Sex on the Ranch – Putting Out Bulls

hi I’m Mike a little over a year ago we
put out a video about putting out the Bulls that video was banned then
censored and then buried well we don’t learn from our own mistakes sometimes so
now we’re doing it again as we take a look at sex on the ranch and the Bulls
head out to work on our Wyoming life welcome back and thanks for joining us
once again be sure to subscribe follow us and explore the ranch life and escape
the ordinary mother nature rules on the ranch and not being from this lifestyle
the first time I was around for breeding season I was a bit shocked but I wasn’t
the only one last year when we put out our video of putting the bowls out with
the cows it did great it brought thousands of views new
subscribers which all translated into people who got a chance to learn where
their food comes from just like we had to coming from the corporate jobs to
help out on the family ranch but that didn’t last long the video of the Bulls
headed out to work was reported as sexually inappropriate YouTube shut it
down it was censored and although it’s still available it’s not being suggested
on YouTube the ranch isn’t making a dime off the video that we spent tons of time
on so in order to prepare for that happening this year well we took a
couple of precautions I guess you live and learn first we’re
not monetizing this video so you know and we know right off the bat the ranch
will not be making a cent from it that hopefully will keep it from getting
squashed layer secondly we’re gonna approach the subject of cattle mating to
make more calves for the ranch which eventually will be sold to keep the
ranch running and my family from starving well because some folks take
this so seriously we’re gonna approach the subject with the professionalism the
sophistication and the recited refinement and elegance that it deserves
or not but before we get to the lovin we got to
get the boys to the girls tab a has to go to slot B and in order to make that
happen we have to go get a trailer and load them up and take them to work so
we’re using our 16 foot aluminum trailer today which I think it’s 16 foot maybe
it’s 20 foot I don’t know how long it is never measured it but that’s funny right
there okay so we’re using the aluminum trailers so
that we can hopefully fit all five of the guys into one trailer get them all
moved down there once so that there’s as little bickering as possible the problem
with the aluminum trailer is that one of those bowls can actually kick the side
out of this thing without even trying so we’re gonna be
we’re not gonna be careful we’re gonna just try to get it done as fast as
possible so if you’ll notice we’re a little off
so we’re just going to pull forward a little bit wiggle it a little bit until
we get it to fit all right so they always say that the Bulls are ready to
go to work this time of year that’s kind of what the saying is that
the Bulls know what time of year it is what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go
back this trailer up to the Bulls loading chutes we’re gonna open the
gates and see if they come and and load themselves up if they’re ready to go
that’s a good indication that they know what time of year it is otherwise we got
to go help them a little bit but I’m honestly I really have no idea what’s
gonna happen if they’re gonna load themselves up or not we’ll find out so here’s something that I figured out
when you’re loading bowls is they’re so wide they have so much girth that you
have to be lined up perfectly right or they’re not going to fit through the
door we open it up and that’s where they’re gonna go now we’re gonna go open
some gates and let them come on in so the horses are over there and they’re
out of the way and they won’t get in here and mess with us we’re gonna go
down here open up a couple gates and hopefully the Bulls just come walking
right through and load on the trailer and I don’t have to do it aren’t they hey balls balls and as the Bulls meander around and
hopefully someday work their way towards the gate we can take a look at the cows
and see how they’re anticipating the Bulls return for the year and like almost every date I’ve been on
the anticipation builds like a storm in the distance while at the same time the
guys are oblivious eating or just laying around we’re gonna have to get them up
and moving in the right direction and the belief that the Bulls know what time
it is well that may just be bull today we’re moving five bowls up and into the
loading Corral and because they can’t take care of business themselves we’re
gonna give them a hand these five bowls will be servicing our breeding herd of
about a hundred and fifty cows by the numbers each bowl will have to
impregnate 30 cows now they’ll be staying in with the cows for about ten
weeks so each bowl just has to find three cows each week now I have friends
in the military and they can do that with their eyes closed and I think
actually most of the time they did have their eyes closed and so this is just me
out here moving these Bulls we take it super easy no reason to get them worked
up and once we’re into tighter corners it’s even more important to go slow and
easy nothing like looking down the barrel of over 10,000 pounds of bull
staring at you like you all money well boys trust me you’ll enjoy we’re heading
as we slip into the trailer and head down the road
when love awaits come and with the boyfriends back and the Sun
setting in the distance the mood is right for love and what is eventually
the continuation with ranch and the only job these boys really have because
honestly if it wasn’t for the Bulls of the ranch we’d never make it
year-to-year and for that they deserve some honest recognition oh Romeo
but he’s my loving one-man show so that’s pretty much it it’s all about
the wham bam thank you ma’am and everybody moves on with their life the
whole world at this point the whole ranch anyway is all about sex whether
it’s whether you’re a caveman or a vegetarian we’d all be hungry without it
thanks for coming along today and having a little bit of fun
of course this video like I said earlier not monetized at all I don’t even know
if you’ll ever see it but if you do I hope you enjoyed it
you could always head to our website and support us by purchasing our t-shirts on
our website also you can support us on patreon there’s a link down in the
description until I see you again please subscribe and have a great week and
thanks for joining us it on Wyoming Life

34 comments on “Sex on the Ranch – Putting Out Bulls”

  1. Samuel Hohepa says:

    Mike from all the way from New Zealand, I LOVE your videos…. You've made my morning. Really no BULL LOL

  2. Tony Cabero says:

    So many great lines in this video!! One of my favorites, Mike: "Not sure how long it is. I have not measured it…"

  3. Tony Cabero says:

    Best video in my opinion. Still laughing!! Excellent!!

  4. carminesilverado says:

    that was a creative and well designed video / cudos Mike

  5. Shaun Carson says:

    Mike love love this video, great sense of humor, between you and the Millennial Farmer you guys are the best on youtube. Keep up the fight against big brother and putting content in these videos that we need to see…..

  6. Karl Zimmer says:


  7. proud to be a livestock hauler says:

    Kinda dumb to flag the video last year and remove it. When there is videos of animals mating all over YouTube. Makes a lot of sense YouTube

  8. Brothers Paving says:

    QUESTION…??? for the gentleman speaker in all this beautiful videos..IN THIS VIDEO Minut 7:25 was that disgusting stain on the upper back on the BULLS…??? i want to said they are ticks…if so, those pour animals are and been going through lot of discomfort..itching,and probably pain due to an infection…could you please let's know what those things are…??? very thankful..i Exelente show,or videos..

  9. A Rabid Trash Panda says:

    Had me laughing

  10. Daniel Duarte says:

    Do you ever exchange bulls with other ranches to expand the gene pool?

  11. Jason W says:

    Great video! I'm still laughing. Way to go Mike and family.

  12. LuCreacia Williams says:

    ahahahaa…..I love it. Hit the Marvin Gay when all else fails…. Great Video Mike!

  13. Michel Goulmy says:

    Bloody funny! YouTube sensors should not watch '90 nature shows if they think matting is inappropriate 😆

  14. mom of 2 says:

    Love the video you never disappoint LOL (She's my cherry pie) thats the ways to breed the cows love the misic choice.

  15. Fire*Minx says:

    Great video as usual…..but don’t the bulls fight being in together with cows on heat ?
    I can’t even have two bulls together in an outside paddock with cows walking past without fighting.
    Very nice bulls by the way

  16. Tommy Rad says:

    now THAT'S a target rich environment.

  17. matismf says:

    So which one ended up as the alfalfa bull this year?

  18. Cari Johnson says:

    Freakin’ hilarious! And “the boys” are very handsome. The girl are very lucky! 😉

  19. Karen Steffek says:

    This may be the best video I have seen on YouTube yet! Well done from me here in New Zealand

  20. Terry Bonnell says:

    The Democrats and Liberals are going to get hysterical over this video, because although you chose bulls of color you excluded gay bulls and cows.

  21. colby harwood says:

    Amazing video

  22. Samantha & Jeff Montalta says:

    If you find this offensive don't eat beef

  23. MsBecki says:

    Thank you for uploading this video, it is not only fun to watch but you teach people about ranch life. Your bulls look very good, nice lines and well rounded. One of your red bulls had a lot of flies clustering between the shoulder blades, I mean REALLY clustering. Is there a wound there? I have seen it happen where an animal gets a small wound and the flies start laying eggs and next thing you know your animal has maggots crawling in and under their skin. Gives me the shivers!

  24. Ken Fillmore says:

    I like your Video with the bulls it was so cool with the music

  25. Virginia Moss says:

    It's instructive. Many people video the mating of their horses to document the breeding of the offspring. It's business. It's pride in the history of the foal. Let the children see it; a good opportunity to start teaching them about sex in a matter-of-fact way.

  26. Virginia Moss says:

    I think it's the cows that make the calves, nurture them, protect them and make it possible for you to make a living. To give the bulls all the credit is, well, a bit sexist.

  27. rick dees says:

    If you have them officially married in the eyes of God you wouldn't have had a problem last year. When is the reception, I'd like to bring the bride a gift?

  28. joshua brown says:

    I especially enjoyed your comment of your friends in the military. Three a week isn’t much of an issue for some young sailors!

  29. Mark Trombly says:

    Fanfrickentastic! I literally LOLed!

  30. 1 JetGator says:

    🤔 Mike.. Ironically I saw LAST years video.. LAST NIGHT! 😎🚬
    Serious BINNESS. Great videos! Enjoy every one of 'em ! The music on this years vid was quite..MOOOOving 🤣.. g'day to ya! .. Mark

  31. Phil Brown says:

    Fuuniest farm video ive ever seen😂

  32. Moneyandtime Freedom says:

    How many sexual innuendos in one video can you have in one video?
    Mike,” hold my whiskey 🥃 “

  33. Kim Clayton says:

    I’m judging you had a lot of fun making this video. The music selection was great your comments hilarious. It’s a shame you didn’t monetize this one. It’s one of your best!!

  34. antonio blocker says:


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