The Champions: Season 3, Episode 1

What happens when 800 of the world’s most elite footballers… and their managers live together under one roof? Players stop being polite… and start getting Re-al. This is… The Champions. And for my next trick, I will make myself reappear as a relevant player! Now that the transfer window is over, I could spend more time pursuing my hobbies. Ya know, like playing football! Hi, this is me, Christian Eriksen! I love to play football for Tottenham Hotspur, I’m so happy! Ah, no. Hello. Watch out Champions League, it’s time for Atlanta to rock your world. Uh, it’s Atalanta. Ah, s–t. So, today is arrival day, and I’m really excited to be in the Champions League mansion with a club that actually has a chance to make it out of the group stage. Jow! Oh, sorry, I didn’t see you… you must have been in my shadow. Uh…what are you talking about? Joao, listen, I know that you feel a lot of pressure; because to be compared to me, this must be very hard. I don’t…I really haven’t thought about it. Shhhh, baby, baby, shhh, it’s OK, it’s OK. You just be the best Joao Felix that you can be… because there will never be anyone who can match my skills or my amount of troph- -my good looks. Here…I want you to take this. It is trophy from something I don’t remember. Whoa, the Nations League cup. Aw, man. I don’t deserve this. I think it should go to our best player. Ah, thank you, but, you know, I already have too many trophies. Oh, no, I meant Bernardo. And here is the kitchen. Whoa. So, I decided to take Luka Jovic under my wing. I even let him into my elite society: ‘LUKAS OF REAL MADRID.’ OK, so, this is the Pirlo wine dispenser if you want wine. This is, uh, Maradona flour dispenser if you like to bake or something. What does this one do? Oh, that’s the Ballon d’Or. It’s supposed to make people care about you, but it does not seem to work. Here we are, lads! Looks like we’re taking over the Man United room. I think I found Fellaini’s old hair. I think I found Alexis Sanchez. Guten tag! Any of you Englanders want some schweinekrusten? Germany definitely changed me. But now, I’m in the Premier League, So, I’m trying to make an effort to understand British culture, innit? So what the heck is up with this Brexit thing? Christian. Stop talking. Listen, Gabriel, I swear- I’m going to find a way to get you more involved. You are just too talented- Ah, Jurgen, my worthy German rival. Pep, my classy Catalan competitor. Champions League trophy…very nice. Premier League trophy…very nice. My doctor says whenever I get a trophy craving I should just put in a commemorative DVD to remind me that it’s really about the journey, not the destination so much. It was a good run at Ajax, but I’m very excited to join Juventus because, well, mainly they’re paying me a lot of money. Hey, Giorgio! My brother! So excited to be on the squad. What’s up? New transfers. Over there. I like it. I see so much new blood. My children, are you willing to serve to sacrifice for the Old Lady? Very good. For she needs the fresh, new blood to stay strong…to stay young. To be… JUVENTUS. Wait…aren’t vampires supposed to like…not be in the sun? Vampire? Oh, I’m not a vampire. No, he just drains the life from everyone who plays with him. Hit the “subscribe” button to support our show, Hit the “subscribe” button to support our show, and get notified about new episodes. That way you can be addicted to our videos And not to… Cigarettes.

100 comments on “The Champions: Season 3, Episode 1”

  1. Juank says:

    Spanish subs please ;(

  2. Sylvinsky Laplante says:

    Bruh! That’s was too funny. 😂

  3. Mark Halloran says:

    Shame the voices are shit

  4. Abdo ABR says:

    We need Zlatan Ibrahimovic 😁😁😁

  5. V3TTELFanboY_5 says:

    The best LUKA of Real is definetly Luka Doncic

  6. Chinonyerem Okeke says:

    I love this episode!

  7. Thekla M says:

    Awesome we need longer episodes

  8. Aarif Barawie says:

    Character development!

  9. TheSoulEater121 says:

    0:32 It's ATALANTA BEGAMO!

  10. Thendo Lukhwareni says:

    Great work B`R

  11. Little big Gamer says:


  12. Lucas Gabo says:


  13. Spark 42s says:

    Cristiano:oh sorry you must have been in my shadow
    joa felix:am I a joke to you

  14. Azzam Ail says:

    Name of musci 00:41

  15. That one guy says:

    I used to hate this series but its really grown on me. Quality stuff lads

  16. Wacho Paredez says:

    Pongan los subtitulos en español porfavor🙂

  17. Kauan Ramos says:

    Subtitles in portuguese!

  18. Jatin Ramchandani says:


  19. Dvo says:

    1:43 tommy wiseau

  20. Ariel Roger Yucra Rocha says:


  21. Parthesh Gmail says:

    Ronaldo is God of football.

  22. Cwaga Doodle says:

    He Said You must of been in my shadow like he was “in his shadow” where he was way worse

  23. Prof Gamer says:

    1:49 Messi with 6 Balon D'Or trophies, nice foresight 👍

  24. George Plays Roblox says:

    what song is at the start see 10 jets ???????

  25. shashank gupta says:

    Rewatching this the 20th time. Anyone beat me ?

  26. andres olivera says:

    Sub in Espanish plisssss

  27. Alexinho says:

    Hmm, The Champions, very nice! Best conversation yet

  28. Iota Omicron says:

    What about Luca Zidane

  29. jack Lander says:

    0:45 ,is GOTZE??

  30. Godwin Shaba says:

    @brfootball what's the name of the song idk "Money on my mind" ??

  31. Alan Torrez says:

    Sub spanish plis!!

  32. Randall Tabayoyong says:

    First Ronaldo brought a Mario costume and says its traditional clothing in season 1…….

    Now its Christian Pulisic using a guards hat from the U.K.

  33. Renzo Garcia says:

    Sub español please

  34. Fanty Bmx says:

    Subtítulos !!!!!!!!

  35. Pratush Roy says:

    Much better than 442oons, 442oons has become so cocky these days!!

  36. introdash says:

    Sub spanish plis

  37. sean lawrance says:

    Who they only show the champion league cup and premiere league cup that cool and all but what bout Chelsea and the Europa league cup

  38. Jose cuervo says:

    Min 2:33 MARAKOKA

  39. johno says:

    “Here is, err, kitchen.”

  40. Hosam Hija says:

    "Biohazard" the two hazards brothers appear xd

  41. Ankit Roy says:

    Nice music

  42. el vacilon says:


  43. FAITH NTULI says:


  44. Paul A.R Fresh says:

    Subtitles un spanish please🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽🇲🇽

  45. xuanbao Xb2103 says:


  46. Mahima Miah says:

    Who was that with klopp? Brewster?

  47. Spedbboi says:

    Who else noticed Pellegrini with Sterling at 3:15 ?

  48. KILLA K says:

    Maradona cocaine reference 😂

  49. Niklas Geiger says:

    What name is the track by the arriving of the players?

  50. Sarah Taborda says:


  51. david rr says:

    Subtítulos españooooool

  52. Gor dão says:

    Please,subs in portugese

  53. Ke pasa Ke pasa says:

    Sub spanish!!!!!!

  54. Gabriel Assis says:

    Volta com as legendas em português.( Back with portuguese subtitles, ples )

  55. Nani Hemdan says:

    Hahahahaha pulisic and lampard on titanic 😂

  56. Matthew Sanders says:

    2:24 The logo on the bottle of "CHARDONNEYMAR" is a flopping fish.

  57. sue says:

    0:40 name of the song?????!!!! please

  58. Ben Kaja says:

    I just love B/R🔥🔥🔥🔥

  59. Murilo Machado says:

    Cadê a legenda em português?

  60. android guru says:

    1:47 brilliant man 😂😂

  61. Caprisunman13 says:

    – Luka Jovic 2019

  62. Um pouco de tudo says:

    Portuguese subtitles in all episodes please

  63. JuanMG says:

    Tambien pudiesen tener mas vistas si traducen los videos español

  64. Denwels says:

    no one:
    absolutely no one:
    ronaldo: "shhhh baby baby shhhhhh"

  65. jansen alva says:

    El dispensador de "harina" de Maradona…jajaja

  66. Rodrigo Torres says:

    The level of hate towards CR7 in those videos.. LOL…

  67. Paulo Correa says:

    Nunca mais legenda em portugues

  68. MR 10 says:


  69. Romain says:

    "Propriété de la ligue des paysans?" Mais allez vous faire mettre 😁

  70. Carlos R says:

    When Brad Guzan appeared, I literally died. LMAOO

  71. Edismar junior says:



    Maradona huahauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauhauahuahuahua

  73. klau:3 Acevedo says:

    Una cara de bebé tiene De Ligt xdxd, estaria mejor que duren un poco más los vídeos :'3

  74. Nikesh Rayamajhi says:

    Best thing on the internet, wish they could upload more often, and I didn't got notification 🔔

  75. Mohamad Anuar Baahrim says:

    3:56 yes it was A LOT OF MONEY

  76. Wallace Nyarigoti says:

    Pls give me a ps4

  77. Felipe Vieira says:

    E a legenda em Português?

  78. Nigel Tafadzwa Mainja says:


  79. Anderson Venceslau says:

    Cade a legenda em português ???

  80. Dary Hilmy says:

    Alexis 2:53 😅😅😅

  81. Evan Briatico says:

    Ah I didn’t see you there you must be in my shadow😏😏😏

  82. Gleydson Batista says:

    É as legendas em portugues ?

  83. Lucas Villacorta says:

    Necesito los subtítulos en español :"c

  84. Sirius 180 says:

    3:31 Guardiola in his tenure at bayern have a long stare at Audi cup like he was possessed, german media talks about it a lot

  85. Akash Chauhan says:

    2:40 😂 that deep

  86. Frank-Wayne Alberto says:

    "My amount of tro…."

  87. Gabino Ponce says:

    where are the subtitles?

  88. Alexandre Cpc says:

    Legenda em português?

  89. rohullah khan says:

    more videos plz

  90. Jesús Porto says:

    You could put Spanish subtitles please

  91. Ramdina Hmar says:

    anyone know what's the song played at 0.45

  92. Claude ONANA says:

    Someone knows the song playing in background in the beginning, when players arrive at the mansion?

  93. sue says:

    0:40 name of the song??!!!!

  94. Louis Rodas says:

    That last part tho why is it so true

  95. Matheus aRaujo says:

    Tmnc abilita legenda em português

  96. Mridul Sharma says:

    4:44, 🤣🤣🤣

  97. Emad Ali says:

    Name of song at the end

  98. Pedro Silva says:

    What is the song in the begining after the intro?

  99. Ankit Barai says:

    1:48 Lol 😀 my amount of trophies

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