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Moving the Crane onto the New Track Part 2 – The Bush Bee Man

– The plan is to try and get this crane on this bloomin’ fancy new truck. Which is proving a little bit more enthusiastic than we thought. But were gonna use the, dick and I’m hoping to figure out how to cut a hole through checker plate without a, I think I’ve still got an […]

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USE A SCYTHE – Bees HATE MOWERS In The Bee Yard Around Beehives

Hi, welcome to the DaddyKirbs Farm. In my last episode We were doing some beekeeping and I talked about Going back and cleaning up the apiary, the weeds, and the tall grasses, the flowers around the hives with a scythe Well we’re on our way back to the hives and we’re going to try out […]

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Sunbelt Expo Rural Lifestyle Sneak Peak

Good morning. I’m Gina McDonald, the director of marketing and public relations for the Sunbelt Ag expo in Moultrie, Ga. We want to invite you to attend this year’s show October 14th-16th right here in Spencefield. Today we want to show you the behind the scenes look at a brand new section that we think […]

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