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BCS Tractor Operation in the Market Garden

The first lever is the safety one, okay? So this one needs to be down if you’re gonna start it, so you’ll bring it down, and this is you’re clutch; you will squeeze your clutch in. And then there’s this little clip needs to be locked, and this way you’ll be able to start your […]

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BCS Tractor and Flail Mower – The Project List

hi I’m Mike over the past few weeks we’ve been concentrating on the building of the high tunnel but this week we’re going to take a little break from that project and get you into the loop on a brand new tool that we’ve just received here on the ranch our BCS two-wheeled tractor stick […]

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Why JM Fortier Uses a BCS Tractor in his Market Garden

hi my name is Jay I’m 50 and I’m a market gardener I’ve been farming professionally for more than a decade on an acre and a half plot using as my main and only power unit a two-wheel tractors made by BCS today I’m here to introduce the tool to you guys and showing you […]

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