Should I Buy a Tractor Without a Loader?

Hey, this is Mike with
and today we’re going to talk about buying a used tractor. If we found a tractor like
this one in really, really good condition with no loader, is that a possibility? O.K., so this tractor is on Craig’s List, a
really really nice little John Deere compact tractor it’s a 1070 model which
means it’s an older tractor and it’s got a ding or two on it but my goodness it’s
in really good shape and its got everything you want on a tractor except for a loader.
Now the big question is can I buy the tractor without a loader and put a
loader on it and the answer is, yes you can but we really really need to look at
the economics. Now one thing this tractor has a big advantage, it has a tractor
mounted hydraulic valve, there’s the fitting right there and that’s what
hooks to a loader and controls the loader and up here on the operator
platform is the lever. This is the lever right here that controls your loader and
all the plumbing is already down there so this tractor has a tremendous
advantage. I would almost tell you if the tractor were not equipped with this
hydraulic system already installed there would be no way economically to buy a
loader for it and the reason is you almost can’t find used loaders and you’d
think there’d be some used loaders out there but there just aren’t. They just
almost do not exist even for the name-brand tractors and the tractors
with a lot of models. Now this particular tractor and I’m not sure you’re gonna be able to see this or not, has two hundred and forty five hours on it that’s a really really
low houred tractor is gonna give somebody a long life. I’ve already been on the
Internet looking for a used loader in the only one I found is one about a six
hour drive away that has been in a fire and I don’t want to risk that so we’ve gotta
find out can we get a new loader for it and will it economically work well on
this tractor with the hydraulics already on? What we need to find is a loader
mounting kit that goes where those four holes are right there, the main frame of the loader, the bucket
on the front, and then we would also want to get a hose kit and that would plug
that valve right there in with your loader and I would actually try to put it on
myself. I think I could do that. Now if the hydraulics weren’t already on the
tractor to control the loader I would never attempt it. So I’ve called several
local dealers and we’re gonna see who has the best deal on a loader mainframe
mounting kit and bucket and hose kit and if it economically makes sense for us to
buy this tractor and put a loader on it. Well after researching the loader market
I can buy an aftermarket loader that would be painted to match the tractor
for $3500 and that would be a new loader and that’s with me putting it on so if you add that
price of the tractor and the guy is asking $9000 the tractor I think I could
buy it for $8750 so if you add thirty five hundred and eighty seven fifty you
get twelve thousand two hundred and fifty dollars and that’s probably a good
price for a tractor that’s this nice. Now there is a little risk involved if I get
that loader mounted and the valve has been sitting all these years and has
frozen up then I’ve got a maintenance cost at into that but for $12,250 I
probably go ahead and do it. Again if I had to put that hydraulic valve on I’d have a dealer to put the loader on and you’re probably adding in another you know around $1200 + 350 for installation and at that price I’d probably better wait and find a tractor with loader already mounted on it I survivd on web traffic if you’d like to
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comments make sure your item in below or try to answer them. Hey, thanks for watching!

28 comments on “Should I Buy a Tractor Without a Loader?”

  1. The Strathroy Boys says:

    Good info for the future!

  2. Pere Negre says:

    In Europe, the cost of a loader for a 60hp tractor (including labour for mounting it) it's about 5000 – 6000 EUR.

  3. Pops Quest says:

    Mike, I just bought a farm with a New Holland Workmaster 55 4wd and it only has 5 hours on it and did a video, one of my subscribers told me to check out your channel, you have some great content here, Thank you!

  4. jason beasley says:

    hey Mike. Love the videos. Just recently purchased a 970 with a bucket. loving it so far. Only wish mine looked as good as that one. Any plans on doing a video about possibly repainting a used tractor?

  5. I Bleed IH Red says:

    It's funny you made this video because I am currently looking for another tractor and don't really need a loader. Especially since I want a little 20 hp model to do some yard work. What do ya think, "don't do it" 😜

  6. Ji Fi-01 says:

    Excellent topic, Mike.

    I think another option that makes you wonder if it's worth it or not are the mid and rear hydraulics if offered for that model. I have no idea how difficult it is to add these yourself, but it definitely makes sense to have them on the tractor just in case and especially helpful at resale.

  7. bud moore says:


  8. born2flyau says:

    When my cousin was dairy farming about 20 years ago he started with an old grey fergy (TEA), then a Massey Ferguson 35 & finally a MF240 none of which had loaders on them. There was no need for them back then. Now it seems every large tractor 40HP+ seems to be fitted with a loader. What has changed?

  9. Daniel Campbell says:

    Hey there mike Dan again I was just wondering if your are familiar with the belarus brand of tractor. I've seen a few of these tractors go for very cheap with FWA, loaders, 3 pt hitches and a cab. Just thought that I would ask a expert whether its a good buy or not? availability of parts? and if the tractor is reliable? because I'm not familiar with belarus.
    PS love your videos I feel they are very informative to prospective buyers of tractors such as myself

  10. dregnery says:

    Mike, really enjoy your site. I'm a new tractor owner and would appreciate you covering the fundamentals of engaging the PTO with equipment like (rotatory cutters/tillers). What are the factors associated with correct operating RPM?

  11. Z Szilagyi says:

    Nice tractor!

  12. Jon Homrich says:

    Really also depends on application too. A friend of mine bought a 60hp Case at a really good steal with for some hunting ground, all he's doing with it is prepping the food plots so he's got a tiller seeder a bushhog for maintaining the land and that's it he loves it couldn't ask for more. Or if you're like my old church that had a John Deere and just a rotary cutter on it to maintain their property that will also do just fine. But yes I agree most of the time you can almost find a needle in a hayfield a lot easier to do than tracking down a loader to fit a particular tractor let alone a tractor that already has that equipment on it to accept one.

  13. Mow's Lawn & Iron says:

    Great info TM!

  14. trader025 says:

    Man this is just the video Ive been looking for .. Ive passed on many tractors that didnt have loaders already installed on them … now I will give them a second look

  15. Corey Hendrickson says:

    Where did you find an aftermarket loader for that tractor for $3500?

  16. Bill Rasmussen says:

    If you're looking for a John Deere 300CX let me know here

  17. William Sevier says:

    If I went to a dealer and bought a new tractor, it would make sense to buy the tractor and the loader at the same time and be done with it. I bought an ATV several years ago and was going to add a few accessories later on. Well that never happened because it was inconvenient to get back to the dealer to get stuff and schedule to have the stuff installed…so in the case of buying a used tractor and then buying a loader somewhere to fit it, I'd think it would be very cost prohibitive unless you are getting the tractor and loader for very little money LOL.

  18. SLFYSH says:

    I am really enjoying your legitimately helpful content here.. thanks! Question; input or where to find it regarding a skid steer vs ~40hp tractor with loader? Not doing any 3-pt implements.

  19. Coy Patton says:

    Nice video Mike. There are those guys that would never use a loader, but for a lot of areas, the loader is as much of a need as the tractor. Especially as we get a bit older it makes lots of task easier on the body.

  20. Martinho Ramos says:

    Europe must be a whole lot different from the US in case of used equipment, as we have used old loaders in any scrapyard around

  21. MrAdventure says:

    I bought a front loader for my 1998 John Deere 670 from Westendorf

  22. RAUL HOGLAND says:

    New tractor owner. What do you look for in a loader? How do you know it will fit your model? Thanks

  23. Bob Smithereens says:

    Short answer:  No                                      Long answer: No way.

  24. John Craftenworth says:

    This is bogus. In the field, a loader is nothing but IN THE WAY and makes it hard to get through tight spaces and to turn around. And taking them on and off is a serious PITA. Screw loaders.

  25. genjokoan says:

    Times change. I grew up on a farm with a pipeline construction company on the side. We cultivated ~ 1500 acres of row crops, had cattle, etc. My dad would have been giddy to find such a tractor. We knew how to test the hydraulics and how to rebuild them pretty easily. Sometimes we could not afford new, shiny stuff. Never mind paying someone to fix things. If we could not fix it – it stayed broken. I am about to turn 63. We lost the family farm about 40 years ago when my dad passed. Now I am sitting on 3 acres, thinking about a shiny, new 1025R – with a loader and a backhoe.

  26. Have_At_IT says:

    If you need (not want) a loader buy a tractor with one on it whether new or used.

  27. twra1 says:

    A tractor without a loader is like a pair of pants without pockets.

  28. laminar flow says:

    Been catching up on your old videos, the obvious thing you miss is what if you already have a loader and this is your second tractor? Exactly the case here and we love not having the loader on the smaller machine. Makes it easier to get around gates other obstacles

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