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Fiona Fire Truck Song | Kids Songs | Gecko’s Garage

Fiona Fire Truck Fiona Fire Truck Fiona Fire Truck Fiona Fire Truck Fiona Fire Truck is so big and red She has a flashing light upon her head when she’s on a rescue mission you’ll have no fear she has a very loud siren so you know she’s near a long long ladder to reach […]

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John Deere Wheelie Tractor Toy – Monster Truck Tractor Toy

Hello again! On this video were gonna be playing with this Monster Treads Wheelie Tractor it’s a John Deere you can tell us John Deere because of the color its green. Well, I think we should open it up and play with it because its spins around and looks like WOAH! This is gonna be […]

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Vehicles For Kids – Truck Tractor Car Bulldozer Bus Motorcycle For Children

NARRATOR: Learn vehicles with words. [beeping] I’m in a tractor. Tractor. Yeah, I’m in a bulldozer. NARRATOR: Bulldozer. Dink Donk Dink Donk NARRATOR: Monster truck. Oh, yeah. Mercedes all up in a dump truck. NARRATOR: Dump truck. I’m on a motorcycle. NARRATOR: Motorcycle. Yeah, I do believe that I’m in an excavator. NARRATOR: Excavator. Yeah, […]

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