Standard and High Flow Track Loader Clean Out

hi I’m Joseph Huling Regional Service
Manager for Takeuchi. today we’re going to talk about the proper
cleaning procedures of your Takeuchi TL series machines when operating track
loaders and environments that generate a great deal of debris and fine material
such as mowing mulching and demolition we recommend the following procedures be
performed as often as necessary to keep the machine in safe working order reduce
downtime and prevent possible fires first begin by finding a safe area to
park the machine and allow it to cool down completely make sure you have the
proper safety equipment on including eye ear and foot protection start at the
rear of the Machine and remove all debris from the rear deck before opening
once the exterior of the machine is free from debris raise the rear deck lid open
the rear door remove the two bolts from the cooling module allowing it to swing
out giving you access to both sides install the pin to hold into place and
remove the outboard battery access panel use compressed air to clean both sides
of the cooling module fan area engine air-conditioning condenser core and
battery compartment next blow out the rear towers lift cylinder area and the
side intake screening area located close to the operator station the final step
is to address the space under the cab the belly of the machine
start by removing the three belly pans from the bottom of the machine
remove the two cab bolts lift the cab and install the safety pin on the rear
deck depending on material use either
compressed air or water to clean out all accumulated debris and combustible
materials from the inside of the machines belly pan as well as from areas
in proximity to the engine fuel and hydraulic oil systems if you find any
fuel leaks or other combustible liquids while cleaning your machine please
contact your authorized Takeuchi service location for repair while this
is intended to be a general guide to cleaning out debris from the machine
takeuchi recommends the operator read and follow all safe machine operation
practices machine clean-out and maintenance procedures as outlined in
the operator’s manual we want to thank you for taking a look at the guidelines
for the proper inspection and clean out of your Takeuchi track loader for more
information or questions on this topic please visit our website at Takeuchi – our youtube channel or your operators manual

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  1. Allan McCoshan says:

    You should really be offering a forestry package to keep all that debris out. Take a look at what Bobcat offers.

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