Security | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Chris Paul and Alfonso Ribeiro)

Sir, you cannot park there. What? Why? It’s reserved for Chris Paul. Barb, tell me what you not see. Uh, my name’s not Barb. You’re not Chris Paul. Stop it, Nancy. Woo! That’s not my name! Can I see some ID? This is my ID. I need a tow truck on level one. Oh, it’s Jake from State Farm. So here’s the deal, there’s no replacing the real Chris Paul, just like there’s no replacing State Farm. Miley, who took my spot? – Oh, just some guy. We’re taking care of it.
Okay. When you want the real deal, Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there.

21 comments on “Security | State Farm® Commercial (featuring Chris Paul and Alfonso Ribeiro)”

  1. Erick says:

    There’s no replacing the real Jake from State Farm either

  2. Bigshot 49 says:

    I told u he is not me and Chris Paul

  3. JShaggy says:

    The voice of Naruto Uzumaki (Maile Flanagan) is in a State Farm commercial.

  4. Halfdan Nielsen says:

    Is this a reference to the rondo video where he gets mistaken for cp3 😀

  5. Marcus Harrell says:

    Omg. Look how he did Chris Paul with that hairline😂

  6. Whoosh if you’re gay says:

    Why do I hear Naruto telling me I can’t park here?

  7. TheTastyTounge says:

    Telling where people to park is her ninja way

  8. Fly solo 28 says:

    So state found there Flo

  9. S Kurre says:

    Principal Perry

  10. BlueZ says:

    Naruto is the goat

  11. Orlando Johnson says:

    "This is my ID! Lol!!
    Takes off running!😂🤣

  12. Lem says:

    Stop it, Nancy 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Nicholas Jacob says:


  14. MyNameIsCorey says:

    Barb and Nancy tho?! 🤣😂

  15. Mulugeta Berhane says:

    This is hilarious!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Chelsea Cardenas says:

    *feat Naruto

  17. Jonah Cornish says:

    Anyone know what brand Chris Pauls hoodie is in this video?

  18. WiseJustice says:

    Audi A7 is my dream car

  19. ImExillity says:

    Everybody know they are feeling Naruto vibes

  20. Luis X says:

    Carlton Banks! AKA Alfonso Riberio
    Wheres Will? Lol 😂😂😂
    R.I.P Uncle Phil 😭😭😭

  21. Chase & Carly says:

    What’s Nacy’s real name in real life?

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