Simple Start – Operations Overview for the Ventrac MJ840 Contour Mower

I’m Aaron Graber with Ventrac. In this
video we’re going to talk about our contour mower. The primary application for this contour
mower is on golf courses mowing trim and surround areas. The contour deck is also
suitable for resorts or other high-end properties that might have challenging
terrain but also require professional results. With this contour deck on the
4500 tractor with dual wheels you’re able to mow up to 30 degrees in any
direction. Which makes it easy to take care of these areas of the course
without destroying the turf and keeping operator safe at the same time. This
contour mower includes three separate decks that are linked together but work
independently to ensure the best possible quality of cut and prevent
scalping. The contour mower is a rear discharge and has a total cut width of
83-inches there are a total of six 15 inch blades – on each deck which are
counter rotating to provide the best discharge possible. This is our
mower deck with the widest cut width. It’s not necessarily suited for rough
applications or larger acreage where a tough cut or maybe a finish mower
would be a better solution. This deck is built for precision mowing which means
golf courses or other high-end properties only. The contour mower attaches to the
tractor with the front hitch arms the belt driven PTO and the two standard
hydraulics. The contour deck has a cut height range
between three-quarters of an inch and three and a half inches and quarter inch
increments. To change the cut height settings refer to this graphic and
select your cut height. It’ll show you where you need to locate the front
caster wheels. The anti-scalp wheels and the rear roller brackets on each
individual deck both the left and right side caster wheels can be located in an
outer or an inner position to change the characteristics of the deck. If it’s
located in the outermost position, it provides the most stability and
consistent quality of cut and on the inner position it provides the best
overhang. If you’re doing bunkers or something else that can be changed
loosening these two bolts in the front and the one bolt in the back moving this
whole thing over and then retightening those three bolts. Flipping the contour
deck up is an easy process that takes less than a minute. The first step is to
use the SDLA lever to raise the attachment all the way and to raise the
left and right side decks to their highest position. You can grab the front
of the deck and then pull the release lever in the back and flip the entire
thing up. The contour mower also has a mulch kit available for it. It would be
bolted here and here on each individual deck to lower the deck simply put
pressure on the front and pull the release mechanism then once it’s down
make sure you return the belt tension spring to its upper setting with the
deck in this position. It’s a good opportunity to show the movement of the
side pods both up and down and front to back for a 40 degree total range of
motion on each side. The rear SDLA lever controls this link which either allows
the right and left decks to float all the way down or up or if it draws inward
it pulls the decks up for transport position. It’s important that when you’re
operating you have this gap here so that both of the decks can fall away from the
center deck and actually contour down. This can be accomplished with an
optional spool valve kit to allow you to place the secondary SDLA lever in
float or you can set this position manually. It’s recommended to have a
weight transfer setting of 3 or 4 depending on your conditions but having
it in 4 can sometimes cause the center deck to rise up over contours too much
so pay attention and if you’re missing grass lower the weight transfer setting
to 2 or 3. The contour deck is an essential
attachment for professional grounds managers who want the best results
possible. Thanks for watching this video on the contour mower. For more
information on this attachment and others visit our website at
or contact a local dealer for a demo

8 comments on “Simple Start – Operations Overview for the Ventrac MJ840 Contour Mower”

  1. Googie 123 says:

    Love the video

  2. Dale Nienow says:

    Another great video Ventrac!

  3. Joshua Eustace-zapf says:

    I don’t have a ventrac but by your YouTube videos about the ventrac make it sound like an amazing brand

  4. Moose the Dodge Pickup says:

    My next tractor I would love to own

  5. Cerberus says:

    This is the deck I'd need for my Father's place in western KY.

  6. johndeere4610 says:

    When I bought my new Ventrac with the Contour mower last summer , I was told by a sales rep not to get the diesel.
    He told me I would not be satisfied because the diesel lacked the horsepower needed to run the Contour. So I got the
    gasoline powered 4500. Now your video featuring the Contour Mower has it mounted on a diesel. Could you explain to
    me the seeming differing opinions on the necessary horsepower to run the Contour Mower?

  7. Cyrus Ullmann says:

    Ventrac, please come here to Oregon to demo this machine. This state needs this tractor at every course.

  8. Mallard 5 Farmhouse says:

    This tractor looks amazing! Exactly what my uneven hilly yard needs lol

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