Tata Prima LX 4028.S SR 6×4 Tractor Truck (Bus & Truck ’14)

Since 2011/2554, Tata Motors Thailand began to introduce tractor trucks
from Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle (South Korea) Optimum truck NOVUS, the company introduced here for nearly 4 years But now for the occasion of this snake year’s Bus & Truck event at BITEC Bangna Tata introduces an entirely new and unique CV product yet to Thailand All-new Prima, a whole new series production from Tata Daewoo Known as the first ever European-styled truck, of both Tata Daewoo brand and South Korea Surprisingly still looking fresh through the seeming opposites, compromises, and tests With outstanding performance and operating,
perhaps than any Tata Daewoo previously built Longer lifecycle and so higher impressive reliability Tata Thailand decided to import this LX 4028.S SR The 6-wheeler sleeper-cabin tractor truck (6×4), with single reduction rear axle Imported from the assembly plant in India instead of Korea Red exterior paint, with reflective stickers by 3M Recruited with top quality truck parts/components Aimed for easier driving and service/maintenance, as well as more road-time Powered by Cummins ISBe-270 6.7L Inline-6 Turbo-charged Diesel engine High-pressure Common-rail Fuel Injection Pump 266HP (198kw) @ 2,500rpm, with 970 Newton-metre torque (@ 1,200-1,700rpm) Operating under the Bharat Stage III emission norm Mated with Tata’s G1150 OD 9-speed (8F + 1Cr + 1R) With dry friction single disc clutch (430mm) 400 litre fuel capacity Fully reinforced chassis and suspension Featuring RA110 single reduction rear axle (5.84 ratio) Front: Parabolic Leaf (90mm width) Rear: Semi-elliptical Multi Leaf Spring (90mm width) Wheels and tyres: 10R20-16PR Cabin and frame/chassis surpassed all the safety tests And has met the requirements of safety regulations worldwide As well as deceleration, with its Full Air S-Cam Dual Circuited Anti-lock Brake System Reflective stickers for safety provided by 3M, applied on 3 sides of cabin Prima’s cabin is the fully suspended 4-point mounted type, with great indeed visibility In here is definitely European-sense large truck interior Perhaps this is one foremost and unique way of inner cabin design True that it’s plain, but will be more capable to everyday use Tilt & Telescopic steering wheel, with 12,900mm minimum turning radius Large Analog Instrument Cluster with Multi-info teller screen Still have air conditioning, despite some equipments maybe removed Designed for the driver to drive longer with less fatigue Seats and sleepers in here are cloth upholstery Turnaround time is always one essential part among others,
in the field of transportation/logistics Then it needs economy and efficiency to ease this invest act The Prima is truly a product emerged by Tata Daewoo’s tallest order yet To build the better best CVs that the world demands of And it has already achieved the brand’s own exceptional standards and requirements All this, so it is no wonder that this Tata Daewoo product is built by the Way of the World Class That will make a whole new experience of trucking, uniquely unlike any other

15 comments on “Tata Prima LX 4028.S SR 6×4 Tractor Truck (Bus & Truck ’14)”

  1. GAMING BOY PBS says:

    I like very much

  2. Firosbabu Kurukkan says:

    I love tata prima

  3. Akshay Band says:

    Tata company Jada pese nikalti he or unke vehicle ka kalar galdi nikalta he

  4. Akshay Band says:

    34 lack ka truck me kya he refrigerator nahi he screen nahi he ,AC vo bi faltu,average vo bhi 1,2 p/km deta he kya ASA truck he or compare kiya he European truck SE

  5. Binni Young says:

    I like tata prima 4028 s and 4040 s

  6. EJ Ellie says:

    The Tata Group acquired Daewoo Truck, but it is still designed and produced by Koreans.

  7. Ravi Kumar says:

    Tata ma job ke vacancy cab ha

  8. Andy Genner says:

    2:33 euro truck sim 2 music

  9. Surjeet Sing says:

    jai hind TATA

  10. SETAN SAI NBR says:

    Waste prima

  11. SETAN SAI NBR says:

    Ee oka dhantlo aa features undavu prathi oka truck like scania and man benz iveco somany are there why iam saying prima is waste because it has coppied my scania design

  12. kaushabhi bharwari 3421 says:

    Donniya satwe asmaan par hai abhi Tata walo ne dosri uchaee jadhi bhai bhai koch naya karu

  13. Warrior Prince says:

    Backwas hai.

  14. Dabgi Jayraj says:

    Good luck friends my favorite truck

  15. Salvation inder says:

    TATA's "PRIMA" / "NOVUS" quality, reliability, strength, powered and mechanics. King of the indian rds……….TATA's

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