Simple Turtle Farm Minecraft Scute Farm Tutorial – Easy!

what’s going on guys and welcome back to
another Kid-A-Loo adventure so I am recording from The Reef today and we are
going to be building a sea turtle / scute farm tutorial and I am hanging out
here on sea turtle island as you can see recording from The Reef once again so a
big shout-out to OMG Chad for this original design we are going to be
recreating that here on the server so that we can provide helmets to all the
wonderful inhabitants of the island and we’re excited to get this tutorial
started so hope you enjoy it, stick with us and let’s get this build going! Okay
guys so as you can see really all you need is a little sandy place here so
I’ve already got this little nice sandy area mapped out here and this is
where we’re gonna put our sea turtle farm so what we want to do here first is
go ahead and build out five blocks on either side so let me go ahead and hop
in here and we want to go one, two, three four, five and six over, three, four
five, six and build that just like that okay so
that is really what we want to do first so we want to build one, two, three, four,
five out and then six across three, four, five, six in the middle here eight in
total and then one, two, three, four, five again okay now I’m going to go down here
and go ahead and fill this in as well two blocks down, all the way around. Alright guys so that is the initial wall
done as you can see one, two, three, down all the way around. Alright guys and then we need to just
make a floor on the bottom so let’s go down here and come out from here… all right so the floor is now done. Alright guys so let’s take a look at
what we’ve got so far so this is a super simple little catch-all now this is
where the turtles are going to get caught but first we have to do a little
waterfall trick to get the water flowing the way that we want, so in order to do
that we are going to basically put two blocks underneath, three blocks on top
all the way across and this is going to be the temporary blocks
that we will break in just a minute and that will create our water fall effect
and get the water flowing in the in the exact right direction that we need it to,
to move these little baby turtles and scutes where they need to go in this turtle farm alright so once that is done all we need to do now is go back and break these all the way
across and as you can see it creates a nice little waterfall effect and that’s
going to push everything (the scutes) over into our hoppers okay and as you can see that’s got the nice
little waterfall exactly how we want it all the way across. Okay guys so now all
we have to do is go ahead and place our chest so really you can put it anywhere
along here but I am actually going to put it here in this bottom corner right
there if I can place it. This waterfall is a little bit tricky but I am going to
put it right there okay and so that is going to be my my corner and I’m going
to put a hopper pointing directly into that as well so I’m going to crouch and
place that and then I’m going to crouch place hoppers all along here one leading
into the next. There you go okay so all of our hoppers are placed, now what we
want to do is go ahead and grab some slabs and we will just put the slabs all
along the top at the top of the hoppers okay so that part is then done. So we’ve
got the the little catch all built for the simple turtle farm, we’ve got the waterfall, we’ve got the chest over in the corner with the hopper pointing down into it, we’ve got hoppers
all the way across so now the scutes should flow down into there and wind up in the
hoppers and over in the chest! Okay guys so the next thing that we want to do is
we can go ahead and really just block this up right here and really that’s
just going to prevent the little baby turtles from getting caught and the
scutes getting caught up right there and not making it into our chest. And then
let’s go ahead and make a make a little barrier here so that nothing can get to
these little guys up here so I’m going to block this up like so and I’m gonna
put some slabs all the way across and again this is just going to keep
all the bad guys out of our turtle scute farm so they won’t be able to crawl in and get our little
babies from the sea. Just like that we can carry that
right across here as well and one more thing we want to do here
guys is really a last step is add another row of slabs right here on this
top row and what that is going to do is that is going to allow our adult turtles
to go ahead and get out so this is really more or less a turtle sanctuary
so we want them to be able to come in here lay their eggs and then the adults
to go ahead and leave, the babies grow up and then you know we keep keep this
rotation going so that will allow the adults to escape (the turtle farm) but the babies will get caught up right in there and then as a last step now we just need
to build our fence around so this will keep the bad guys out and I don’t want to totally close this
up yet because I am just going to need back in here for the last step to put
the turtles in and let’s go ahead and light this up that’s going to be the
next thing that we need to do because what we do not want is any any bad guys
spawning anywhere in here so let’s just go ahead and light this all up just to
make sure that we are good to go. I’m going to add a few more torches
around here for good measure and we can add more later if we need but yeah
that’s going to be a nice and lit up and now we need to go find some turtles for our turtle scute farm! Okay guys so there is a couple of things
that you need to know once you have your turtle farm scute farm built, you gotta
get some turtles in here so the easiest way to do this is to build this on an
island that already has turtles. The thing about the turtles in Minecraft is
that they are going to only lay eggs on the island where they were born
so they tried to emulate a little bit of real life in this one aspect of it and
they are not going to be able to breed and lay eggs on an island where
they were not born so bringing a turtle to the island is not necessarily going
to work but there are a couple things you can do. Number one build this simple turtle farm on an island that already has turtles on it is probably the easiest and best way to
do it. The other way to do this is to actually get a silk touch pickaxe and
get the the eggs from another Island and then put them here so that is what I’m
about to do right now I’m going to lay down the eggs and then once they hatch
here then they will be from here and you can continue to farm and kind of do do
your thing here. So I am going to lay these eggs down like this and yeah guys
we will go ahead and give those a few days to get set up and grow in there and
then once they hatch the little babies will again fall down into that little
area right there and then once they get big they’ll drop their scutes, it’ll go
into our chests over here, we’ll capture those and then the big adults can
swim out and then when they’re ready to lay they can come back onto this island! What’s up guys so you just see that the
turtle just grew into an adult and dropped his scute off so we were
watching him in the water and he just grew up so that is super awesome to see
that and I’m going to go down there now and see if we can take a look at that
scute that he dropped off so let me go, let me go down there and see if that
wound up in our chest which is what we want and it did there
it is guys the scute is in the chest exactly how we wanted it to be so it
does work the simple turtle farm scute farm works! The little turtle farm sanctuary is working and we have one turtle in here so far and the rest have not hatched yet. Okay guys
so I am back at the turtle farm and as you can see the turtle farm is doing quite well, we’ve got lots of adult turtles, we’ve got the back open there and we built some little
glass on the sides and then we made one other small improvement over here to the
chest we moved it out from underneath and put it right here so yeah you can
see it’s collecting things quite nicely! This is the simple turtle farm / scute
farm Minecraft turtle sanctuary done! Alright, so that will about do it for the Minecraft turtle farm scute farm. I hope you guys enjoyed this turtle farm video tutorial! Big shout out to OMG Chad from the OMG craft channel. He originally built this design
which is where we got this design from and we changed a few little things here and there but mostly this is the same exact design so big shout out to you, thank you
for doing that but otherwise I hope you guys enjoyed this turtle farm tutorial, you can see the turtles are doing well, everything is going really nicely and yeah excited
about the turtle farm! And you can see I’m wearing my awesome turtle shell helmet already so I hope you guys enjoyed this, please leave a “like” on the channel if you
would subscribe to us we would love to have you with us and otherwise we will see you on the next video! bye!

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