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Shady Internet Tractor Package “deals”

[music] -It’s Thursday so we’re going to put three minutes on the clock down here and answer the question for you today, why are internet package deals for tractors a bit of a scam? [music] [music] -One of the things that annoys us when we go and we see these internet package deals is that […]

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Kubota SSV Series Skid Loader (two years in review)

[music] Neal from Messick’s here. We did our first video on Kubota’s new SSV series of skid loaders about a year and a half ago when they first came out. We’re going to take a couple minutes of your time today to go around and tell you a little bit of our experience with this […]

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5 Most Common: Compact Tractor Attachments

[music] Neil from Messick’s here. I could do a quick explanation for you today of the top five implements that are typically sold with the compact tractor. Tractors themselves are after all tool carriers and most or every tractor is sold with at least two or more implements. We’re going to show you some of […]

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