Sound Tractor Beam — Mind Blow #99

The ScanPyramids Project will use thermal
imaging, drone-mounted scanners and radiographic muons to create 3D models and hopefully figure
out exactly how the pyramids were built. And research from Ohio University attempting
to solve a dinosaur nose mystery – suggests nasal passages were designed for airflow to
cool blood on the way to dino brains. Vsauce! Kevin here. This is Mind Blow. This acoustic hologram is tractor beam that
uses sound. Developed by researchers at the Universities of Britol and Sussex in collaboration
with Ultrahaptics – it can lift and manipulate objects in mid air. Acoustic levitation like
that mentioned in Mind Blow #50 had previously been hampered by limited maneuverability but
this new system uses 64 miniature loudspeakers emiting high-frequency sound with controllable
output for manipulating levitating objects. Potential uses include zero-gravity environments
for optimizing cell-growth, container-less transportation to move parts in factories
and targeted drug delivery by manipulating particles inside our bodies. The hurdles to
clear for using this to move people include the amount of power that would require and
not killing them. Scientists at Lehigh University are controlling
fruit flies’ heart with lasers. Optogenetics was first developed to control neurons with
light and researchers are applying it to cardiology in an attempt to create a non-invasive pacemaker.
But bringing this to humans would require a great deal of further research including
what type of light to use how to actually deliver that light source. The vOICe sunglasses are designed to allow
blind people to see with sound. The device translates video to sound with vertical position
being frequency, left-right position to scan time and brightness to loudness. So for example,
dark pixels at the bottom of the video would be heard quietly and with a low pitch while
bright pixels at the top of the video would sound high-pitched and loud. The system requires
sensory substitution training and they hope to further develop it by studying sensory
integration in the brain. Prieto battery is a 3D porous lithium-ion
battery. In development for nearly five years, they recently created the first successful
3D battery that can be charged, discharged and hold a charge and just announced a partnership
with Intel. Traditional batteries are two dimensional which limits speed and direction
of energy which causes long charge times and fast discharge. A three dimensional architecture
would increase surface area, allow for multi-dimensional movement and ultimately lead to fast charging
and longer battery life. Their goal is to have this available by 2018. Researchers at Okayama University have created
a tube-free pneumatic rubber actuator. The system has no moving parts – it uses electricity
during the gas generation stage to create hydrogen and oxygen gas from water and reverses
the process during the gas absorption stage to simply become water again. And this gas
generator could be used to power soft robots. The Gest controller looks to replace the keyboard
and mouse for augmented and virtual reality. There’s a race to develop intuitive ways
to interact with virtual worlds and the Gest not only allows for natural gesture controls
but also typing. The first device kits plan to ship in 2016. Earlier this month, Sharp teased RoBoHoN – the
robot smartphone. It can walk, sit down, dance and features voice and facial recognition.
It’s pretty big and heavy for a smartphone but it’s a robot friend in your pocket.
So yeah. It’ll be on sale in Japan in 2016. Finally, Andy Thomas captured various bird
sounds and visualized them with particle effects. I’m gonna leave you with a tensegrity robot
climbing up a duct. And as always – thanks for watching.

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  1. ChroniclesOfMe says:

    How come all this futuristic stuff is out but it still feels like 2003?

  2. Mantas Mastauskas says:

    This is fake and IT needs a small loan of a million dollars

  3. Mohammed Issam says:

    Mind Blow #100 should be at least 30 mins long !

  4. Abo Gmal says:


  5. Pip RN Stanton says:

    funny how you talk about the pyramids and the go on to talk about acoustic levitation, witch is one theories on how they could have been built, with some long lost levitation technology, hmmm.. are you trying to tell us something?

  6. Nikkole says:

    V have you inquired on rf.emitter & receivers & various programings use on unwilling people in a different way than Mythbusters. ..

  7. BINKLEY JOSH says:

  8. Cloeren Jackson says:


    Is this format working for you?

    It looks like you're trying to hard to stay ahead of the attention-span curve you've just thrown too many different topics and ideas in one space. When I first encountered it I genuinely thought YouTube had broken, it's that bad.

  9. LaserPenguins says:

    almost there Kevin

  10. Ammar Firdaus789 says:

    We can levitate onject with sounds now.

  11. Klaty says:

    So… when will they start using nanotubes in batteries? I mean, 3D batteries are cool and whatever, but it could be so much better. And also resists temperature and water damage pretty well.

  12. bionic tran says:

    :57 this could be used in hover boards.>.>

  13. ScottDMad says:

    He sounds like the guy in "The Movies Superstar" game who announces news bulletins every couple years amirite?

  14. chinojackal says:

    1:07 does anyone else see the invisible guy

  15. Lane Bell says:

    Where's my Bobcat fam at?

  16. Jullian Mitchell says:

    2:11 WTF was that

  17. Toxik Leo says:

    you cope vat 19

  18. Ray Carter says:

    Any Casey Neistat fans that thought of him when they saw the boards???

  19. KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    The voice sunglasses is such a dumb idea, you lose one sense to gain another.

  20. Andrew Bottomley says:

    I thought he was wearing a hairnet at first

  21. Mattexp says:

    sooooooo how long since robots take over the world?

  22. KING KEVV says:

    1:40 – 2:10 lol that's how daredevil sees, kinda

  23. Jayperson998 says:

    Since its been weeks mind blow 100 must be amazing

  24. bilalsmith362 says:

    This. Is. The future.

  25. Joshua Hahlbohm says:

    where the hell is Mind Blow # 2 and 3?

  26. Cynthia Upp says:

    i have many great memories watching vsauce props to you guys.

  27. xd Butterz says:

    These videos make me happy

  28. Ivan Flores says:

    #100!!!!!! Almost there

  29. William Gilliam says:

    People that are blind from birth will never know what seeing is like. They will never comprehend colors or light and dark, and they will never be able to comprehend space, the sun, incredible distances. Scientist need to figure out how to fix this stuff ha

  30. William Gilliam says:

    There is no such thing as a three dimensional object moving in two dimensions. Electrons in Lithium batteries are three dimensional and therefore move in three dimensions.

  31. David Chase says:

    why haven't we had a episode one hundred yet? did I just learn some of the music sounds sauce uses is from the Beatles song number 9,?

  32. Gillian Stanton says:

    Why so little videos? 😢

  33. Eclipseslayer98 says:

    I want the lego starship from the end of the video!

  34. SpitefulAZ says:


  35. Mr. CitrusPlaylists says:

    Kevin what is the intro song you use in LÜT

  36. General Maul says:

    The future is looking awesome with all the technology and all 😀

  37. gordo de jesus says:

    this message is to all the employees at Vsauce keep up the good work doing a great job thanks for the input

  38. OrAngeAnArchy says:

    3:37 yay Chobits.japan is on its way to making Persocoms!

  39. Irrational Charm says:

    All this technology is really cool, but why don't we ever hear anything from these awesome technologies, in my opinion most of these are dead ends…

  40. Moa'wyah Hattab says:

    Waiting mind blow 100…

  41. Charles Swanson says:

    YEah dude Mind Blown 100 next!!! Let it Dew the Dew!

  42. Tim Retter says:

    Kevin, check this out! It's called Equipois – and it's on a youtube video for the Space Tech Expo 2015. They make a bionic arm that was just recently purchased for use by Ekso Bionics for use in their powerless construction suit.

  43. YoungDuke1322 says:

    What if you were dipped or went swimming in alcohol

  44. Luke Savage says:

    He literally hasn't posted in a month. 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒 😒

  45. The Statue Of Awesomeness says:

    MIND BLOW 99 Whats ginna be 100???

  46. sabian says:

    where is 100?!!! I'm starting to get worried…

  47. BlackLightning says:

    Freeze HD covers gest already

  48. BlackLightning says:

    Ment covered

  49. Foung Yang says:

    Someone please give me the info to the donkey kong bramble blast vsauce2 used to use please! Thanks

  50. Alex Lytvyn says:


  51. deez says:


    I'm kind of freaking out because that was actually predicted to become a thing in the dystopian future movie "children of men"

  52. jon doe says:

    Just finished watching all the mind blowns in a row… now what do i do…?

  53. 43eyes says:






  54. Shaq Khan says:

    That gesture keyboard would be even better if it could project a keyboard made of light to the surface you're typing on

  55. Erhan Tosun says:

    would it be possible to have a robot so advanced as terminator?

  56. Buildbanner says:


  57. Heather Toomey says:

    Wow. I can just imagine going back in time and watching a movie that has aliens and their abduction beam with somebody from the past and completely blowing their mind by saying, as I point to the beam, "That's possible by the way."

  58. Alex jackson says:

    Don't click Read more
    ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█You are a rebel, i like you

  59. Alex Jones says:

    we need episodes a bit more frequent….

  60. DJ Foxtrot says:

    Where is genius of the week?

  61. Hyper Sloth says:

    Don't click Read more
    ▀▒▒▒▒▒▒▀█████▀▒▒█▒░▄▒▄█▒▒▀█████▀▒▒▒█You are a rebel, i like you

  62. Derpman Average Gamer says:


  63. Ever Mojica says:

    Awesome video

  64. Bigfootmaster87 says:

    Mindblown is basically a Kickstarter for companies that will never make what they said they would.

  65. HCP says:

    say what 2018

  66. Edward Bliffin says:

    The bird visualizations make a great live wallpaper

  67. Brian Entei says:

    Awesome video! I'll be keeping my keyboard and mouse, however. XD

  68. Liam Rimbach says:

    Thank you so much for starting this again!

  69. MiningdiamondsVIII says:


  70. Haili Harriett says:

    It's now 2016

  71. cris rose says:

    so basically with the heart thing you could become iron man 😀

  72. Daniel Simanowitz says:

    Float life, but you're not floating. All these hover things are not "hovering"…. I bet in the future we will have "actual" hover boards

  73. Ben Miller says:

    I'm not going to let anything take my keybored and mouse

  74. Cancer Bed says:

    Beam me up scoty

  75. eli s says:

    3:34 CHOBITS

  76. Camroc37 says:

    If we keep this up Japan and Anime will be the same thing.

  77. Landen Colomer says:

    2:07 so in other words your saying that the sun will make you deaf since brightness will be loud?


    sound does not travel through space, and the tractor suspends objectsin air, depending on the temperature pressure and velocity of the air… very complex

  79. Jesse Chu says:

    i dont see people with robots in their pockets in japan…

  80. gravityphantasm says:

    Lol the way the pyramids were built was through the same technology as the acoustic tractor beam…

  81. nintendowonder says:

    0:10 megalovania intensifies

  82. Zac Jackson says:

    Did you know that nothing is '2D' as atoms have a size and the only thing that is '2D' is nothing

  83. Pertrinkrey says:

    if you pause the video just right at 3:27 you will see BDSM on the screen

  84. Kriptoe says:

    why are your videos always so awesome?

  85. Silvia Fox says:

    3:34 THE FIRST PERSOCOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    if you don't know what I'm talking about you gotta watch "chobits" It's a really lovely anime!

  86. Cooperman666ROFL says:

    10:07 you forgot sonic screwdrivers.

  87. GH0ST DEC0Y says:

    Hey its 2016 and I dont think we have smartphone robots

  88. deathawaits87 says:

    RoboHon  is basically Chobits….

  89. Kevin Lane says:

    Prieto 3D Lithium-Ion Battery (2:16) These could give Electric Cars more stamina than Gasoline Cars or Diesel Cars.

  90. TechnologyDirect says:

    Why can't you use image recognition tech(Shutterstock,Google) for blind people?

  91. Jack Pullen says:

    NASA 1964 acoustic levitation not near as good as this, but yes they had it back then!

  92. U.S. Bros says:

    Man people have been freaking innovative

  93. QuantumSeanyGlass says:

    1:23 Sword Art Online is right, Full-Dive VR headsets will somewhat resemble microwaves.

  94. Clement Marsha says:

    it's 2016 now

  95. iamzid says:

    the phone robot sounds amazing.

  96. ValmisFilm says:

    why are ALL THE SUBJECTS in line, no pause, no nothing to separate the headings – it is really bad… maybe you would fix it? Why dont you have a pause or bling in front of every theme? MAKE IT! it is really bad to watch… specially to hear – you can not understand, when one thing ends and the other starts… AGREE? THEN LIKE COMMENT!

  97. StaticSnow says:

    Antimatter storage, now they can move the antimatter to make it react with other antimatter, let's home we don't destroy the world

  98. RamboCreativity says:

    This is where I go to forget that there are people who think there are 56 genders.

  99. Brenda Cervantes says:

    I saw someone riding a one wheeled skateboard at my university last week

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