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This Little Calf Goes to From Ranch to Market

Hi I’m Mike, all year long on the ranch works toward this one day, today. When calves get brought in, sorted from their moms, loaded on trailers and sold at auction. It’s the ranches one pay day of the year, today on our Wyoming life. Its early, I’m waiting for the sun to rise a […]

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Heading into Haying – Equipment and Tractors of the Ranch

Hi I’m Mike. Today we take a look at haying in Northeast Wyoming. The mowing, the raking the baling and the equipment that we will use. We will also take a look back at some of the older equipment they used to use Its all coming up on Our Wyoming Life. Welcome back to Our […]

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Sex on the Ranch – Putting Out Bulls

hi I’m Mike a little over a year ago we put out a video about putting out the Bulls that video was banned then censored and then buried well we don’t learn from our own mistakes sometimes so now we’re doing it again as we take a look at sex on the ranch and the […]

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