She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy

Hi there I’m Mike and this is Our Wyoming
Life When it comes to equipment on the ranch, the
tractor is the backbone. And when it comes to tractors we have many
different types and sizes. From small to medium to large. From multi use tractors to single use machines. Every tractor around here pulls its weight
and although they can be high maintenance and sometimes a royal pain they are a huge
tool and a huge part of what we do everyday on the ranch. Rarely is a day when I’m not in a tractor
for one reason or another. Whether to feed cows, move manure, lift or
move material or just moving it out of the way to do something else. Today we will be looking at our 3 big tractors. These are the powerhouses of the ranch, when
you think of a tractor you have to think of it as a power supply, not many people take
their tractors out for a cruise, in fact tractors are a tool to power another tool 95 percent
of the time. Later on we will look at implements and attachments
and the difference between the two. But for right now lets get in and fire one
of these beasts up and go through the basics of each tractor. This is our main tractor. It’s a John deere 6420, it’s a 110 horsepower
machine and as you can see its equipped with a front end loader. We use this tractor year round, in the winter
its our main feeding tractor. Used with a spear on the front end for picking
up bales and a spooler on the back for rolling out the bales for cows to eat. It can also be fitted with a bucket for moving
material or a set of forks for moving pallets and stacked items such as lumber or fence
posts. This tractor is the easiest to drive, it’s
the Cadillac of our tractors and if you can run a riding lawn mower, you can pretty much
jump in and take it for a spin. The door opens just like any car door and
you climb up a small ladder and take a seat. The seat itself is pretty comfortable, its
an air ride seat, meaning that are is pumped into bladders underneath the seat to give
you more suspension and smoother ride. Tractors don’t have much in the way of suspension
so when you are in a tractor for hours a day you really appreciate a little cushion in
the ride. Once you are inside, it’s a matter of starting
it up. It’s a diesel engine, so you turn the key
and let the glow plugs warm up just a little. Because its almost 80 degrees today, they
warm up super quick but in the dead of winter and if the tractor has been outside it can
take up to a minute to warm the plugs. Once the tractor gives you the ok, you can
start it up. A quick look around might overwhelm you a
bit, but john deere makes it pretty simple with some color coding. Anything with the color orange on it, has
something to do with getting you and the tractor rolling. On the left of the steering wheel is your
direction selector, forward or backward and on the right of your seat is your throttle. This tractor is as close to an automatic transmission
in a tractor you can get, you don’t have to select gears and although you can control
the power output for now we will leave it in automatic mode. Before we can move the tractor though, we
have to make sure our loader is up and we aren’t dragging our front end through the
ground. The joystick on your right armrest controls
the front end loader, back is up, forward is down and left and right controls the tilt
of whatever attachment you have on at the time. We lift up the front end, choose our direction,
give a little throttle and away we go. Steering is just like a car although it is
a little more touchy as its controlled by hydraulic cylinders and not a direct linkage
like a normal car. The 6420 is our newest tractor and our most
heavily used, like I said its used all winter long feeding and in the summer it will see
plenty of hours during haying. If it does break down we still need to be
able to feed cows and that’s why we have an almost identical tractor, the john deere
6410. Its older and the controls are a bit different
but still following john deeres orange to go color scheme. This tractor however is a manual transmission. You have 16 gears to choose from the main
gears are labeled A, B, C, and D and the secondary gears are 1-4. A being the slowest gear and D being the fastest. Again, you run the front end with the joystick
on the right. This tractor is currently equipped with a
bucket and grapples which can be used to move anything from hay bales to scrap material. You select your gears, a direction of travel
and let out the clutch. This tractor gets used if our main feeding
tractor is down for some reason but gets most of its use during haying, pulling implements
such as a mower, a rake or a baler. The last tractor that we are going to look
at today is our farm tractor. It’s a john Deere 4055 and the first thing
you’ll see that’s different from the other two is that it doesn’t have a front end
loader, this tractor is used strictly for pulling. And is used mostly during haying or if we
have to till or cultivate a field prior to reseeding. This tractor is a completely different animal
to drive, no orange to give us a clue. But its still relatively simple. The entire drive system is controlled from
your right hand side. One reverse gear and ?? forward gears, selectable
by just sliding this lever up. The other big difference about this older
tractor is the way you turn if off. You can turn off the key and it will just
keep on running. You need to pull this knob out to shut it
off, cutting off fuel supply to the engine. The other big question I get about the tractors
and mostly coming from people who are inside them, is how the hell do I get out. Door handles on the inside are not like a
normal car, on the newer tractors it’s a matter of squeezing a somewhat hidden inside
lever to pop the door open and on the 4055 its this somewhat awkward lever, allowing
you escape. Those are basics of getting in and getting
a tractor moving but they are a lot more complicated that just that. The multiple levers, switches and other doodads
are there to control the implements and attachments. This is where things get interesting and can
be very dangerous. The number of implements and attachments for
tractors such as these are countless. From buckets and loaders to mowers and balers. First lets take a look at the difference between
an implement and an attachment. Attachments are any additional or supplementary
devices that attach to the tractor, like a front end loader. Our front end loaders allow us to use a number
of attachments like our bucket but they are easily taken off and replaced with another
tool that might work better for the job. Two pins are all that hold the bucket on the
front end loader, after releasing the hydraulic hoses that control the grapple on the bucket
we can slide it off the tractor and attach either our forks or our spear. Implements usually attach to the back of the
tractor and are tools that are used in some specific activity such as a plow or a harrow
or even a mower. There are two ways to attach implements, we
have a regular hitch or draw bar on the back of the tractor which you can use a pin to
attach an implement or some tools use these arms, called a three point hitch. Which are controlled from inside the tractor. You basically back up to an implement, line
up your pins and lift it using this controller which allows you to select the height at which
you want to carry your implement. It also allows you to control how deep you
put your implement, such as this plow, into the ground and hold it at a steady depth as
you move through a field. Some implements, such as this mower require
power from the tractor to run, in this case to spin the blades. This is accomplished by using the tractors,
PTO or power take off. A gear that extends from the back of the tractor
and by connecting this shaft to that gear we can move the power to the gearbox that
spins the blades and cuts the grass in an 8 foot swath. There are a ton more implements and tools
we will be using through the year and as we get into haying here in a few weeks and I
will try to show them all to you as we go. I’ve got my new summer straw hat on and
I only point it out because this is as nice as this hat is ever going to look. Every spring as the weather heats up I retire
my black hat for the summer and switch to the straw, mostly because its a lot cooler
but also because I can guarantee that by the end of summer and fall this hat will be destroyed. We will track it and its damage along the
way but yes, this is the nicest it will ever look. Next weekend, we will be branding and on Saturday,
our first live feed as we set up cameras to bring you right into the action. I’ll post details later this week with times
and all that good stuff so you can join us as we brand and BBQ and drink a little beer,
maybe not in that order. So follow us on facebook for the details on
that . I hope you have enjoyed learning a little
bit about the tractors and a few of the tools we use with them, like I said as we move through
the summer we will be getting more in depth with the many other vehicles and tools we
use as well. Please like subscribe and comment, and have
a great week, we will hopefully see you at branding. Thanks for joining us, in our Wyoming life.

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