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Comparing Kubota TLB series tractors(B26, L47, M62)

[music] -Neil from Messick’s here with the Kubota TLB series tractors; B26, L47 and M62 We’ll do a quick walk around here and explain some of the unique features about these models. These are three tractors that are often very misunderstood in the Kubota product line-up and we’ll show you some of those reasons why. […]

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✔ Minecraft: How to make a Crane Truck

HOW TO MAKE A CRANE TRUCK (these subtitles are by many wonderful people who worked hard, credit for the subtitles are in the description) Hello again! Today we’ll build a crane truck! I’ll build it in parts to keep it simple! You could add characters to the license plate signs. These minecarts will later serve […]

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Hello guys My name is Mike and i want to welcome you to 2X4 BRICK, my Lego reviewing channel This time we are going to unbox, build and review the 2015 Lego Technic set number 42032 This is called the Compact Tracked Loader; it has 252 pieces and a price tag of £14.99, $19.99 or […]

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