The Legendary Ventrac 4500 Tractor

This Ventrac is awesome I mean it is so
impressive it’s been a big game changer for me. My
Ventrac is a year-long source of income for me and there are no down days. I’ve
been buying machines now for over 27 years. Honestly one of the best pieces of
kit I’ve bought. I would recommend that machine to anybody. This is the 4500 tractor. At its core the 4500 is a compact tractor but it’s very different than what most
people are used to seeing and that’s a great thing. The purpose of any tractor
is to perform tasks more efficiently and with better results than hand labor
alone. The Ventrac 4500 plays on these advantages but then takes it to the next
level. When coupled with the extensive line of Ventrac attachments this tractor
is a great machine for a variety of different professional users Ventrac versatility that works the biggest advantage of the Ventrac
4500 is not even something you can see it’s something you don’t realize until
you operate the tractor and that’s the Flex Frame. The 4500 is essentially two
separate parts a front half and a back half and those parts are connected in
the middle at a joint that articulates and oscillates. This results in massive
advantages like more consistent traction lower turf disturbance and better
operator comfort. It also gives the operator the feeling of having a machine
that can crawl over terrain no matter how it changes providing more stability
and more capability to work on surfaces that aren’t perfectly flat The 4,500 operates on a modular concept
and allows users to outfit the tractor exactly as they need to to be perfectly
suited for them. With dual wheels installed the 4500 is capable of
operating in any direction on 30 degree hills. This is obviously significant
because most other commercial equipment is rated for 10 or 15 degrees or is not
rated at all. But that’s not the only reason to have duals on a ventrac the
dual wheels also allow the tractor to get into and operate in wet areas that
are so saturated they can even be hard to walk on. This is a result of the ultra
low ground pressure the wide stance all-wheel drive and the Flex frame which
provides consistent traction. As most professional groundskeepers know the
ability to operate on wet terrain will allow them to use this machine more often and
sooner after a storm. Where other equipment is sitting in the barn It’s a fairly common opinion that a
machine that does a lot of different tasks can’t do any of them all that well
and that’s the defining characteristic that makes the Ventrac 4500 different
Ventrac versatility that works. No matter what task the Ventrac is accomplishing
it does it to the highest level of quality and efficiency.
Our attachment lineup includes pieces for material handling a wide variety of
mowing decks debris cleanup and snow removal and even some specialty
attachments that no other manufacturers make Nearly all of our attachments mount
to the front of the machine which results in better performance and a
better operator experience. We also stand by the idea that all of our attachments
go on and off the 4500 very quickly and don’t need any tools to do it. With most
attachments an experienced operator can even do this process in less than a
minute. We also get consistent feedback from our customers voicing their
appreciation that our attachments are built to the same commercial standard
that the tractor is. You don’t always get that from every manufacturer. The bottom
line is this you won’t find another tractor in the world that can run a reel
mower on a golf course fairway with undulating terrain and leave a perfect
finish and then immediately after switch to a trencher and install an irrigation
line all without damaging the turf and do it faster and better than a skid
loader The Ventrac is good at a lot of things
but it’s truly the best mowing machine that you can buy. The Ventrac 4500 can
operate finish mowers on normal properties. It can also operate a contour
or a reel mower on a golf course. Then you can take that same tractor and put a
tough cut deck on to go tackle taller grasses or brush and you can even attach
a boom mower to take care of areas where the Ventrac can’t even get into When using the Ventrac 4500 for snow
removal the versatility and modular design come back into play.
Installing a heated cab on the machine keeps the operator comfortable and
productive. With the versatility of all the attachments and accessories that we
offer this machine can handle any type of winter event. We have powered brooms
and a drop spreader available to deal with the first part of the storm or zero
tolerance accounts and we also have straight and v blades and a snow blower
to take care of even the deepest snowfalls. And because of the size and
maneuverability of the tractor you can work in tighter areas and eliminate the
need for teams of people with handheld equipment. Ventrac is made in the USA and to us
that’s an all-encompassing approach. The tractor and all of the attachments are
designed here by the same engineering team who work together it’s assembled
here in Ohio and the rest of our company also operates with the same local
influence. You can call up our sales or service department if you have questions
and you can talk to a human being at our facility. We pride ourselves in being
accessible to our customers and offering great products and even better service
That’s Ventrac and that’s a 4,500 When it comes down to it there’s nothing
left to say. The performance, the quality and everything else about the Ventrac
4500 and it’s attachments speak for themselves. To get the full experience you’ll want to demo a 4500 on your own property. So
to find a dealer near you or to answer any other questions you might have
visit our website at

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  1. Rutledge lawncare says:

    I wish I had enough money to buy one

  2. Stephen Zawatski says:

    Da best🚜 in the world

  3. Cerberus says:

    You mention "Ultra Low Ground Pressure," Is that Spec broken down on the Site somewhere? That particular spec is a Real selling point to someone I know.

  4. Justin McClure says:

    I need one of these in my life.

  5. George S says:

    I saw my first Ventrac in real life. It was being used to cut the grass around an overpass abutment on the end of the Mass. Pike in western Massachusetts. It was stuck to a stunningly steeply angled area like a tick on a dog. It was nimbly and quickly taking care of this troublesome area better than 2 guys with handheld power trimmers could do it. Very impressive.

  6. Felix From Nebraska says:

    I wish I had a big enough property so I could buy one. Please design and build a smaller unit for the 1/3 to 1/2 acre property.

    Love Ventrac……….

  7. Sean Bressie says:

    THIS VIDEO ROCKS! You folks are having too much fun.

  8. Brian Buescher says:

    This thing IS my bucket list!!!

  9. Random Acts of Video says:

    I wish there was a liquid sprayer available, preferably rear mounted.

  10. spliceon charlie says:

    Still waiting on Santa to bring me one of these awesome machines..

  11. Noel Cahill says:

    This needs a front pto not belt drive

  12. Dale Nienow says:

    Great video Ventrac, I highly recommend a Ventrac to anyone best machine I worked!

  13. Jerry Allen says:

    Contacted a local dealership that needs to access their dealership partners in Oklahoma for a possible demo for a major municipality in our area. Cant wait to see if the hype is true to form and function.

  14. Lawn Equipment Videos says:


  15. charlie Johnson says:

    I would literally do almost anything just to mow a single yard on this

  16. BRian R says:


  17. Josh Harris says:

    I would give my left nut for one

  18. Green Splatter says:

    7:04 in this clip you will see $150,000+attachments

  19. Billy Highfill says:

    I work in lawn care. And i can tell u that this would be a game changer. We run exmarks 60in 0 turn, and also 48in ride behinds. We get stuck and encounter terrain we cannot mow often. This would mitigate trimming and other cumbersome lawn chores! Well done ventrac.

  20. Rex Blackledge says:

    I want one so bad

  21. L-A Vlogs says:

    By the time I pay for all my attachments and the tractor I could of bought my self q house this is way to much money and the attachments dont look like they can be stored easily

  22. Zebra says:

    I want one so freaking bad.

  23. King long Draw says:

    What hp are they?

  24. gamer farms says:

    I like the idea but I think I like skid loaders better for MOST of those jobs

  25. Tim says:





    Precio price

  28. Mining Master L870c says:

    this is probably one of the best vids yall have made yet

  29. atvkid0805 says:

    Let me guess $35k lmfao

  30. kendal says:

    You should make a large commercial tractor for small 30 acre to mid farms at 150 acre

  31. zach baugh says:

    That is one bad a** commercial!

  32. Jan Erik Weijnblad says:


  33. Jeffrey Sasquatch says:

    As soon as I win the Lottery, I'll have one!

  34. BadRobot says:

    It is a great machine. However, the design is too boxy, like from a third world.

  35. Daniel Bill says:

    If you operate on wet terain you just gonna ruin the lawn

  36. San Jose says:

    Impressive stuff 🍺😎

  37. San Jose says:

    Who's John dear?

  38. spirit says:

    Best little machine in the industry.

  39. Jimmy Liu says:

    Can somebody tell me how much this beauty would cost?

  40. Jeffrey Sasquatch says:


  41. Ron Thompson says:

    This is by far and away my favorite video from Ventrac to date! Great job guys!!! Keep 'em coming! And on a side note, this IS the best machine out there, bar none! NOOOObody builds them like Ventrac!!!!!

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