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Putting Away Tractors on the Ranch – Wyoming Winter Storage

Hi I’m Mike it’s a cold and gray Wyoming Tuesday morning hunting season is almost over the weather’s not supposed to get any better so it’s time to start cleaning out the sales barn and get a bunch of equipment put away on the project list on our Wyoming Life welcome back to the project […]

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Sex on the Ranch – Putting Out Bulls

hi I’m Mike a little over a year ago we put out a video about putting out the Bulls that video was banned then censored and then buried well we don’t learn from our own mistakes sometimes so now we’re doing it again as we take a look at sex on the ranch and the […]

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Putting Bulls In With The Cows on the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike, today is time to restart a new cycle on the ranch. Calves are born every year and one of the most important parts of that process is bringing the bulls to the cows. Moving bulls is so much different from moving cows and working with them can be one of the most […]

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