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Maine company farms year-round using organiponics at UMaine’s Aquaculture Center

My name is Jeff Walls. I’m from Applied Ponic Technologies. Basically, what we’re trying to do is utilize organic nutrient sources to raise plants and get away from standard agricultural practices, which are largely petro-chemically based. What we’re using is fish and worms. We use the waste from both of those entities to grow our […]

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Barnyard (1/10) Movie CLIP – Farm Surfing (2006) HD

Orale pig, que? Where’d you get that apple ese? This apple? Oh, pues, it originally was attached to this. Oh shit. Uh, aye Otis? What? What? What happening now?! You know, it’s times like this when I really like to say… orale pinche puto! You didn’t do that!!! Okay, okay! Look, this is bad enough! […]

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