Sleepy Hollow 4×04 Promo “The People vs. Ichabod Crane” (HD)

It can’t be. Hello father. We brought something evil back with us. The thing that has Crane? Ichabod Crane cannot
live another day! Sleepy Hollow, an all-new episode next Friday on FOX.

9 comments on “Sleepy Hollow 4×04 Promo “The People vs. Ichabod Crane” (HD)”

  1. Anthony Lesley says:


  2. Kamal Kamal says:

    the heck..

  3. Saamah Louis-Jean says:

    Hmm …

  4. Real Cosmic Builds says:

    plsss bring back noble on full time, i wanna c more of jeremy w ichabod. they never bonded as horrid as jeremy did w katrina, mayb jeremy is what ichabod needs right now. i still think killing off his wife and son in S2 was unexpected, but abbie in S3finale was shocking and almost everyone never saw coming. even tho the signs were there since s03ep8. as i realized in s04ep4 was a mention of jeremy when jenny told diana that her&abbie saw a demon(moloch) who resurrected a warlock(jeremy) who knew noble would be back. i did. i heard about it at comiccon that noble was coming back this season, just didnt know when, i really want noble as a regular again. or at least have him a recurring cast member. i mean the new cast is fine w jenny. but still, its still new to me and diana reacting to the news about molly. if shes not careful, malcolm's gonna find out about molly and have headless deal w molly. i would forgive these new writers for killing off abbie, they couldve let her stay in the FBI or least put her in a coma, i mean last season i thought crane&headless were at a truce, but ofc abraham's head was destroyed w pandora's box so now he's under control from malcolm. i really dont get this season, but i sure hope if malcolm survives long enough, i want him 2b the1 to resurrect the horseman of war, that is henry parrish aka jeremy crane. plss beg noble to come back to SH! plsssssss! we never got 2c father&son bonding, but looks like thisEP will be something closest to it and we all know noble luvs working w tom, c'mon! :@!

  5. Sasu123456789x1 says:


  6. Hana Vahalíková says:

    No way! That son of a bitch Henry😪

  7. ryo fight says:

    no he can't won't die not by his own father

  8. Desire Oxurus says:

    i thought I would give this season of SH a chance but this thing of a child being the second witness just doesn't do it for me I mean like some thing cannot be changed and or improved upon if you have a winning recipe why fix it that is  like fixing something that ain't broken.

  9. Vlad Tepes says:

    I hated when Katrina and Jeremy were killed. They were some of the best characters. Season 4 was still good, but the witness from the future in the present was terrible.

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