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Motorart Volvo EW180E Wheeled Excavator by Cranes Etc TV

The Volvo EW180Eis a wheel loader in the 20 tonne weight class. This model of it by Motorart comes in the usual Volvo branded box and there is a nice photo machine on the back. Because of the shape of the box you can only get the model out at one end so make sure […]

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Europe: CASE Customer Testimonial – Woods Waste, UK – 1150M Dozer

My name is Andrew Rayner-Porter, company director of Woods Waste. Woods Waste, we’re a landfill and recycling centre, reclying commercial and active waste, we screen a a lot of soils, we retrieve stone through a washing plant and we do a lot of crushing of bricks and hardcore. In our fleet of machines at Woods […]

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Completely emission-free construction site in Copenhagen

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