The American Lawn

We like grassland. It reminds us of the Savannah. And we evolved on the Savannah. We came down out of the trees, and we liked open land. And open land is safe. So, there may be some genetic proclivity we have for open grasslands, but that is not the same as the lawn. Lawns are an American institution. We invented the front lawn. The backyard is very different
and has a different set of rules. Your front yard belongs to the community as much as it does to you. The conceit of the American suburbs is that we’re all in a great park together. That’s what America is and the lawn symbolizes that continuity. How well you take care of your lawn is the way you express your solidarity with your neighbors. It’s a gesture to the neighbors as much as it is to you, but we forget it’s a very
unnatural landscape. Yes, it’s more natural
than asphalt perhaps, but that’s about it. Lawns are the largest irrigated crop in America. The area of lawn in this country’s
three times as big as the corn crop. The irony of the American lawn is it’s so exposed that nobody spends any time there. There are cars going by, everyone can see you … so we all stay in the back yard. The front lawn becomes purely a symbol. So, it’s a very peculiar institution. We all take it for granted. It seems very normal to us. But if you were a Martian coming to Earth, and you looked at this and say “Why are all these people
squeezed into these backyards? And they have this beautiful expanse of green grass in front and they don’t even walk on it.”

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  1. Tom Sherman says:

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  2. Canimaslan USA says:

    Your video explained very little

  3. Frank Patterson says:

    Fascinating ! Pleasantly thought provoking on why most of us are sheep and follow the crowd and mass marketing….while dismissing the environmental and social cost of all the front yard decorative "no-play" zones. In my neighborhood the front lawns are so laden with toxic treatments, even the friendly dogs won't tread on the grass.

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