Serviceability Comparison: Bobcat Advantage for Compact Track Loaders

Gaining access to your maintenance items should be quick and easy, and shouldn’t require your toolbox. Bobcat engineers
believe routine maintenance checks should be at your fingertips when you
open the tailgate. Sounds simple, right? Not so fast. On many compact track
loaders you’ve got to move the radiator, raise the lift arms, or install lift arm
support devices, then you can finally check your engine fluids, filters, and
other checkpoints. But as you’d expect, Bobcat understands what fast and easy
maintenance is all about. Let’s check them out. On Bobcat loaders you don’t
have to raise the lift arms or get out your tools, you simply do this. Now, this
is full access. The Bobcat radiator and hydraulic oil cooler are protected high
above the engine and uprights, and the engine is turned sideways or
transversely mounted. Meaning, you can quickly reach short-term and long-term
maintenance items. It’s this simple. You can easily put your hand on the fuel
fill, belt, alternator, throttle, engine block heater, fuel filter, oil filter, oil
fill, starter, dipstick, drive belt, and battery, and you can even reach the
pressure and temperature sensors. Let’s check out the others. Caterpillar has the
radiator mounted up high, out of the way. However, they do not have a transverse
mounted engine, meaning your maintenance items are buried deeper into the dark
corners. You can raise the radiator to help crawl into those dark crawl spaces,
but I don’t see the battery. I can’t put my hand on the starter, and
the alternator is behind this cover. And the engine oil filter is a full arm’s
length in. It doesn’t even come close to the access of a Bobcat loader, and what
about this filter. They must have thought that this filter was a little
unreasonable to reach, so they grabbed some extra hoses and brought it out here
to the tailgate. It certainly gets the filter closer to you, but now you have
unnecessary hoses fittings and potential leak points, and this little fix required
about 15 feet of hoses. Let’s take a look at another one. One unique thing about
this John Deere machine, there is no tailgate. We can open the small gate and
this is nice and convenient, if you’re seven feet tall. So, how do you get in
here? First, pray that your problem isn’t an engine or hydraulic failure, because
you got to raise these clumsy lift arms and then you remove the side panels just
to gain access. Even after you’ve completed all those steps, you still
don’t have anything close to the access that Bobcat offers. One of these brands
has to come close to the access you get on Bobcat loaders, right? Maybe Takeuchi
can be the one. More radiator and not much access. Get your tools out again. I
can reach over the radiator and get the dipstick in the oil fill, but that’s
about it. Like Caterpillar, they felt sorry for you so they brought this water
separator out to the door. It’s more convenient, but it requires extra
fittings and nearly 15 feet of extra hoses. It
can get punctured or rubbed, maybe this mirror can make the objects closer than
they appear. With Bobcat loaders, you can easily reach your daily, monthly, and
long-term maintenance items. You’re more likely to complete that critical,
preventative, maintenance when it’s easy to do. You get reduced operating costs,
more uptime, and a better bottom line. Easy, serviceability. That’s a Bobcat

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