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Algae Free Farm Pond? Is it really possible? | Charlotte NC | 704-816-0526

Richard here with Platinum Ponds and Lake Management. We wanted to show you here today Brian’s pond up here in Asheville North Carolina. We wanted to kind of show you what we’ve been doing you to basically control algae. Algae control is really probably number one issue with pond management with any type of farm […]

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Farmer Crushed Under Tractor’s Tires

I’m Glen Dunsmore, an occupational hygiene officer with WorkSafeBC. This farm was the scene of a tragic accident involving a tractor. Here’s what happened. On farms, tractors are commonly used to tow liquid manure spreaders. A tractor operator had backed a liquid manure spreader up to a manure pond to fill its 4,500-gallon tank. Once […]

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