The farms of the future

In the next 35 years, we’ll have to produce
more food than the all of the world’s production combined over the last 2000 years. So what
will the farms of the future look like? Well, they’re unlikely to look like this
just yet! But many of these sci-fi-looking elements are already on the way.
Take automation. These concept robots can autonomously scout, sense and treat invasive
pests and pathogens with micro amounts of herbicide or pesticide, vastly reducing the
costs and environmental impacts associated with these chemicals. This is known as ‘precision
farming’ and see here how the lasers on this tractor can detect the presence of weeds
to only treat affected areas. This is the ‘ladybird’ rover, a working
solar-powered prototype that conducts autonomous farm surveillance, mapping and weed detection.
Drones are also tipped to play a big role in farms of the future, like this Octocopter
at Rothamsted Research. This BBSRC-funded demonstrator technology could help the farmers
of the future measure growth and biomass, and detect stresses to crops from pathogens
or lack of nutrients or water. Other researchers are already using them for surveillance, sowing
seeds or even to find or herd farm animals as you can see here.

6 comments on “The farms of the future”

  1. Danny Rosenberg says:

    we could just reduce our meat/dairy consumption? just a thought

  2. Sam Pan says:

    I will not doubt this will happen in 35 years, but I am wondering that if all the job will be done by machines automaticly, what we human being do in future? More and more people will lose job, and hard to survive I guess.

  3. THE SPIDERHUNTER1126 says:

    ok so in 10-big number of years we are going to need to feed 8-11 bil people three meals a day, so how will we mass produce this technology to make it lower cost for farmers?

  4. Gaurav Deora says:

    You need to watch this

  5. Sweet Tee says:

    How awesome!

  6. Piet Lombard says:

    H,i Farm of the future is going back to the roots, SOIL, WATER, ENERGY and People. Permaculture the one only way to go.

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