The Bulldozer – Machine Adventures for Kids

Today’s machine adventure is all about
the bulldozer. Hi I’m Ben and I’m Riley. Last weekend I practiced driving the
bulldozer. Bulldozers have two tracks and a blade on the front this bulldozer. This dozer is operated with two handles. Tracks have cleats on them they grip to
the ground when they’re pushing dirt. The handle on my left makes the bulldozer go forward or backward. The handle on my right has buttons on it
to turn the blade side to side. When I turn it to the side and it rotates the blade. This is the first lump of dirt I pushed. Now it’s my brother’s turn to practice. Bulldozers can grade dirt forward and
backward. This dozer weighs 8.2 tons. That’s 16,402 pounds. That’s as much as 1.26 African Bush Elephants. Welp, time to put the bulldozer away. Join us next time when we build a
retaining wall for our pile of stones. Thanks for watching!

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