See what we found in our UK pig farm undercover exposé…

I’m Tracy Worcester
from the campaign Farms Not factories and I’m going to show you around
this pig farm. I hope everybody’s gone home so we’re not caught. I’m not gonna say what the name of this farm is or what his brand is. I don’t want to pick on
one farmer just because we managed
to get into his farm. Because many farmers
across the U.K. are producing their pork in a way which is well, frankly breaking the
E.U. regulations. Why? Because the simply cannot
compete with cheap imports from the E.U. In the pig’s natural
habitat which is outside they like to root in the soil
looking for food but when they’re raised indoors
like this there are laws. And I quote: “Pigs must have permenant access to a sufficient quantity
of material to enable proper investigation
and manipulation activities such as: straw, hay, wood,
sawdust, mushroom compost, peat or a mixture of such.” End quote. Well, there’s absolutely no
manipulatable material in here. They’re forced to lie on either these slats, which is
the drainage system or in their shelther over there on bare conrete. Now, when the pigs are raised in these sort of barren, crowded frustrating conditions they fight, they scratch,
they bite. They bite each other’s
tails off and this farmer has simply
cut the tails off. Now, that is not allowed. Let me read you the law: “Neither tail docking, nor
reduction of corner teeth must be carried out routinely. Before carrying out
these procedures other methods should be taken to prevent tail biting
and other vices taking into account environment
and stocking density. For this reason innadequate
environmental conditions or management systems
must be changed.” End quote. I think the mother pigs
are down here Oh, hello. What’s that fox doing? Oh my god. He was eating
the dead pig And dead piglets are being devoured by maggots. This is where the
mother pig is kept when she’s not in the crate Dark, dank, no manipulatable material which is illegal. She’s supposed
to lie in this shit. The sun will never be
on their backs. They’re never gonna’
be able to root in the soil. I really do believe that if consumers realised what a grusome life the pigs that have no label
actually have to endure they would look for
high welfare labels. And actually the price
isn’t much different. Two sausages from a
intensive farm like this costs the same as one
and a half sausages
from a pig farm where
they have a decent life. That’s half a
sausage difference surely it’s worth that. Anyway, also if they
had less meat they would avoid diseases that are often related to eaching too much meat
like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and some
forms of cancer. In the last fifteen years we’ve lost half of our
British breeding sows due to cheap imports
from the E.U. And in the E.U. they have really giant factory farms that are vertically integrated which means that they
produce the piglets and they also process
the meat. So they really make so
much money out of processing the meat they don’t really care
how much they have to buy or value
their pigs. So they get Eastern
European countires to produce the pigs often through contract farmers where the labour is cheaper and where the environmental
standards are really not enforced. Okay.
We’ve gone the wrong way. Okay, I’ll go down here. I think we’ve gone
the wrong way. Look. Poor little pigs in these tiny tiny compartments. They absolutely stink too there’s no
manipulatable material. It’s wet from their urine. And they have nothing
to play with So all their tails
are docked. The mother pigs are
in these crates for one week before
they give birth and then three to four weeks while they suckle
their babies. It’s so small they
can’t even turn around they can’t nurture
their babies. And this is legal. It’s really horrible
the way these babies are born on those slats because they’re slipping and
sliding all over the place and she can’t turn around
to nurture them to help them,
to guide them. This pig can’t get up,
it’s tried twice to get up and it’s so crammed in and it’s so overweight and it’s so weak. It’s just so sad. It’s actually because
they say that she might roll
onto her baby and crush it. Well, high welfare, indoor
certifying system RSPCA assured particularly say that
this is not allowed that the mother has got to
be able to roam freely and the other labels like:
outdoor bred, free range and organic they have plenty of room to move around It’s only the two days when the babies are
really really tiny might there be a chance
that she might roll on one, apparently. Two days fine,
but why five weeks? Surely that’s wrong You can see the babies have aleady had
their tails docked. Ready for life, obviously with no manipulatable material in their crates. In intensive systems like this they very often ween
these piglets at three to four weeks old before their immune syetem
is fully developed. This means that they
have to give them preventative antibiotics to stave off diseases. Overuse of antibiotics means that sheds like this become a breeding ground for antibiotic resistant bacteria and they pass from the
pigs to the humans on the body of the worker in the air through the flies, the rodents also when they spray the effluent on the fields it seeps down into
the water course and then into the meat itself. In 2014, 9% of samples of
fresh pork were tested from
the super market to have the pig strain
of MRSA. So this is leading us ever closer to the time when antibiotics
won’t work as a cure for human diseases. 25% of the antiobitcs sold in this country are sold to pig farmers. So while the doctors are
trying to reduce the amount of antibiotics
that they give to their patients so the farm use is increasing. So, with no help
from our government it is really important that we consumers choose high welfare meat and we could so easily
change this system. What we’ve organised
on our website is to have celebrity
focussed videos which you could post to your friends. with for example:
Vivienne Westwood Dominic West and Jeremy Irons explaining the true cost
of cheap meat and urging people to only buy meat with high animal
welfare standards. Also we have a turn your nose
up at pig factories campaign with Moby, Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry. So you could join it by doing a selfie and posting it
to your friends and saying turn your nose
up at pig factories. Only buy high
welfare meat. That was a truly nasty experience and I have a good mind to report him however, he ain’t the only one producing our meat like that. I’m afraid to say it’s up to us to pay the likes of him to up his standards to one of the certified labels RSPCA Assured Outdoor bred, free range or
best of all: organic.

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  1. john ftnwo says:

    great work Tracy

  2. nick wesbrook says:

    Im sorry but i must point out a few things you may have misunderstood about pig production regulations. When indoor pigs are on slatted floors bedding such as straw is not required, the pigs sleep together in the kennels which is warm so they are not cold. None of the practices on this farm are in breach of any laws. All farms with livestock are inspected by some assurance body or another, with regular visits from vets. In terms on indoor farrowing, sows can lay on piglets any time from birth to weaning. If there is evidence of tail biting on any farm it is only in the interest of the pig to dock the tails, the process is always quick and rarely causes infections. Reporting the farm won't do anything because they are doing nothing wrong. Because of cheap imports from the EU farmers cannot afford to invest in new pig buildings. Buying any meat from the EU is almost guaranteed to be made from pigs in a lot worse conditions than this, simply because they do not have the same welfare standards. People should be supportive of the British pig industry it will only improve the situation.

  3. Ashley wilcockson says:

    Instead of sneaking around making a video you should have asked the farmer if you can do some volunteer work ie mucking out, feeding etc surely that would be more productive

  4. Henners Henners says:

    Although what you are showing is abhorrent, even in organic farms the pigs are still slaughtered in obscene circumstances. Whether the pig has a good life, it is still killed against it's will.

  5. Zoe Lim Xin Yi says:

    Why didn't you free the pigs bitch?

  6. janzen yapan says:

    what is the purpose of hangging gallon.what is the contain of it..thanks

  7. toy gummy bear says:

    Haven't eaten pork for about 7 years they're so clever it's like eating dog .

  8. Julie Holdstock says:

    Thats not a uk farm that was filmed in europe

  9. Dave Gnome says:


  10. Furious Monk says:

    High welfare meat? If you really cared about those animals, you wouldn't eat them.

  11. Steve Steve says:

    Not every pig farm has the access to outdoor rearing land, therefore has to be kept indoors!

  12. steve king says:

    thank u so much so cruel

  13. Hox & Jones says:

    People saying this farm isn't breaking the Law, well then why on earth has the Law not been changed?! That's just awful.

  14. Corstiaan Nijhuis says:

    Bacon ❤️

  15. Strofi Kornego says:

    fuck you pig lovers, you do not deserve to live in UK

  16. Alex says:

    Old annoying bitch

  17. Jason Kinnear says:

    We will see a lot more and this now… and worse… because of leaving the EU we won't have the protection laws anymore.

  18. George Burnett says:

    Amazing woman! Deserves some kind of prize.

  19. bertiod von rastenburger says:

    You are such a nice burglar

  20. Jen Birtles says:

    You have no idea what you're talking about! What an utter load of pish. So many lies

  21. Lubega Richard says:

    What is dat jerycan for

  22. Peter W says:

    Only stupid farmers keep their pigs in those conditions.

  23. Lil Lawny says:

    You can cut tale off you nop

  24. Emma Fay says:

    I think people should be encouraged to stop eating sentient animals who can feel pain and tremble before death all together regardless of their welfare. I attend vigils where animals are "organically raised" and they still have tumors, still lay in their own shit etc. They're all just labels to make the consumer feel like they're doing good which isn't the case. Eating animals is completely unnecessary. Obviously some farms are "kinder" but only for profit not kindness. Every animals life needlessly taken for humans greedy consumption should be mourned!

  25. bertiod von rastenburger says:

    Sexy voice, and I love the way you say shit.

  26. richard bright says:

    These people lie all the time.
    This farm is not in the UK.
    It's probably in Estonia or somewhere else in eastern Europe.

  27. Amit Kumar says:

    It is not about pigs but by such videos people try to advertise and boast how good they are and how evil others can be. I dare Make video without your face

  28. Caroline Bullock says:

    Thank you for this. This is my 2nd year of not eating pork and this year more than any other I've been hyper-aware of all of the pork products around at Christmas. I know that so many of these pigs are bred for Christmas and I see the complete futility of it all. I will be having meat-free chipolata sausages this year (Linda McCartney) and when they are done well with cranberry sauce they are delicious and taste so Christmassy. There's really no need for pork at all, even at Christmas.

  29. keen observer says:

    she seems to be in her natural habitat

  30. sneakyzeke56 says:

    Pork is yummy, pigs food! Propaganda! Propaganda! Propaganda!
    More feces coming out of your yap than the pigs are putting out. Go home!

  31. Dom says:

    fantastic video

  32. Veronica Christopher says:

    5:21 look into the mother pigs eyes. You can see a broken soul 😞 Eyes speak louder than any mouth ever could.

  33. Jean Brandt says:

    Well, I hope you got caught for trespassing. In Iowa, the USA, where lots of pigs are raised, the lawmakers are considering a law making it illegal to even clandestinely film a pig raising operation, and it is certainly illegal to trespass, as you have done. I’m inclined to believe, as others in comments have said, that this farm is not actually in the UK. As for not having manipulatable materials, that is why the jugs are hanging above the pigs, so they have something to play with. If they don’t have something like this, they will improvise and jiggle their water era, feeders and gates to pieces. As for lying in their shit, when the weather is warm, nothing will keep them from doing this, even if they have another lean, dry place to lie. How many pigs have you personally raised?

  34. Somerset Farmer says:

    Ate pig last night still going to eat it

  35. won won says:

    and people say hell are not exist

  36. lil gee says:

    lol. a load of crap

  37. Neil Allen says:

    Those pigs would eat her in a New York second if she fell in there. For as much as she cares about them they don’t give a hoot about her at all lol

  38. Neil Allen says:

    Isn’t she breaking the law?? Is she committing a felony by trespassing?

  39. Wassson says:

    Mmm I love bacon I

  40. Jack Seax says:

    Keep your own meat you know what life it’s had then and you’ll eat less everyone can keep a few quail or chickens you’ll get your protein fix

  41. John S says:

    Quotes the law about animal welfare including water, tail cutting etc

    But, she fucking enters the farm breaking the law by tresspassing.

    Typical ugly leftist hypocrite.

  42. Aliciangela says:

    Can’t you report this farm? Cuz it’s treating pigs illegally. Don’t they have inspections?

  43. paul youd says:

    My god – you're arguing for higher welfare? Shame on you! No animal deserves to die because of someone's tastebuds. Complete abolition of animal exploitation is what we should all be aiming for. I'm outa here. 🙁

  44. T Jones says:

    pigs are foul and disgusting in every way, they destroy everything thing encounter, including each other

  45. T Jones says:

    right, lets have the pigs be able to turn around so they can shit up both ends of the space so they have no clean end in which to lay..dumass wench…shut up…stop preaching and grab a godam shovel and shovel something worthwhile instead of propaganda..shovel some of that pigshit away from your piggy friends face….

  46. Terry Fandango says:

    Those welfare assurances are meaningless . I've seen an RCPCA assured farm that was far worse than this one .
    Don't half ass it , go vegan .

  47. Mohamed Sayed says:

    My stomach's squeezing . To much to bare .

  48. Sofia Rina says:

    And you guys eat such things??? Groooos….

  49. Zane Ison says:

    Tail docking is so legal so quit breaking into farms you burgluar

  50. peppa pig says:

    brother george

  51. Frankie Gray says:

    This is heartbreaking. I wish more people knew this is how the meat industry is .

  52. mistyqqq says:

    I don’t think this farm is in the UK. Any farm like this should be reported.

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