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FUNNY reactions to the CLAW Machine game with Prize IDEAS! Vlog

Welcome to Lucas’ Toy Chest. We’re going to show you… Really cool mini Claw Machine!YEAH!YEEEEAH! You can put all your favorite stuff in here Let’s take it out Woah, let me hold it. So the money is inside. Here’s the money. We’re going to put in toys and candy. Ava we have to fill it […]

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Tractor and excavator. Kam is playing hide and seek.

I’m going to look! Something boring! Dad, dad, dad! What? I’m bored! Kamil, I’m still busy! I need to help people develop their children’s channels. Well, I want to play! Well ok! No, no, no! I’ll hide them, and you’ll look for them! Yippee! You go count! I’m going to hide it! One, two, three, […]

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