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  1. Nguyễn Chung Thanh Ngân says:


  2. Zmajevo Gnijezdo says:

    sure you can 🙂

  3. Jun Li says:

    The best song I ever heard in my life

  4. clownery says:

    this song flopped, it said goodbye on the billboard charts and only has about 80 million views

  5. pinkchick186 says:

    Her music is amazing !

  6. Joy Villarica says:

    SADLY I have no problem with it to u later on the 30th anniversary

  7. あんころもち says:


  8. Thu Huong Vu says:

    Hello Mr.s Taylor.I'm from Viet Nam and i really love your song.😻😻😻

  9. SaffronDay says:

    Someone please please tell me in which taylor swift song the lyric “tequila sunrise” is there?

  10. EnchantedTS says:

    This so beautiful 😭 the definition of art. Taylor Swift artist of the decade ❤️

  11. Mel Castro says:

    Loveee this so much ❕
    Replay: On

  12. THANOS LOVES YOU! says:

    This song is so underrated.

  13. Diego González says:

    Te odio

  14. Diego González says:

    Lo demandas a Ami Rodríguez

  15. kimberley coote says:

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  16. Kristi 29 says:

    To all her haters: She is artist of the DECADE 💁

  17. Cyn D says:

    This song reminds me Fade into you by Mazzy Star.

  18. Nash Graham says:

    Gonna see her jingle bell ball 2019 I was crying when I found out no joke

  19. Egg With 100K Subscribers Challenge says:

    ╚══╝╚═╩═╩═╩═╝ This Song❤️

  20. Will Koehler says:

    Oooh… I LOVE the fishbowl part 🐟

  21. Rajib & Tammy Dasgupta says:

    Loved you on The Voice as mega-mentor

  22. Egg With 100K Subscribers Challenge says:

    Who Is Better?

    Like : Taylor Swift

    Comment: Justin Bieber

  23. Ariel says:

    Mazzy Star

  24. Kids Room says:

    It took me a while to realize Taylor was wearing her own merch.

  25. Katerina Asta says:

    OMG i was going to have this song on my wedding day

  26. Audrie Helfrich says:

    Im only 10 please can i have a shout out ever sense i was a little kids me and my little sister sang and dance to your songs and it made millions of memmories

  27. Rawan Mamdouh says:


  28. Rawan Mamdouh says:


  29. Rawan Mamdouh says:


  30. Anel M says:

    Right in my feelings 💔Well done Taylor Swift , well done 👏🏻

  31. Miah Davenport says:

    I love the song it’s so emotional but yet so happy at the same time Love you Taylor 💕💕💕💕💕♥️

  32. Gabbie Girl says:

    You’re beautiful babe

  33. jon snow says:

    Great song

  34. cielo gueta says:

    i love you taylor

  35. Maddy Carman says:

    I love Taylor.

  36. Christian says:

    Multiculturalism an epic fail…

  37. henesis m says:

    This is the first Taylor swift song I like

  38. nour Akzoabi says:

    I love how she sings

  39. Denmark Salmorin says:

    IM crying silent inside, this song makes me realize how lonely I am 😅😂😂, welcome back Taylor Swift 🙏🔥

  40. Ariane Antonio says:

    Gente eu amo muito essa musica

  41. James Galvesolo says:

    The best song for this coming Christmas!🎄💕

  42. Sunkiss ofla says:

    But I leave Christmas tree all year round 🙂 still no lover to be found

  43. Señorito Jiro says:

    23M to go

  44. power ranger Adrian plays awsome! says:

    I’m not a Taylor swift fan at all but I must say this is an amazing song!

  45. Felix David says:

    Best Taylor's song (one of them)

  46. Kitty Cat says:

    My favorite ssong!!!!

  47. Paizleigh white says:

    2019 is the year pop artists go back to their roots

  48. San Francisco Niners Empire says:

    How does this song have 78K dislikes?

  49. SparkieTheCoolOne ! says:

    2020 Anyone?

  50. L O V E L Y says:

    It’s so amazing that she has people of different cultures in many of her songs. And even people who aren’t straight, it’s really inspiring.

  51. Kati Millard says:

    I love this song SO MUCH. I have been with my boyfriend for 5 and a half years, and we are planning on getting married soon, and I'm highly thinking of this song for our first dance ❤

  52. Samira Vera Fleitas says:

    Hermosa canción

  53. Sabrina Barnett says:

    Welp.. She must of dated all the white guys in Hollywood🤦

  54. Panda Zhao says:

    No Nashville in this tour??? Oh no…….

  55. ARLEQUINA says:

    Taylor and I are gonna set up this song on our wedding day.

  56. stangpatana says:

    this is what happen in your mind when after watching K-12 and listen to melanie too much

  57. Tetei Vanlalhmangaihi says:

    I don't have a lover but i am the lover 🤕💘

  58. khairul akmal Rosly says:

    Hey, just watch Taylor Concert at Netflix, isnt this guys was the dancer. The one Taylor put her hand to his chest

  59. Rosebert Discipulo says:

    Berta's Hit Chart
    Top 3
    Last: 1
    Peak: 1(8x)

  60. Kathryn K. White says:

    I love this video! It’s absolutely perfect 🙎🏼‍♀️🙎🏾‍♂️🥰❤️

  61. Kayla Aycock says:

    Who else thinks Taylor Swift is so inspiring??

  62. Danielle Number says:


  63. Ilse Daniels says:

    I love this song mostly because it doesn't sound like a Taylor Swift song.

  64. Cenci Be says:

    . Yêu chị

  65. GenerationOfBmx says:

    Love this song but Madonnas ‘Crazy For You’ is still my all time favorite love song. I tear up everytime I here it. “Because I’m crazy for you touch me once and youll know its true, I never wanted anyone like this its all brand new you can feel it in my kiss…I’m crazy for you”. Anyway, great song Taylor! Kee em coming!

  66. Akbar Ginanjar says:

    i just wondering why this video has not 100 million views yet!! swifties we can make it into billion views!!

  67. Nemakhavhani Gumani says:

    a beautiful song with a chill vibe…

  68. 유진 says:

    beautiful christmas song♥

  69. o o f i e says:

    Who else alsooo have that weird feeeeliiinng while watching this video, dunno if its just me, this song makes me feel about the love of my life that i'll never have. 😥💝

  70. Andra Degenhardt IDTM says:


  71. ExoL 456 says:

    Lets get this mv to 80 million

  72. Corbin Jackson says:

    Is it just me or does the reverb, Intro, and first verse scream mazzy star?

  73. Emily Ramon says:

    Guy Let's do Taylor " The Artist Of The Year ", " Favourite Female Artist " and Lover " Album Of The Year " and more..

    Just VOTE TAYLOR FOR AMAS !!! Search Taylor on google and you will see how can you vote.

  74. Tay FF says:

    Love this video

  75. Swiftie Forever says:

    Guys , pls vote Taylor for AMAS !!! Just search Taylor on google and you will see how can you vote .

  76. Luisa Suzaño says:

    Hay alguien que hable español por aquí?
    Tu música me hace sentir tantas cosas…
    Te amo Taylor Swift. 💖

  77. Jean may Villasis says:

    my idol taylor swift

  78. Rajesh Singh Shah says:


  79. Refresher says:

    We need new single

  80. redhed6971 says:

    Is it me or do I detect elements of Mazzy Star Fade into You.

  81. Renchi says:

    Queen is back to her throne .

  82. سارا حسینی ترکیه says:


  83. Federica Forte says:


  84. Be!syL Perez says:

    Me ecuerda al video de Pink, Beautiful Trauma

  85. 10 AM says:

    2023 who still here ?

  86. Bildo Bagginit says:

    Sounds familiar to the song "FADE INTO YOU" by mazzy star

  87. 김혜인 says:

    Why doesnt it have many views? It's an absolutely one of her best and most romantic song♡♡♡

  88. Jeremy Heartriter2.0 says:

    This song sounds like the happy version of "All Too Well" and "Last Kiss". So much nostalgia😊

  89. Marco Lombardozzi says:

    – You belong with me
    – Everything has changed
    – I knew you were trouble
    – We are never ever getting back together
    – Lover

  90. Good noodle - says:

    this was so xute

  91. Don't Forget to Rock says:

    Taylor's friends Haim released a new music video for their song "Now I'm In It." Go watch it! 🙂

  92. Alice Cole says:

    Always nailed some beautiful songs Taylor I really love this one , I play it over and over.

  93. Jake N says:

    Taylor's Swift is so fake…

  94. GsB Night Street says:

    is Very nice Clip 👍 im from Kyrgyz Republic🇰🇬🇰🇬🇰🇬

  95. Harddiskfail says:

    Can I go where you go?

    Fish go in the water … I see what you did there.

  96. Michael Kiser says:

    You marry a woman who will have a drum set in the living room!!

  97. vonratibor says:

    This song is mediocre at best The video so plain and boaring

  98. Bootsie87 AJPW says:

    Taylor Finally realised we don’t want this weird annoying pop- y kinda Taylor, we don’t want an edgy Taylor we want the old Taylor and that’s what we finally got ❤️

  99. Scarlet Queen says:

    keep doing what youre doing Taylor!

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