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How to Set Up Your Tractor to Safely Mow Slopes – Ventrac MMM

On this Monday morning minute we’re going to discuss how to best set up your ventrac tractor to operate on hillsides. As a reminder before you watch the rest of the video make sure you read your operator’s manual. It’s important it goes through all of this information in fine detail and if you understand […]

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Easiest Way to Change Implements on Tractor

I had never actually tried to change attachments on another machine. I’ve watched other people try to do it and realized it wasn’t something I could ever do. When I saw how the Ventrac attachments attached and detached I thought maybe I could. Being able to just drive up to it, and push a lever, […]

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Safely Mow Hilly Country Estate

I am Gwen Kohut, and I live on a 23-acre farm in the hills of West Virginia. I own a Ventrac in order to maintain this property by myself. The property has various challenges, part of it is about 8 or 9 acres of rolling meadow. But there’s a hill behind the house which is […]

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