross this wire it always
works within the perimeter. Moreover you can fence off any object you
want with this wire, for instance a flower bad or tree. The wire is feeble-current and it is absolutely
safe for people and animals. Well lets look how Robomow can handle our
tests. The robot gets over the same slope without
any problems. The hoses in the grass also can’t stop Robomow. It even managed to cross a handle of a spade
which was a problem for Bosch. As to the lawn the grass there was even higher
than at the bosch site. As soon as Robomow launched its blades we
could see the difference between this robot and Bosch. Big steel robomow blades cut the grass much
more efficient than tiny bosch knifes. Efficiency of this robot can even be compared
to a regular electric lawn mower, I think it is a very good result taking into account
that Robomow works absolutely on his own. As opposed to Bosch Indego Robomow moves on
the site chaotically that may be considered as a drawback. But we very liked Robomow feature which is
called edge cut. The point is that cutting width is wider than
wheel track of the robot, in this way Robomow is able to cut the grass much more neatly
without pressing it by the wheels. Moreover this feature allows the robot to
mow the grass tightly to a fence or wall that is impossible if the wheel track is wider
than cutting width. As to the mulching – you know it is a rather
important thing. The better the mulching is the sooner cut
grass turns into a fertilizer. As you can see Bosch almost can’t mulch
the grass at all it just cuts it. And Robomow mulches the grass much better. And now lets see if there is any difference
in results of the work of the both robots. First you see the site of Bosch Indego. Not bad, but there are some drawbacks. The main thing is that the robot has very
tiny knifes and they can’t cope with thick grass. Besides the cutting width leaves much to be
desired. On the other hand its knifes can’t be damaged
and also Indego has intelligent system logic cut, it moves on the site consistently and
neatly like a human. Now you can see what was done by Robomow by
the same time. Certainly it mowed the site much better thanks
to its big steel blades. On one hand it is a very good feature it provides
a wider cutting width and it easily can cope with thick grass. On the other hand its blades can be damaged
by some objects like stones or forgotten tools on a lawn. And in conclusion I should say that generally
both robots are rather decent machines. But Bosch Indego is cut out to work on sites
with young grass that can be easily mowed by its knifes. And Robomow can work on lawns with higher
and thicker grass but its blades can be damaged by some object like stones. Thanks for watching, I hope my review was
useful for you, please consider subscribing, good bye!

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  1. Boom says:

    good russian english 😀

  2. Owl Path says:

    Excellent review! I also feel your english is good too 🙂

  3. Simon Bevan says:

    Piece of shit Husqvarna is the best in all parts

  4. PresidioStudios says:

    Did anyone else notice the fox that entered the scene in the background at 9:05?

  5. MauriceNL says:

    Good review, long grass! than you can see how strong it is

  6. Kevin Kenny says:

    Gary Kenny

  7. Carrie Smith says:

    How much money and where is it sold world wide

  8. Carrie Smith says:

    Robot now can it be bought in Ireland!

  9. Leon Lionheart says:

    How lucky to be able to activate english subtitles…

    Both have technical gaps. To combine the properties of both would make nearly a perfect mower. So it seems we have to wait for passing several models before reach this goal – I hope it will.

  10. Chester Micek says:

    Good job. Solid review.

  11. D.K.S says:

    Seems pretty irrelevant whether it can cut thick grass to me though. That's why it's a robot lawn mower right? It is always the correct height to mow. Nevertheless I think robomow is good.

  12. John Dozier says:

    Good job Ivan!

  13. TyronePatOne says:

    What you fail to add is that a robot mower will and should be always cutting young grass. Therefore the Bosch has the better cutting blades to achieve this. Same cutting system as the Husqvarna, who do a cutting comparison with a robomow.

  14. Daniel Traverso says:

    Quality review. Thank you sir.

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    Honda Miimo is a lot of better!

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