Special Edition One-Millionth Loader Dealer Delivery

We started in business as Bobcat in 1958. And we built our 500,000th loader in 2001. So it took us 43 years to get to that 500,000 milestone. And here we are today in 2014, 13 years later, and we’re at a million loaders. Pretty exciting. You take a lot of pride in having one of the
first million machines roll off the line. We’re excited to deliver it to him. We’re excited for him to see it. It’s going to be a fun morning here. Well when we first started the business, we were running New Holland skid-steers. Bobcat was just coming out with the 864 track machine and there was one in Fargo, and I saw it, and I go, “Boy, that would really
kind of solve our rut problems when we’re trying to fine grade.” Really just kind of fell in love with ’em. We take a lot of pride that they’re made in
North Dakota, in the U.S. Swanon is up here — Bobcat of Fargo is up here. Their service is really good. So it’s just been a good relationship and
we’ve been buying skid-steers ever since. He’s a great customer. He’s always looking for the next edge. It’s been a wonderful partnership between
Valley Landscaping and Swanson Equipment. It’s really, really cool to be associated
with Bobcat, who is always cutting edge, top of the line. The engineering that goes into their equipment is second to none.

2 comments on “Special Edition One-Millionth Loader Dealer Delivery”

  1. Bobcat Company says:

    The hard work of Bobcat dealers and customers combined made reaching our millionth loader milestone possible. Watch the video below!

  2. Brian Olinger says:

    So how many have you manufactured as of now. I just order a new 2019 s570. And my dad is getting a new s590.

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