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ASMR Beads – For Sleep, Relaxation, and Focus

This is the preview. Use headphones for the best experience. Professor ASMR Hello fellow Tinglectuals! Welcome to a class where it’s okay to fall asleep! We hope you all are doing GREAT! If not, we hope this video will help in some way. Welcome to… Tingle Experiment #02 Beads Let’s begin! Relaxation is in Session! […]

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Homemade bag for stander machines catcher

Make your fall clean-up easy! You can use for spring de-thatching too! Use a area hug 6×8, cable ties, and lashing trap to build this superbag You can build this superbag with 3′, 4′, 5′, or longer. Use the size easy to make turns.

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WORX 56V Mower | Out of the Box into the Yard

– Out of the box and into the yard. This is the WORX 56-volt cordless mower. High-capacity 56-volt Max lithium batteries deliver gas-like performance, extended run time, and remember this: zero emissions. There’s no gas, no oil, no fouled plugs, no cranking. Did I mention no cranking? It’s a three-in-one mower that allows you to […]

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