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Hello, this is an unplanned video,, so
perhaps you want to grab a cup of tea settle down and join me for a chat. I’m
Liz Zorab and this is Byther Farm. In my video planning journal I map out
which videos I’m going to create when. I use the sticky notes to write the title
on, stick it in and then I can move it around to the right date as I get the
flow of the month and as I get more ideas. So this video is not the one that
was scheduled for today, but plans have changed. On Monday I went to my slimming
group in the morning which I’ve been going to for almost a year now.
I started feeling slightly not a hundred percent. Well by the afternoon I felt
very much about fifty percent and by Monday night I knew that I was
going down with something a bit unpleasant. I spent Tuesday mostly on the sofa mostly sleeping and by Tuesday night I
had become best friends with the bathroom. So I’m not going to go into
lots of graphic details all I can tell you is that I have really been very
unwell for the last three or four days and I now weigh about five pounds lighter
than I did on Monday. Don’t worry, it will all reappear once I actually have
some food in my system that is staying there. But my big crisis is… I’ve gone off tea! I keep making myself cups of tea because emotionally I want
a cup of tea and I drink about the first three or four sips out of it and then I
can’t face it anymore. This to me constitutes a crisis! Okay,
shall we put an asterisk up there? Saying *obviously it’s not a crisis! This
is a personal personal whim. I don’t really like coffee very much and tea has
always been my go-to hot, warming, coz,y comforting, emotionally supportive drink. So what do I do when I no longer like it? I’m really hoping that when I feel
better my passion for tea will return. So as I
said not my usual video, but I did, at the tail end of last week, record a
little bit of my morning routine of getting the birds up, on a very wet
morning. So I’m going to leave you that and hopefully normal service will resume next week!

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  1. Naomi 62 says:

    Homemade wine and sleep. That's works for me.

  2. Becky Ezra says:

    feel better soon dear!!!

  3. Wendy Eames says:

    Well, you did the best thing by lying down for a good sleep. Now a lot of water & you'll be right as rain. Get well soon!

  4. That Texan says:

    That's not a crisis (said in a very serious Television Advisory voice). Inside my pea brain, I am screaming, "Oh my gosh! Emergency! Emergency! Alert the media!" It frightens me to hear you are not enjoying your tea. I cannot fathom not really enjoying my coffee. It is the lifeblood that I depend on. I am sending all of my best vibes towards you that tea tempts you very soon. If it doesn't I fear the earth will stop spinning and we will all be cast off into outer space … with no tea or coffee!! =)

  5. Kelly's Kitchen Garden says:

    Oh Liz, sending sympathy from Scotland, get well soon. I bet it’s the milk you’ve gone off from being sick. You’ll be back to your cuppas in no time. Love seeing all your animals 😊🌱

  6. TeaThreePO says:

    Tea is my go to for everything. Having a chat? Tea. Feeling under the weather? Tea Heartbreak? Tea Headache? Tea I had a similar crisis. I tried to have coffee, it makes me feel sick. Thank goodness everything straightened out and now I can love tea again.

    I hope you start feeling better soon. Sending love and healing vibes your way. <3

  7. Robbie Thoreson says:

    Take it easy and feel better my friend.

  8. VagabondAnne says:

    Feel better soon, Liz! Maybe try an herbal tea for the interim?

  9. Tracy's Little Patch of Dirt. says:

    Hope you feel better soon. I'm just getting over man flu lol. Plus having gallbladder problems I'm not a fan of wasting my food but can't control it right now. But much better now man flu is going. Just take things easy liz and get better soon. Shocking that you're tea taste buds are out of wack hopefully they will return.

  10. yellowlabrador says:

    i came down with flu too, I still have zero appetite and my local bird population is seeing to my meals and like you, tea is horrible. My solution was to make a soup with veg from the garden and chicken, so I eat/drink that.

  11. Liz Zorab - Byther Farm says:

    If you enjoyed this brief video, please share it with a friend (or two) and you may enjoy seeing a video from the warmer months of the year, https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLa6906pLM92l-5QFWpu93MyfJzUuGajDt

  12. The Permaculture Shoestring Home and Garden says:

    Oh, that is a crises! So sorry you've been unwell. That can sometimes mess up your taste buds. I haven't drunk everyday (black) tea nor coffee for 27 years. Loads of herbal teas I love, especially Rooi Boss( South African Red Bush) which is herbal but can be drunk the same as normal tea with milk and sugar. It is my favorite. Especially the earl grey one. I use 2 tea bags and let them brew properly. It may be something more tolorable until you feel better and hopefully your taste buds (or whatever is putting you off tea) return to normal. That's a great idea for the video planning. I put my plans on sheets to put up so I can see them but I really could do with a book to write in too and plan further along. Thanks for the idea if you don't mind me using it. Hope you feel better soon.x

  13. Simple Healthy Living With Karen says:

    I’m sorry you are under the weather but you did make me giggle about the tea..a cup of hot water with lemon and Manuka honey is a nice drink… try it!

  14. Tina Gray says:

    I'm so sorry Liz. I've had this and can honestly say that you will recover your taste for tea! Let's face it, it's our nation's support system lol. I do hope you feel back to normal soon. Xx

  15. Lorri Hernandez says:

    Feel better soon sweet friend!

  16. homesteader fifty w/ ricky & martha says:

    Tea was my go to..then I switched to coffee..but lately it's been tea again..maybe I should just drink only water..
    I lost 11# sick for 2 months after vacation!

  17. Vesna Susel Rozman says:

    Dear Liz its thet time in year isnt it? No energy. I am sleaping aaaa lot. Now we are going to our Alex 7th birthday party and I hope till 6pm we will be at home, to many people I dont want to talk with them. Inclouding my mom, she always finds something, if not is my weight. Have nothing more to say just waiting this new years time is over. As I see its the best for me to working nonstop. Love and kisses to you and Mr.J. from Slovenia!

  18. Champagne Twist says:

    Hello, Gosh, it sounds like you had that awful flu strain that's going around. You did the right thing sleeping, and I hope you are feeling better now. I had it already – it wasn't fun, so you have my complete sympathy, As for the tea – now that is a crisis*. Try a different brand, or a different type such as herbal or fruit tea. I've been using mint tea recently and a blend called Coco Joe which has chocolate, coffee and tea. It sounds very odd (especially to a non-coffee drinker like me), but it is delicious and makes a welcome change from ordinary black teas. Anyway, thanks for the video, and again I hope you are much better now.

  19. Rosehaven Farm says:

    I have a cup or two of coffee in the morning only. Then tea is my drink of choice. (Heretical statement: I like it iced in the summer, but then, I'm an American, so it's to be expected, right?) 😉

    But I know what you mean about losing your your taste for things when you are ill… I hope you feel better soon.

  20. Isobella F says:

    Get well soon Liz! Viruses/bugs can really do a number on your energy levels, I do sympathise 💚 Im off tea as well, replacing it with a glass of port this month, medicinal purposes 😘

  21. Anne Howe says:

    you might have gone off milk, ty black tea?

  22. luckychicav says:

    Hello Liz, I'm sure your taste for a great cup of tea will return. 😉 I hope that you will feel 100% soon. ❤️️😊

  23. marion ward says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon

  24. Jean Mitchell says:

    So glad you are on the mend Liz, the bug has a way of catching us by surprise, doesn't it! I have experienced having my tea not taste right and once I started feeling better normally my tea improves. God bless and I hope you will be right as rain for the holidays. 🙂

  25. Chrissie Maclachlan says:

    Sorry to hear that you're under the weather Liz, sounds like the norovirus to me, very unpleasant and takes a while getting over 🙁 I suspect your taste for tea will return soon, but I love lemon and ginger herbal tea as well, and it may help settle your tummy a little. Anyway, thinking of you and hope you feel much better soon. xx

  26. Calvin says:

    Try ginger tea. It will help you recover very soon.

  27. brightpurpleviking says:

    Oooo so sorry you have been unwell. So many sicknesses gong around our area too, and the hospitals are full apparently. But few things are more sad than not being able to have a cuppa tea. I’d be spitting feathers lol. Be well soon!

  28. garden boots says:

    Oh my! I think I may have more tea in my veins than blood HAHA
    So, I certainly hope – that you will be THOROUGHLY ENJOYING your tea time SOON!

    Best wishes for a speedy & full recovery Liz 🙂
    Thank you also, for your beautiful work & spirit.

  29. UK Here We Grow says:

    Oh no dont know how id manage without tea

  30. tracy ealden smith says:

    Have you tried chai tea?

  31. David Dibben says:

    If you've had a dodgy tummy the tea might be a bit too strong at the moment. I,ve had this too. It passes.

  32. Milomia says:

    Liz you’re a rocket! I hope you shake off this fast. I think the world is in balance as I’ve been drinking double the tea this week. Now I know why. Also this might make you laugh…..when you do a video I always thought you said “I’m Liz Zorab and this is BY THE FARM”. It just hit me you say “Blyther Farm”. I’ve been watching you for at least a year “by the farm”. Get well hugs from Canada where we are in the middle of a forecast 44cm of snow. It is all lovely light and fluffy….so far

  33. Lorraine Owen says:

    Sorry to hear your unwell 🙁. I went off tea many years ago and turned to some lovely herbal teas 😋. Hope you feel better soon and hopefully get your taste buds back for a lovely brew 😊

  34. Mama Grows says:

    So sad you lost your favorite comfort. I have no advice. I did enjoy watching your chores.

  35. Living Faith Homestead says:

    Feel better soon and keep drinking that tea! Love those ducks!

  36. GARDENING WITH M.E says:

    Hope you're feeling better soon x
    Not really the right time of year to go off tea now is it?! Lol
    which blend of tea is it that you use? Why not try a different blend and see if that pleases the taste buds, try some ceylon and then of course theres always good old earl grey 🙂
    Taste buds can take a while to get back to normal sometimes when your "system" has been through it, so I'm sure you'll soon be able to enjoy a nice brew again soon.
    Xxx Michelle

  37. A TM says:

    Try different types of tea. You may connect with a different flavour for a while and go back to normal tea later. I can drink black coffee when I am ill but can't stand it when I am well. It could be just the milk. Just for now and when you feel better you may go back to drink it normally.

  38. Catherine David says:

    😱 not gone of tea! Liz! What’s going on there with you? Norovirus has a lot to answer for 😡😂 Try a small cup of tea without milk, sip half and then put your milk in, that’ll get you back on track girl. Hope you’re feeling better and stronger soon. ☕️🥛

  39. Brimwood Farm says:

    Gone off tea?! Oh no! Firstly – great music, made me laugh. I DO hope you rekindle the tea passion, however. If not, grow some herbal stuff and see if that suits?

  40. Judith Biller says:

    I'm glad you are feeling better!

  41. Alex Paulson says:

    I'm sorry you have been feeling poorly Liz! However, I know exactly what you mean – even in the States the same "bug" seems to be going around, as I have the same. I'm sure you and the tea will become friends again once everything settles down. That is hard though; not feeling well and you have animals relying on you.
    Thanks for sharing, and I hope you feel better! Take care!

  42. Linda Cummings says:

    Sorry you have been under the weather, Liz. But, you are a trooper and your feathered friends always give you the incentive to 'carry on'. Sending good thoughts your way for a thorough recovery.

  43. v nickcolvin says:

    Wishing for you health, happiness, safety and peace in the days and weeks to come!

  44. MSKCCooke says:

    That just happened to me with coffee about 2 months ago. Now I only drink tea

  45. Becky's allotment says:

    Noooooooooo going off tea is horrible. Hope you feel better soon. A mint tea might help with nausea and stomach settling.

  46. Elysa Francisco says:

    Perhaps it's the milk in the tea? I find that I don't tolerate dairy very well when I'm feeling ill, it unsettles my digestion. (…and that's all I'm going to say about that! Lol) I hope you continue to recoup and can enjoy your tea once again! ❤

  47. Linda Arnold says:

    Hope you feel better soon! When I am not keeping things down, tea is one of the last things I want. Hopefully you will be able to enjoy your tea when you are better!

  48. lizzie Atherfold says:

    Hi Liz I am sorry to hear you have not been well!
    My roses didn't take my cuttings were to small but I will try again

  49. Jane Whitzend says:

    I always crave salty crisps and lemonade at these times.
    Hope you are fully well asap xx

  50. Digwell Greenfingers says:

    I turn to mao feng green tea (from TeaPigs) when I'm feeling a bit under the weather. Something about it perks me up – it is sold as "A green tea liked by people who don’t like green tea" – certainly true for me.
    Get well soon Liz 🤒

  51. Gail Thornbury says:

    Oh I had the same thing a couple of weeks ago. It really kicked in whilst at a dinner party at my brother’s house. Horribly embarrassing although at the time I was more concerned that I was dying.
    Get well soon.

  52. Cath Connolly says:

    Happened to me, leave out the milk.

  53. Steve Hicks says:

    Don’t worry, I know how you feel. I had a bug a couple of weeks ago and went off coffee (I don’t like tea) By day five, after a bottle of lucozade, I was back to normal 🥵 Get well soon!

  54. Gold Shaw Farm says:

    Feel better, Liz!

  55. margaret sofocleous says:

    Get well soon Liz. Sorry you have felt so rough. Keep hydrated. Maybe an electrolyte drink would have helped. Sorry about the tea. I have been busy getting lost in the lanes near Thornbury and an engine light has come on in the car. Great. I managed to get to A 38 and find the carvery we wanted . We are celebrating 46years of marriage so this was a good start to the planned weekend of activities. We are determined to have a good weekend despite Spyros not being 100 per cent. At least the Severn bridge was still open and the food was good. I hope you fully recover soon. Have a great weekend xxxx Margaret

  56. Angelene Flowers says:

    Hoping you are feeling better! Thank you for soldiering on and posting for us! Loved the morning routine. I'm vegan but may have to add some ducks to the kitchen garden as they are so comically entertaining and also eat slugs and snails which plague my veggies!

  57. Bromley Cottage Kitchen Garden says:

    OMG Liz…..that was most definitely a CRISIS. Gone off tea!! You haven’t just been under the weather, you’ve been ‘right poorly’. Hope you’re on the mend now and your teapot is back in its rightful place……..front and centre. Kindest Regards and sending you healing vibes – Fiona 😎

  58. Mildred Arnold says:

    Liz instead of tea you can have a hot cup of broth that will help with the tea issue and getting some nutrients into you so you can mend faster. Hope you get better soon.

  59. Rough-Hewn Homestead says:

    Oh no! Feel better soon…and I hope your taste for tea returns soon. 🙂

  60. Julie B says:

    Sorry you aren’t feeling well but hopefully you’ll be over it soon. Hot strong sweet tea is actually good for gastro viruses. However I would not add the dairy to it while sick. Drink it as strong & sweet as possible.

  61. PasadenaSue says:

    LOL, you are correct!! When tea doesn't taste right it IS a crisis. Try Horlicks. Malted barley is very healthy. You'll get back to enjoying a cuppa soon. Thanks for sharing with us as we understand. Hoping you feel better quickly.

  62. Willow Creek Homestead says:

    I am so sorry you've been so sick!! I might suggest some ginger peppermint tea 🙂 😂

  63. Diane Charles says:

    Hope you feel up to your old self again real soon. I pray your love for tea ☕️ will return!! 🌟

  64. Sheila Whitaker says:

    Best wishes. Maybe try black tea with some ginger or lemon in it – it worked for me. When I went off tea because I was unwell it meant that I became even more dehydrated ( totally uninterested in water ) and grumpy due to the caffeine-like withdrawl symptoms. Get well soon.

  65. Steven Dowden says:

    sorry you been ill get well soon

  66. Roo's Life says:

    Hope you're soon on the mend Liz. I'm watching this from my bed, started feeling rotten last night and now completely wiped out. All plans have gone out of the window 🤒 xx

  67. PETER HARTE says:

    I absolutely love ducks and are in my plans for 2020, are they difficult to keep and do you keep any for meat

  68. LilBoyBlue says:

    I hope you feel better soon, Liz, and can enjoy your cuppa again. I'm passionate about tea too and would be miserable if I couldn't enjoy my go-to drink. Might a healing herbal tea do as a substitute for the meantime? It's by no means the same thing, but at least it's warm and comforting.

  69. Nicola J says:

    Sorry to hear you've been unwell. Yes, that definitely classifies as a disaster!!! But I'm sure it will pass.

  70. Denise falusi says:

    Ahh, tummy bugs are rough 😖 take care

  71. Lena Cisowski says:

    Love seeing all your animals. I hope you feel better!

  72. Autmn Tooley says:

    Usually when I go off tea, it's because my body needs and herbal tisane to rebalance. Hope you find your jois de vive soon.

  73. Frank Coldwell says:

    Go to green tea, no milk or sugar. It’s all I drink now although at work it’s usually black Yorkshire tea.

  74. Nattering Springs says:

    Oh my goodness, at first I thought something really dreadful was going to be announced, but then the music started – sort of cartoony, light and amusing, which of course would not portend really awful news. Then you announced it – viral. Yucky stuff, that. So sorry that you are under the weather, but happy that you are to soon be out of it. Feel better soon!

  75. Franziska Goeckeritz says:

    Haha you made me laugh so much with the soundtrack of the first bit and the cuppa.
    I hope you get better soon Kiz.
    If you feel nauseous still ginger helps. whether it's chewed fresh or in ginger tea x

  76. Donna Norris says:

    Off your tea? That IS a crisis. I thought that before you even said it. I love tea too. Hope you feel better soon!

  77. Blessed In Bowie says:

    But Liz, you're British–you HAVE to like tea! lol, I do hope you are feeling better, I do enjoy the channel. Love, prayers and sympathy from Texas.

  78. Hilltop Farm says:

    Awww. You poor poppet. Hope you feel better soon. About 10 years ago I caught the dreaded "Swine Flu". I had a high fever for about 3 weeks. Spent 2 weeks in hospital and had to take 6 weeks of work. Never been so sick in my life. Anyway, I'm a coffee buff and during my illness couldn't drink coffee. Once I recovered every time I tried to drink it, it tasted awful. It took over 6 months for my taste buds to get back to normal.

  79. Dolly Perry says:

    Broth? I really hope you feel better ASAP! Sending love!

  80. Stephie Fultz says:

    Hello Beautiful!! I have been so busy. Praying you feel better. Sorry about the Patreon I just fixed it my bad. Have wonderful day. Going to catch up on your videos.

  81. Cornwall Celtic Experience says:

    Poor you. Try hot water and imagination until you feel better. I agree with Kelly it's the milk, if you have fennel try a small amount of that with your hot water. Be well soon.

  82. Sheila Zangrilli says:

    I know this not very British, but my guess is it's the milk. Try it with less milk or , heaven forbid, no milk. Be well soon . Sheila from the USA.

  83. Redgate Farm In the Foothills says:

    Really enjoy your videos but sorry your under the weather. God Bless

  84. Kathryn Kidd says:

    Hi Liz. You probably have something in your garden to make a nice refreshing tea…..lemon balm, mint. Or in your kitchen…lemon and ginger etc. I keep fruity teabags for when I go off tea. My favourites are plum:and boysenberry and blood orange. 😊 Hope you feel better soon.

  85. Mark Doney-MacLeod says:

    Hope you feel better soon Liz, poor lass. Have you tried Barleycup?

  86. Marilyn Carey says:

    Try black tea with a little sugar. My grandmas cure for everything – well apart from brandy to wash down her heart pills 😱 (she was a tea totaller 🤨) and COD liver oil for everyone except herself 😂😂

  87. Mark Anson says:

    Absolute Crisis, tea and gardening go together… One without the other cannot be contemplated…. Sincerely hope your passion for both return soon.

  88. JoAnn Bayne says:

    So sorry you've been ill – not any fun, for sure. I'm just finishing up my bought with it and finally feeling a little bit human once again.

  89. Robin Miller says:

    Can’t imagine being off tea. Sounds like a sincere crisis. Hope you are feeling tip top soon.

  90. Mandy BEWKES says:

    Aww hope your feeling better! little duckies are cute, except one little duckie pushed another out of the shed LOL

  91. Gwen Scoble says:

    Hi Liz, hope you are feeling better soon. When I'm ill and have gone off tea I have tried alternatives. Keeping up the fluids is essential with flu an D&V. To replace salts that are lost you might fancy beef tea, a teaspoon of B_vr_l in a mug of hot water.
    When I had a cough/not quite chest infection, last year I searched on line. Quite a lot of 'cures' involved the use of lung shaped furry leaves, mullein or verbascum and prior preparation of the flowers. Well I hadn't prepared but dug further and found 'sage leaf tea can substitute'. I have sage so I picked some fresh tips, ripped them to shreds, measured a table spoonful and made tea in a pyrex jug, to 300ml. Steep for 2 mins and strain into a mug. It produces a refreshing greenish drink that didn't provoke coughing but is pretty sopperific.
    I also use an instant hot chocolate to ring the changes.
    Hope my suggestions help.
    I enjoy your videos, Gwen

  92. Ana Paula Crawford says:

    Oh dear, you look good for having a stomach virus, I understand the tea. I drink coffee and I head the bug's I couldn't even smell it! It's horrible. Get well, drink plenty of water and rest which it might not be possible. God bless!

  93. Hilary Lonsdale says:

    Glad you're resting up, hope you feel all the way better soon x

  94. K Barnes says:

    Try Earl Grey tea without milk or cream. It's known to settle tummies.

  95. Ray of Light says:

    I grow mint and lemon balm, dry them this time of year, but in season use them as they are and drink that. Lemon Balm is very soothing and great before bed as it helps you sleep.

  96. Maite Gonzalez says:

    Happy that you are feeling better, try tea again in a week time, maybe it’s just too soon and your gut is still in recovering face😉

  97. Nan Ma Helen says:

    Hope you're over the worst and will soon get your love of tea back..I can't imagine life without tea.Take care Liz.

  98. Joyce Zuiderveen says:

    You could try changing up the tea to a medicinal tea like Ginger Lemon or Echinacea. Just add a little honey…no milk.

  99. Mary Shields says:

    My new go-to tea is moringa. Love it with a little soy creamer. Hope you feel better. 💐

  100. KC Ronnqvist says:

    Oh dear! Tea is dehydrating so your body is probably just rejecting it as you are dehydrated due to being ill. Maybe drink some more water and then you could also try a different tea. Or tea with no milk, just some lemon. Big hugs, glad that you're on the mend you'll be back to normal soon enough. <3 love the spontaneous vid 🙂

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