Smashing Shapes With Ryan the Wrecking Ball Crane | Gecko’s Garage | Learn Shapes for Kids

Hello everyone! The Mechanicals are helping out on the building
site today. We’re going to be having a smashing time with
Ryan The Wrecking Ball Crane. There’s lots of walls to build and the mechanicals
are really good at it Yellow mechanical slaps on the mortar which
holds the blocks together. Splodge! Splat! Blue mechanical lays the next block on top
Squelch! Scrape! Ah, here is Dylan with some more blocks Sid the skidloader is using his mixer attachment
to churn up some more mortar to stick the blocks together. He’s working hard – there are a lot of walls
to build today! Look at them go! They are so quick! They’ll be finished in no time! Oh dear….I’ve just spotted a problem….Can
you see what is wrong? Yes, that’s it…The Mechanicals may be
good at building walls, but they’ve rushed the job and they’ve built the wrong shapes! Look at those funny shaped walls!!! A Circle
A Semi Circle A Triangle
An Oval A Pentagon
A Hexagon A Star
A Crescent Only two of the walls have been built properly
– A Square and a Rectangle! I think we need someone to knock down the
silly shaped walls and start again! This looks like a job for Ryan the Wrecking
Ball Crane! An enorrrrrrmous CIRCLE wall? / well that’s certainly no good at all! This SEMI-CIRCLE’s half as bad
But its shape still makes me sad! This TRIANGLE wall, really isn’t great
It’s fallen over, under its own weight! An oval wall is just insane
Smash it down and start again! PENTAGON and HEXAGON? Both are wrong! We need them gone! You won’t get very far
with a wall shaped like a STAR! That CRESCENT wall looks like a frown
Swing that ball and knock it down! But this wall you can leave right there
It’s great – a perfect solid SQUARE And this one too is the correct-angle
Build more walls that are RECT-ANGLE!! While the mechanicals get on with building
the new Square and Rectangle walls, shall we look at the shapes one more time? Circle
SemiCircle Triangle
Oval Pentagon
Hexagon Star
Crescent Square
Rectangle That’s more like it! Fantastic job, Mechanicals, we got there in
the end! Thanks for helping out. I hope you enjoyed learning about different
shapes at the construction site today. See you again soon. Byeeeeeeee!”

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