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iPhone 11 Pro Max Teardown – Tiny Motherboard & BIG Battery!

The iPhones have always been some of the most complicated phones to take apart. You’ll see why over the course of this video, but there’s no way we can let this iPhone 11 Pro Max flagship slip by without seeing the insides. This is the most water resistant mainstream smartphone money can buy right now. […]

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Annoying Orange – vs Plants vs Zombies

-Keep firing! Don’t let up! We can still win this! -(Orange) Hey! Hey, pea-brain! Hey, pea-brain, hey! -(Peashooter) What? What is it? -(Orange) Zombie! -Well, duh. Of course there’s– [zombie munching] Ugh… aah! -[Orange laughs] Stupid zombies. I was only kidding about the brains. [laughs] -Oh, shut up, new guy. -Hey, don’t be so negative. […]

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