10 comments on “Starting a mushroom farm in 2 minutes”

  1. Jarl Kilduff says:

    glad I found this channel, I want to grow mushroms outside this year

  2. Pallavi Thakur says:


  3. Ann's Workshop says:

    Good effort. Subscribed. Hope your support also

  4. Michael Taiwan says:

    Cool but there's no explanation, why remove all sprouts and tape them ? What kind of tape? Any tape is ok?

  5. Eryan724 says:

    this guy really likes coffe xDDD

  6. Jon Bishop says:

    Charlie Chaplin growing mushrooms in a silent movie???? Thought I was gonna learn something here ? Oh you like coffee ?

  7. Diana Daniels says:

    Left me with a lot of questions.

  8. H. Chappelle says:

    Looks very neat and easy.

  9. Nightman Hood says:

    Start a mushroom bin in 4 mins what a clown

  10. Jungle Joe says:

    You can start growing mushrooms with almost any substrate. The best is wood chips or anything that's been dead for awhile. I accidentally grew some shrooms in my compost and of course, it was a "happy" accident as they help break down other organic materials.

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