Squidward – Skill Crane

You Lose! *Sigh* You didn’t win the prize? no..? You know what that means? No, what? It means… You have no skills, and you’re A LOSER! Ha! Hahahahaha! I’m a winner see my prize, You’re a loser who sits and cries! Hahaha! Ha Ha Ha! *epic kick* Ow, Ow Ow, Ow, Ow! (GETREKTM8GGNORENOSCOPED)

48 comments on “Squidward – Skill Crane”

  1. Andrew C says:

    What a dick

  2. Nemera says:

    I'm glad this was finally uploaded

  3. chris beyer says:

    lol. Squidward is such a dick

  4. Autismo says:

    0:10 when someone is camping in ego-shooters, and after everyone dies, he just killed the last survived person.

  5. Horizons Band says:

    someone should do 10 hours of Squidward playing the skill crane

  6. Hotdogmachine610 M says:

    Squidward= piranha plant
    Kid= Waluigi

  7. Lorenz Rodriguez says:

    whenever people win against you in 2012: good game, better luck next time

    whenever people win to you in 2019: 0:11

  8. pringelsthegamefreak says:

    "I'm a winner, see my prize, you're a loser who sits and cries"

  9. Technologic says:

    great meme

  10. JD 436 says:

    When an og gamer sees one of those dirty fortnite kids

  11. Ali Ahmad says:

    Stupid Squidward

  12. Exodus _ says:

    Squidward: Dark Souls elite veteran
    Kid: newcomer

    Squidward:people who pay money
    Kid:Free to play player

  13. aws7778 7778 says:

    0:22 we'll be right back!

  14. DawnOfDeath Chassy1995 says:

    The kid thought Squidward was going to give him the prize lol yea right

  15. Luis Zamora says:

    Bad education.

  16. Jack Hyde says:

    Squidward – Donald Trump
    Kid – Hillary Clinton

  17. Austin says:

    Me when I win a Clash Royale game

  18. broncosrepublic says:

    Squidward: Broncos
    The Kid: Raiders

  19. Lunithparadox YT says:

    Noob vs Pro in a nutshell

  20. KoopaLive says:

    Fortnite players in a nutshell

  21. Carlos David says:

    You didn’t win the prize?

  22. Smarvy Smarv says:

    I’m not gonna hold you, squidward had me fooled for a second like he was gonna do something nice for the kid.

  23. xx4444xxDOTexe says:

    Live footage of me winning a childrens size t shirt at a trivia game full of kids by over 20 points even tho im in my 20s

  24. Supercoollink says:

    Noobs vs pros a story as old as time

  25. Dio Brando says:

    0:00 is that Jigsaw Laugh?

  26. Luis Gustavo Barranco says:

    0:17 Squidward: I'm a winner! See my prize! You're a loser who sits and cries!

  27. Amanda Booze says:

    Squidward: St Louis Blues
    Kid: Boston Bruins

  28. Hannah The Proxy says:

    Jeez squidward u didnt need to flex that hard

  29. Kade Thomas says:


  30. Julius Maximus x Toy Chica says:

    Man Squidward is showing bad sportsmanship, but SpongeBob shows good sportsmanship, and good sportsmanship involves respect, chivalry, team work and sometimes sympathy and empathy, but do not go with bad sportsmanship that involves cheating, disrespecting the game, showboating and bullying or violence so you do not want to be like Squidward, because this is what happens at 0:24… See no one respects the no good evil cheating swindling bad sportsman, so just be like spongebob and show a lot of good sportsmanship and you will stay living your game life!

  31. Atreyo O'neal says:

    Squidward is a savage 😎

  32. KingMaxieJacob Forever says:

    0:22 Well, Squidward was kind of asking for that.

  33. Slade Racer says:

    Micro Transactions in a nutshell

  34. Anthony Miller says:

    0:00 0:10 0:14 and 0:17 😆

  35. Kaching says:

    That one dislike is from the kid who had no skill

  36. KingMaxieJacob Forever says:

    Squidward= The Joker
    Kid= Ash Williams

  37. carl rodin's says:

    Squidward deserves to be kicked in the leg by a kid


    If Thanos Win in Endgame

    Squidward as Thanos

    Kid as Iron Man

    Teddy bear as infinity gauntlet

    Thanos: You didn’t win the battle?

    Tony: No

    Thanos: You know what that means?

    Tony: No, what?

    Thanos: It means, you have no skill and your a loser!


    Squidward deserved that he a grown man picking on a kid you know how much money squidward spend trying to win that one iteam alot he should not be calling nobody a loser

  40. Corey Stenson says:

    One of my favorite moments in spongebob. Squidwards initial tone of voice gets me every time lmaooooooooooo

  41. Jordan Murray says:

    Pretty much the way Banjo fans acted towards anyone who wanted steve

  42. Red says:

    Squidward = Toxic YuGiOh elitists
    Little boy = Someone who just started playing and wants to have fun.

  43. ultimaT says:

    Me winning toreba

  44. Night Cap says:

    0:16 When you dominate someone in TF2 who mains Pyro.

  45. Adrianna Nealey says:

    I'm a winner see my prize, you're a loser who sits and cries!

  46. Sparkling Powerberries says:


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