The Arrival – JCB Teleskid

holy crap we’re gonna have some fun with this one hey everybody its Ryan welcome back to
our farms work as many of you know I went and purchased 21 head of beef
cattle about a months ago as such I’ve been looking around for a skid loader to
keep out of my place due to the fact that right now we’re doing a lot of road
travel with our current skid loader and I think it would save us a lot of time
and wear and tear on the tires so I believe that having one out there would
really be beneficial to us. one company heard that I was looking for skid
loaders and I even actually hopped into one in one of my previous videos and as
such I am announcing that starting today we’re gonna be demoing a new skid loader
on the farm for the next month and I’m really looking forward to it this thing
is huge to me mostly because it has double the current lifting capacity of
our current skid loader so as such they’re about to pull in so why don’t we
go and say hi yep yep okay so if I pull back on it should lift
the arm perfect okay pretty simple the JCB has arrived we are here with
Ashby from Savannah Georgia she came all the way from JCB to give us a run around
on the machine so we can hop in it and have a little bit of know-how on how to
run it so you want to tell us a little bit about the machine itself yeah all
right eighteen we do have two models of this machine we have a wheeled and a
track version today we’re just gonna look at the the track version of the
machine which is our highest high seller at the moment as you know the market is
moving more towards track machines and wheeled machines especially the last few
years so we’ll look at the track this particular machines got a rated operator
capacity with the boom extended about 3600 pounds and what’s this extended
it’s about 2,300 pounds right operating capacity so it’ll definitely do what you
need it to do around the farm here let’s just start out in the front of the
Machine and we’ll talk about the quick hitch itself here so it is a fully
enclosed quick pitch you do have a single indicator point here when you’re
unlocking and locking your attachments that way it makes it nice and easy for
the operators also unique to JCB is the wear plates here on each side those are
actually reversible always the edge wears down so that’s just for JCB okay
if we move over to the right side of the machine we’ve got two sets of auxiliary
couplers you’ve got your standard flow couplers here and then you’ve got your
high flow couplers here now as the boom does extend your standard flow couplers
are gonna come out with the boom nose and then of course your high flow
couplers are gonna remain standard so if your extended and you want to run a
grapple or anything like that perfectly fine hook up your hoses to your standard
flow when it’s retracted and let’s say you wanted to put a high flow mower or
something on the machine you’d use these sets of couplers yep you also have a
release here truly any of your auxilary pressure and you’ve
got a 14 pin connector for any multi-function attachments as well right
here on the corner position so looking at the undercarriage here you got solid
cast steel rollers on the bottom triple flange on your last four double
on your front help keep that track on you do have a track tensioning plate
right here take that plate off you also have your fuel point here as well you’ve
got a large rear opening door here you’ve got a JCB engine tear for final
no DPS no deaf fluid required on it all your daily service checks are easily
grouped together as well don’t forget your fuel filter you also for your
dipstick your hydraulic sight gauge here your air filter here it’s got an active
scavenging air filter just to help extend your air filter service life as
long as possible this is a battery isolator so if you just needed to
disconnect your battery just pop this right out this is an emergency emergency
boom lowering valve here so I say the booms up in the air and you have an
emergency and you need to lower your boom just crack that Valve and it’ll
slowly just drift your arm back down nice and safe thank you as far as air
flow in the machine it is gonna come in to the part right there it’s gonna go
along side of the chassis up under here it’s your air filter and then your other
airflow is going to come to the top grille here and then out of this does
have a removable top grill if you needed to clean it off or anything it also
comes with reversing family machine so you’ve got every 15 minutes it’ll
automatically reverse or if you’re really running in a dusty environment of
something and you want to mainly manually override it just press hold but how long does the reversing fan run
automatically a couple seconds yeah you can hear it come down reversed
blow it off and then I’ll go back to the normal direction okay that’s the weird
machine you do have on the bottom the chassis there you do have a clean-out
plate as well alright so now I’m gonna be in the cab of the machine the left
hand control pod comes down your lap bar comes down then always safety first
seat belt on the left right to the left okay alright what’s your in the machine
you key on here let everything cycle through and then
you’ll hard start the key to the right to start the engine you’ve got your hand
throttle up here you also have your foot throttle down here as well to get going
and actually start and operate the machine all you have to do is release
the parking brake once and it’ll make your controls live at that point you
also have your work lights you have an auxilary lockout or for your loader arm
here as well if you wanted those independent of your parking brake this
auxilary button here is what’s going to unlock your auxiliaries if you did want
to run hydraulic attachments such as a grapple or something like that then this
is going to be actually your bi-directional self level so it’s going
to keep it the bucket level on the raise in the lower and you just hit that
button to turn that on you know if we move over to the left hand side of the
control panel here you’ll see your lock and your unlock your unlocking your lock
for your quick hitch you’ll just press and hold that to unlock it okay and then
press and hold to lock it in place again and remember you have that single point
indicator on the front of the quick hitch as well all right this one here is
actually our srs or a smooth ride system what that does is actually allows the
button with a bucket to be cushioned as you’re riding over the rough terrain
keep the material inside the bucket but also makes it a more comfortable ride
for the operator as well it’s a really really nice feature this is your
reversing fan button remember when I said you could press and manually hold
it you’ll just press it’ll actually start to flash and that’s when you can
manually override the automatic reversing family all right it’s gonna be
your high flow button if you did want to put like a half a flow brush cutter or
something like that on the machine and then obviously here we have our ISO and
h-pattern changeover so if you did want to run in
an h pattern you could quickly just change it over there
cool radio standard the telus kit and of course your heating AC controls
emergency exit for the machine is actually through the front of the
machine here it’s not out over the back as in traditional twin arm skid steers
once again we try and make it as safe as we can for our operators you’ll also
notice that we don’t have the traditional mesh over glass on the right
side or the left side of the door more lose ability excellent visibility for
the operator 60% better better visibility and a conventional twin arm
skid steer good when an operator can see what they’re doing they’re gonna be
safer and they’re gonna be more confident in what they’re doing they’re
also gonna be more productive as well okay so if we move on to the controls
we’ve got seven line controls as standard on the JCB telescope so then
just going over a couple of the main buttons here you’ve got your horn on
your top here the bottom this button it’s gonna be your two speed you’re
gonna have your auxiliary and your creep speed as well but you can actually
adjust up here on the top control panel you’ll see what percentage you are creep
speed what that does is allows you to adjust your top speed but maintain your
full power so let’s say you needed to use a trench or something on the farm
and you wanted to have a set speed in the machine but not having to constantly
adjust the joystick here you’ll just set that creep to let’s say 60% right you
get 60% of your top speed but yet you have your full flow and everything power
and you just press and hold hold that button or the joystick down right
on the right hand side you’ve got your float here so the boom doesn’t need to
be all the way down engage float you’ll actually have an indicator up on the
right hand side there to let you know you’re in float and that’s just gonna
allow the bucket to follow the contours of the ground as you’re back drag then
this important button here is actually gonna be your extend and retract on the
machine all right so this is what’s gonna move the boom out in the
background the other buttons are just some auxilary buttons if you have
multi-function attachments that you’ll use one more thing from a serviceability
standpoint the crowd cylinder tucked into the boom nose as well it does allow
the cab to be tilted forward without having to have the boom raised as well
so just making it nice and easy from the serviceability standpoint cool it’s
probably lot safer to have it on the ground while you’re servicing it full
access from the left side of the machine to the machine okay it’s even got a
little window that’s nice and see that the first time now how far does this
extend awesome that was awesome
how high can this reach the dump truck speed mixers all I could
stop playin hike what do you recommend we run there to be
dead it’s really operator reference you an application laws all right here we go holy crap we’re gonna have some fun with this one I mean the basic need for parking brake
that’ll get the Machine live and then really all you need to know right now
other than all this other fancy stuff just use the throttle over there the
foot pedal after five seconds if you don’t you do
anything the machine a lot of active travel down you can turn that off the
settings which I’ll show you another time yep flotation I’m really looking forward to using this
JCB tellus kit for the next 30 days and I noticed earlier with the tracks that
it had a lot better flotation than the 773 on manure so we’ll see what it can
do we’re definitely gonna give it a run for its money over the next 30 days and
be sure to keep an eye out for our next video you can see that we have big red
back there we are going to be hauling some corn out this week we’re just doing
a few last perhaps on the truck and it’s good to go so with that be doing some
more videos on the JCB as time comes but with that I’ll let you all go thanks for
watching this video guys be sure to check out all of our other ones be sure
to LIKE comment and subscribe and be sure to check us out on Facebook
Instagram Twitter and snapchat all how farms work and with that I’ll see you
next time you

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  1. JCB North America says:

    Great to meet you yesterday, Ryan … despite the early hour and the I'm-not-in-Savannah-anymore temperature. And great to see that you seem to be enjoying the machine. I just wanted to jump in real quick to correct a quick point for your viewers. At 4:15 I meant to say the machine has a ROC with the boom retracted of about 3,600 lb (and about 2,300 lb with the boom fully extended). I'm enjoying reading everyone's comments. Talk to you soon. -Ashby

  2. Mesh says:

    Has jcb solved the issue they had with their emissions that would cause motors to blow with in the first year?

  3. Allen Hrubes says:

    Hey Ryan! Yes, you will have some fun with the JCB…but I imagine the ease and timeliness of feeding cattle will be the real selling point. It's probably very expensive with all of its' necessary features but you know, sometimes you gotta spend money to make money. Good luck this month with the JCB and, as usual, thanks for sharing your world with us…take care Ryan.

  4. Jordan Volk says:

    I think they JCB has me sold. I don’t think there’s anything I don’t like about it by this video.

  5. paul mellor says:

    29 days to see if you can break it 😁 🇬🇧

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  7. Larry Be says:

    Bobcat v JCB Teleskid

  8. David Harris says:

    The last skid steer I owned was a JCB. My only problem with it was the placement of the radiator in the back where is was nearly impossible not to get holes punched in it. Looks like that have corrected that problem and have a new design.

  9. Kiwi zNews says:

    That would have been awesome clearing house sites in Perth. Hope my brother see this he’s a Dairy farmer.

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    No dpf fluid makes it worth it seems like a well thought out machine

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  32. 00UncommonSense00 says:

    JCB is one of those up-and-comers that produce excellent machines that are very clever. Not just a standard skid steer, but with a telescopic arm. Their backhoes are also very well thought out and cleverly designed. So far the only knock I have heard against them was the availablity of parts. They are improving, but the rental shop repair tech I know (in my fantasy league) says when they get a return on a machine that needs parts, sometimes it takes much longer than, say, a Cat or Deere part. But this machine is badass.

  33. Andy Hass says:

    The usual bullshit. Your farm cant afford a 40k skidsteer. So NO this not how farms work! Its how u tube works and companies desperate to get views!

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    Absolutely beautiful machines.

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    nice machine

  68. Tom Mathews says:

    I'm glad you boys were exposed to some genuine "Southern Culture!" Ashby seems to really know her stuff. I'll be following this with interest. I can see skid steers in the future moving in this direction.

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    If you can function without the side door, buy the Cat. It's a better machine.

    Owner/operator 3000+ skid loader hours

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