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NZG Mercedes-Benz Actros GigaSpace ‘Blue’ by Cranes Etc TV

So let’s get one thing clear from the start. This is a very big model and here it is compared to a normal 1/50 scale truck. Not only is it big, it is also heavy because it’s mainly made of diecast metal and if we put it on the Cranes Etc weigh bridge, it is […]

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2013 Hess Tractor Trek App

>>Let’s [pause]>>Get [pause]>>Plowin! >>Turn your Hess Toy Truck up to eleven with Hess Tractor Trek for iOS, Android, and Kindle. >>Hess’ biggest game yet.>>A fast-paced racer that captures the magic of this year’s toy.>>Race your tractor through three epic environments: >>the desert, snowcapped mountains, and the volcanic island. >>You’ve never seen tractors like these.>>Choose from […]

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Getting the STRIPPERS Ready (Strip Tillers that is)

How you doing man you’re good looking What do you think.. ready start 2020? Let’s do it Cold start this morning This is the automatic garage door opener, there’s a little bit of a delay Better watch out there Darrell. I’m gonna film you putting air your tire. That’s great TV right there? So, yeah […]

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