preparing heifers and cows for breeding reproduction bull handling collecting frozen semen natural join & artificial insemination pregnancy check handling pregnant cows for about 9 months calving grouping calving bonding eartagging separating calves if it’s not suckling 2 hours from birth weaning age at 90 days weighing and vaccination feeder raising feeder transfer to fattening section


  1. Marvin McNeil says:

    I hope you give your workers free beef meat

  2. arkha 356 says:

    pak kenapa tanduknya dipotong? g kasihan

  3. Popeye's Chicken says:

    1:24 that’s gay as fuck.

  4. Bintoro says:

    "selama kebuntingan" ???

  5. Yogesh Ghatage says:

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  6. Annah Kurtin says:

    Prison/factory farm!

  7. Maximo Gomez says:

    Think about this: Two horses power is about 53712 dollars per hour (ex 746 Watts x 2 x 60 seconds x 60 minutes at ten cents the kilowatt. My proposition is an inexpensive old-fashioned animal power such as horses, oxen, ponies, pigs and other animals that virtually every person can supervise to generate hydrogen thanks to the use of a very simple multiplication wheel invention called "animal powered electricity generator" (attached in a video here). This is free for anyone who wanted to use it for personal consumption, to heat the farm, to illuminate it, to keep the product preserved in cold…without having to pay a penny in oil burning. A franchise opportunity to manufacture these multiplication mills and to sell the hydrogen or other forms of energy is open to anyone who is interested. Fuel will be generated locally and currency will circulate locally. Who wants to start manufactures the cheapest low-pressure hydrogen canisters? The storm of human to human networking. Lets start doing this.

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  10. Khairunna'im Abdul Jalil says:

    Assalamualaikum Afan Syafii
    I am keen to visit this farm and hope we can communicate…how to get in touch with you?

  11. Rafiq Khan says:

    Where is this farm

  12. elango elango says:

    this cow's only focused on eating not milking

  13. iamfree says:

    The inhumane way cattle are treated is why I have become vegan. I cannot abide the abuse of these animals. They've put a pretty picture here but it's false. Look into this and start demanding our animals are treated in a human way. This must all stop.

  14. khalifa balouch zehi says:

    Which country is this? How much cow is it?

  15. khalifa balouch zehi says:

    🐂👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 They worked very well and clean

  16. Basrun Asmuni says:

    Itu kotorannya berarti diambilin dari kandangnya ya?

  17. Záfira CP says:

    I dont understand the value of this meat. The animals are treated like most of the factories in the world. If they were raised in freedom and in large spaces it would be digferent. Also curtting their horns its just cruel.

  18. Muhammad Sukron says:


  19. Louise M-D says:

    workers slaves don't want job to rape cows

  20. Louise M-D says:

    animal farmers are..perverted

  21. Louise M-D says:

    rape rack is called by industry the forced rape artificial insemination of mother n lactating cows every year till early exhaustion

  22. Louise M-D says:


  23. Hussain Al zubaidy says:

    Hi.l have land near the road l am looking for partner to do project of caw and calf
    I in Iraq

  24. Bonke Thun says:

    Why do you separate the calves with just 3 months? The Cattle is also not Fullblood Wagyu.

  25. Nazma Akter says:


  26. aantv says:

    How much does cost for 1 baby cow?

  27. Asep Jonas says:

    Lebih enak dan lebih gemuk gemuk daging nya sapi lokal indonesia

  28. malik zoony says:

    pain full work hate it

  29. Khan Lakhno says:

    Putunga ma la chinguyeong tu mutuga pyechong )))

  30. Fation Tahiri says:

    2018 Greece 💖 🌐

  31. Fahri Oi says:

    Yg punya pertenakn nya aja jaffa perusahn besar

  32. Dolor Lawas says:

    Sarananya kurang terawat … di biarkan berkarat …. jadi kesannya kurang hygient …. tapi mudah2 kedepan bisa lebih baik lagi …dan maju ternaknya

  33. brigitte amour says:

    Oser dire aimer ses bêtes et les envoyer a l'abattoir oui très contradictoire ! et surtout très hypocrites TOUT LES ÉLEVEURS ! voir honteux et Sacrilège ! – Lisez ceci la Genèse Esaie 1.14 – A quoi me sert la multitude de vos sacrifices? dit l'Éternel. Je suis rassasié d'holocaustes de béliers, et de la graisse de bêtes grasses; et je ne prends pas plaisir au sang des taureaux, et des agneaux, et des boucs.
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    de la part de DIEU

  34. KHEIRY EL MOKADM says:

    Very beautiful

  35. Tri Sugiono says:

    Saya mau buat juga catle farm di Bengkulu. Mungkin japfa lampung bisa bantu?

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    change the music plz

  38. ปรมีย์ ศรีไพร says:

    Which country?

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  40. Fahmi Fadzil says:


  41. Manjur Hasan Chisti says:

    Do you manufacture skimmed milk? Please contact us [email protected]

  42. Tama Nassae says:

    Itu yang kelola PT apa ya mas ??

  43. Mega Ismaya Wati04 says:


  44. Chandi Charmaine says:

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  45. patrick jakuma says:

    Very interesting I wish you employ me too

  46. Zule says:

    How would you like to be the bull fluffer who has to grab the bulls dick and put it In a sleeve instead of letting the bull get some pussy, and probably only getting paid min wage. One of these times the bulls going to get pissed and say enough of this switch a roo nonsense lol.

  47. Madhusudan V.R. says:

    sadest part killing and separating cows and calfs

  48. mico mariñas says:

    what is the size of hectare of your farm? and how many cows?

  49. suyit no says:

    Dimana ini

  50. Rudi Rusminarno says:

    Ada kontak / email yg bisa kami hubungi pak ? Mau tanya klo beli / plasma

  51. irfan kelinci says:

    Like, tempat gue PKL dulu 😘😘😘

  52. R17 Channel says:

    share me the contact please, i am looking for a business cooperation of cattle.

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  54. Heri Kane says:

    jabung lampung desa saya dan q tau perternakan itu

  55. Jess Kinzel says:

    Love this breed!!

  56. Van Helsing says:

    Sapi Wagyu nya kurang di manja nih, pantes aga' kurusan.

  57. triansyah erwin says:

    apakh halal dging hwan yg dikebiri? apakah jtuhnya tdk mnyiksa hwn tsb??

  58. austrorus says:

    collecting FROZEN semen? a little bit more thinking would be nice!

  59. Chenze Crushredder says:

    Multiple Chaff cutter/grass chopper On-site operation

  60. Matius Kwok says:

    Sungg h kasihan, tanduknya dipotong.

  61. shruti seth says:

    wait a minute.. do i see bull mounting on another bull at 1:28 !???

  62. Heo Rừng Vĩnh Long says:

    great video

  63. usman sayed says:

    Mashallah 🌸
    But one question is, as to why cattles horns are removed, wharsapp the reason behind it, thank u.🎉👑

  64. Pro Bliss says:

    they must pay for likes. nasty things those people are

  65. Michael steffen says:

    I tried WAGYU beef,there`s so much fat it tastes like a hamburger! Sick!!!!

  66. mohamad zainuri says:

    dehorning part – most saddest and cruel. more natural more happy for cows

  67. กูผู้ชนะ กูผู้ชนะ says:


  68. Dimas Nur says:

    Wagyu itu asal nya dari mana mas ? Jepang kah ?

  69. Dimas Nur says:

    Tujuan nya apa ya mas tanduk nya dipotong ?

  70. Ramon Espinoza Sanchez says:

    E visto mil videos y el mejor es ese

  71. Iggi Valencia says:

    This is by no means a true, authentic Wagyu.

  72. Mark Mackenzie says:

    This is NOT WAGYU. Complete lies…..rename your video.

  73. Ade Kun says:

    ini di daerah mana ya mas?

  74. little heart says:


  75. Try Harys silalahi says:

    pt austasia lampung

  76. Mike Caleta says:

    having been involved in livestock all my life I find this quite disturbing… yes I agree with the earlier comment it would be highly suspect that growth promoters are in use…. banned many years ago in the UK and rightly so. It alos looks as though welfare is lacking as there seemed to be no local anesthetic used during castration or de horning… you actually lose a huge amount of growth through this. The cattle looked well but the "stockmen" looked uninterested. not what I would call farming. I hope we return to the days of proper farming and stockmanship.

  77. Jimmy Diamond says:

    It's just a feed lot

  78. agus cahyono says:

    Inspiratif vidionya,,,,,

  79. Channel Sapi Jepang says:

    keren,jadi pengen bergabung.salam kenal


  81. abo thamer says:

    أللهم صل وسلم على محمد وعلى اله وصحبه أجمعين

  82. Sbagas 112 says:

    Klau mau ikut belajar boleh gaak???

  83. Story Villages says:

    Joooooosssss Mbah

  84. Vic Philip says:

    Wagyu my ass. this is just a normal intensive cattle farm.

  85. Manuel Olivo says:

    Saludos donde es eso k país

  86. Dutch man says:

    This is my work i love it so much..i have done this work 25 years ago

  87. Hasanur Jamiel says:

    Vishwa Bhalobasa

  88. Hasanur Jamiel says:

    Is Instagram original Bhalo Dekha Jaye

  89. abdul Olik says:

    Berisik musik nya


    I enjoyed watching it! Nice video 🙂

  91. youtube viral says:

    Ada berapa ekor

  92. Vihor Vetrov says:

    Who wants to eat this shit. Not a blade of grass anywhere.

  93. Sudheesh Sudheesh says:

    God bless you

  94. Agus Salim says:

    Keren. Pantesan daging wagyu lebih terjangkau sekarang, ternyata ada di domestik-Lampung.

  95. Honesty Fenix says:

    Most unhealthy environment: no grazing, no room for exercise. Bet you need antibiotics to keep them "healthy." Probably very
    commercially profitable….FOR YOU.

  96. Scilla Mischts says:

    The disaster of cheap meat …
    10,000,000 human deaths a year by 2050
    caused by multidrug-resistant bacteria
    in intensive breeding,
    if there is no reduction
    mass use of antibiotics …

    In 2016, 800 TONS …
    antibiotics used in Germany …
    Uses of reserve antibiotics like
    Colistine on farms (82 TONNES in 2016 …)
    Yet, WHO has classified Colistine
    in the list of medicines
    ESSENTIALS … to Man …

    Analyzes have shown that …
    20% .. meat
    from supermarkets and
    German discounters
    contain multidrug-resistant bacteria …

    Nitrate levels in drinking water
    fixed by Brussels: not more than 10 mg / liter
    In the breeding areas
    in Germany: there are 50, 70, … 80 mg / liter !!!!
    => Procedure against Germany, … not completed …
    Fine payments
    several hundred thousand euros a day …
    Paid by German taxpayers …
    not by polluting breeders …

  97. Muhammad Iqbal says:

    Baru tau kalo indonesia ada peternakan wagyu. Kalo wagyu yg biasa di jakarta import apa produksi lokal yaa

  98. deni swv says:

    pak gmn cara beli pedetan sapi nya ? bisa minta CP nya

  99. syed taraque mahmood says:

    wish i could work here…..

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