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10 new gas trucks for Polish transport company

Elmex has been operating for over 20 years. We handle transport and logistics for the automotive and e-commerce industries. Today, we are receiving our first delivery of LNG-powered trucks. This will be a test and the first step towards better environmental performance. We have been working with Scania for several years now, and Scania is […]

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Rating Whistlin Diesel’s Trucks!

– Okay guys, here we go. Can you cross your eyes too for this? Today we’re rating (chuckling). What’s goin’ on guys? Fuller here with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV. We got Jarrod here. And this has been a video that everybody has requested. ‘Cause every time we do rating YouTuber’s trucks, people are like, […]

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Volvo Trucks – The Tower – Behind the scenes

ROGER ALM PRESIDENT VOLVO TRUCKS Wow. THE TOWER BEHIND THE SCENES It feels unreal to see it like this. I wouldn’t dare go up there. The height of the tower will be 15 meters. The weight of these four trucks in total will be about 58 tons. We will handle this with the FMX with […]

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