Shame!!! Saudi bulldozers destroyed Shia Muslim town Awamiyah

Welcome to the Asian Post Saudi military bulldozers have almost razed
Awamiyah to the ground amid the deadly crackdown on the besieged Shia town, forcing hundreds
of its residents to flee their homes. The Middle East Eye news portal cited activists
as saying that authorities have resorted to compulsory evictions in and around the historic
al-Mosara district of Awamyiah. The residents, according to the activists,
have been driven out of their homes, while their property has been confiscated by private
development firms. The report also published an image showing
a requisition order pinned to a house in the district of al-Shweikah, close to al-Mosara,
which was issued by a private company with the authorization of the so-called National
Joint Counterterrorism Command (NJCC). Reports coming out of the town say Saudi military
forces have been firing randomly at homes and cars in Awamiyah, destroying or setting
fire to several houses and shops. Amateur videos circulating on the Internet
shows the city has been reduced to rubble, with activists saying those left inside are
suffering from a lack of electricity, water, rubbish collection or fire services. “There is a plan for forced displacement,”
said Ameen Nemer, a Saudi activist originally from Awamiya. “It doesn’t matter where these people
will end up.” Awamiyah, located in the eastern Qatif region,
has been under military lockdown since May, when Saudi troops began destroying al-Mosara. Riyadh claims al-Mosara has become a hideout
for “militants,” who are behind attacks on security forces in Eastern Province, but
locals and the United Nations say the regime is after erasing cultural heritage in the
Shia town and redeveloping the area. Some eight people have been martyred by the
Saudi military in the town over the past days.

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