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Bob The Train Went To The Farm | Farm Songs For Toddlers

Hello! Everyone What a lovely day…. Let’s go to the farm today. Bob the train went to the farm E-I-E-I-O And on the farm he saw some ducks, E-I-E-I-O With a “quack, quack” here and a “quack, quack” there Here a “quack” there a “quack” Everywhere a “quack, quack” Bob the train went to the […]

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AMAZING LEGO TRAIN CRANE LIFT in Grandpa’s old factory

Hey there, it’s the Bananenbuurman. And today i’m standing on a very special and for me sentimental location. It’s my grandpa’s former factory. For 38 years he went here every day until he went on a permanent retirement. After that the building was sold. A couple of years later I started making these Lego train […]

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Steam Tractor Running and Explained – Djursland, Denmark

One vehicle here Seemingly with chain driven steering It’s radiating heat Very, very nice looking mechanics It must be an ultra old design. There are rivets, instead of welded parts. Is this a steam engine? It’s a steam tractor. It’s a steam tractor, simply It’s a steam tractor. It’s powered in the exact same way […]

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