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Zhiyun Crane M Test – PERFECT Canon g7x Mark II Gimbal

Hey guys, today you’ll see a short movie that I shot with the Canon g7x II and this amazing stabilizer: The Zhiyun Crane M. If you are tired of shaky footage, this can make your life so much easier! This is an amazing gimbal for mirrorless cameras, action cameras and smartphones. The locations where the […]

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A Whole New World | Zhiyun Crane-M & Canon M50

Hey, this is Scott of Photography Banzai. A quick video about 3-axis gimbals. I did pick one up recently. This was used locally. It is the Zhiyun.. Zhiyun.. Crane-M. Their mobile version. Pretty cheap, especially used. So I’m looking forward to learning these things. Trying to improve some of my video quality, but it is […]

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The Zhiyun Crane how to balance it so when you get a Zhiyun crane it comes in this plastic hardcase container much like a Pelican case for a lot cheaper ZM crane is a piece of equipment used for stabilizing footage you can put cameras up to 1.2 kilograms on most popular cameras people use […]

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