The Spedo Potato Digger for the BCS Tractor

hi I’m Mike and I’m Erin and this is a
potato quite possibly the most underrated veggie out there today we
take a look at this total tubular tuber and get a chance to try out our
brand-new implement for the BCS two-wheeled tractor it’s all coming up
on our wyoming life the lowly potato a source of tons of
essential vitamins and nutrition nutrients and elements like manganese
along with antioxidants potatoes are the the perfect food for you you could eat
them for the rest of your life and never have any deficiencies I mean I don’t
really know that you could even the rest your life if you could you didn’t need
ketchup there was a man in Australia named Andrew Taylor and he nothing but
potatoes for an entire year surprisingly his blood sugar actually improved he
slept better and somehow he managed to lose 116 pounds that’s really crazy
considering all the low carb diets out there that don’t allow you to ki
actually sells a potato you can learn more on the website us bud fit come the
best part is if you want a potato and if you want the best a potato can offer you
can slice them you can dice them you can fry them you can bake them you can boil
them you can broil them it’s really hard to screw up a potato and you’ve been
growing potatoes out here on the ranch for the past few years they’re pretty
easy to grow aren’t they yeah I mean I’ve grown them for several years and
and yeah they’re pretty they’re pretty easy to grow you grow them from seed
potatoes you plant them really early in the spring and your seed potatoes are
actually bred to be disease-free and to give the the healthiest plants that you
can in fact there’s only 15 states in the country where seed potatoes are
actually produced and they’re picked for their cold winters that helps kill all
the pests and diseases that potatoes are really knowing about for the potatoes
actually grow underneath the soil and they have these really tall bushy
branches that grow above the ground and they get flowers and after the flowers
bloom in a few weeks you have baby new potatoes I actually read somewhere that
the the flowers are poisonous you know the same way that is they’re in the same
nightshade family as Tomatoes yeah don’t eat the flowers or the potatoes I
don’t think did you know that the average American does eat though 126
pounds of potatoes per year Lincoln can knock that out
every week by Tuesday and did you also know that I’ve what a potato’s favorite
horror movie is silence of the gams that’s not true stick around to the end
of the video for a whole new a whole bunch more potato facts and maybe a few
more spud tacular puns but we do have some work today to do today we’re gonna
get out we’re gonna go start harvesting potatoes in the big garden with the help
of VCs tractors and speto I think that’s how you pronounce this spreader or
speedo it’s not steer too easy speedo but every time I try to search for
sparrow I get speedos it’s an Italian company that produces a potato harvester
that attaches to the BCS and hopefully makes this whole process a little bit
easier you’ve been trying to get a potato bigger from BCS for quite a while
yeah I mean I just want a potato digger of some form and VCs was great wonderful
enough that they had a used one that they were that was headed across the US
they we asked if we could borrow it and they we wanted to do some testing with
it in our soil and they diverted shipping towards us and we get to try it
out so thank you bcs but first we got a yeah we kind of get it hooked up the bcs
is a two-wheeled tractor that we have had here on the ranch for the last
couple of years I use it for tilling mowing creating raised beds and more it
has really been a great addition to the ranch and I don’t know what I did before
I had it the speto potato digger is still on the pallet it came on from
shipping and once we have it loose then it’s time to put it on the tractor attaching a new implement to the BCS is
always a learning experience each one has a bit of a trick to it but once you
figure out the app it made this thing’s appears to be a little bit finicky but
once we get everything lined up you can start attaching the PTL one thing that
does bug me with some equipment is the threaded adjustment screws I get the
reason behind them but you know there used to change the angle and the depth
of the blade but what I don’t understand is why manufacturers insist on painting
them a little masking tape book could go a long way and maybe even save them some
paint cause to which we just grind off anyway but with the adjustments made
it’s time to head out and give this thing a go first Oh
we’ll give it a low rpm test run just to see what the shaking portion of the TCO
will do here’s how this thing works it digs down into the soil hopefully under
the potatoes down in the ground lifting that the table is up sifting the soil
away and leaving the spuds on top of the ground ready to be picked up if it
doesn’t stir me up like that paint can’t shaker before we go normally we dig potatoes by hand that’s
how I’ve done it for years so getting underneath all of the
potatoes with a shovel and popping them up to the surface and picking them up as
I go we have about a hundred and eighty feet of potatoes to dig so we should
have about a hundred and eighty plants each plant can produce between five and
ten potatoes on the low side that’s almost a thousand potatoes if the
average potato is about five ounces then that should be around 300 pounds of
potatoes that’s not something that I want to dig by hand so I really hope
that this potato digger works here we go to start with I have it set at a depth
that I hope will dig underneath all the potatoes in the ground but the BCS just doesn’t have the snort
to pull the digger through the dirt a little adjustment and here we can go
again this time it cutting through the ground
exactly how it’s supposed to and potatoes are coming up on the rock and
then lay on top of the soil but it is a bit hard to control and I can only
compare it to trying to hold on to a slippery button at the baby that just
wants to run through the house in all his glory but eventually I do get
through a rope and we can take a look back our original thought was that I would
run the potato digger in the video but that’s just not gonna happen but I can
look at the aftermath with having to set the depth higher and then I would have
liked to we have cut a lot of potatoes in half
but other than that the potato digger does what its name implies it digs
potatoes it also slices potatoes and it gives
your husband brain damage but that just might have been a pre-existing condition
the way we currently plant potatoes the potato digger doesn’t work great for us
if we’d held them which I’ve done in previous years but didn’t get to this
year then we would be able to drive over the hills with the digger and that might
work better it would allow the digger to only dig into the hill and not into the
rest of the soil with a price tag of almost $2,700 for us it’s not economical
either especially when I only sell potatoes for $2 a pound however you
plant a lot of potatoes and you harvest a lot of potatoes and you Hill your
potatoes in the long run the time that it saves you will definitely make up for
the cost it only take a few minutes to dig almost 180 feet of potatoes a
project that would have taken me pretty much all day with a shovel and after
picking up what we have dug so far it might be worth another pass to try and
dig up some more of the potatoes but that can wait a while at least until
my eyeballs you’re done for the day yeah overall running it you know it might
actually take a bigger machine than we have I guess that would let you you know
dig in a little bit deeper and pull it through and it might actually take out
some of the vibration a little more horsepower might help the situation but
as far as it was it might have been just a little bit too much of the pole I mean
it did do what it said it would do it dug potatoes and now I can take the
potatoes over to farm store to sell them to our customers it’s true that the
potato is the perfect vegetable and I will give you all the proof you need no
kid anywhere will ever want to play with a mr. broccoli head mr. Potato Head
rules of roast and for good reason be sure to subscribe we have lots more on
the way it’s fall that means we’ll be fray check and soon working cows and
calves and bringing you more from Aaron’s winter growing in the high
tunnels what do you have going on in there right now a lot of grass but I’ve
got winter crops like spinach and lettuces turnips Colorado beets carrots
it’s full it’s also full of grass I do believe though that I promised you some
more potato facts and a few more potato puns
good luck with that here we go so I knew a girl once who owned three
french fry factories I was impressed but to her it was just small potatoes okay
how about this one what do you call a potato at a football
game a spectator and another all right what do you get when it rains potatoes
sputters what do you call a lot of people somebody who spends a lot of time
staring at potatoes well that’s a meditator come on guys this thing
working hey hey hey don’t turn me off these things jokes are very appealing
get it appealing you

100 comments on “The Spedo Potato Digger for the BCS Tractor”

  1. LeClair Ranch says:

    You guys mite look in in the classifieds sometimes they have old potato diggers on there that you mite be able to pull with your little international tractor i think that is what it is any. I hope you guys have had a least a better summer then last. I havenโ€™t got to watch in while so Iโ€™m behind

  2. Sandy Oklahomatransient says:

    The attachment (I'll call it the potatoe harvester) appears to give you a major workout to run. More so than when using an actual hand pushed tiller.

  3. Charles L. Scofield Jr. says:

    I wonder if the paint on the digging blade was creating too much resistance and that was why you had to raise the depth? Was there any improvement on the second pass? Can potatoes be grown in the high tunnels? I've noticed the soil seems to be softer in there.

  4. Zeke McHenry says:

    I really enjoyed this video well done! i make homemade hash browns with russets every morning and red taters at night i love them! and yeah Mr.potato rocks! thanks for sharing -Zeke

  5. Fiona C says:

    Do you have wheel weights for your BCS? It helps a lot with traction. We used an old set of barbell weights on our two wheel tractor.(A Grillo G110)
    This was a tateriffic video๐Ÿ‘

  6. Gene Murphy says:

    Erin Iโ€™m disappointed you didnโ€™t argue for the tomato being the best/perfect vegetable although the argument about them being vegetable is still ongoing
    Nothing like big slice of potato on potato bread

    Thanx from the left coast near the Krapitol of California

    Hook one of the gators in front for extra pull although I bet if you set up the dirt as you talked about itโ€™ll probably work

  7. aus71383 says:

    An e in Italian is pronounced the same as an e in Spanish – it's said like an A, or "ayh" – which means the machine is named "Spade-O" – funny that it's such an English digging tool name, just spelled in Italian.

  8. Rysbee123 says:

    Potatoโ€™s are the best keep growing and farm also keep the good work up

  9. Grant D Travels says:

    Couldn't you jury rig a basket to catch the potatoes out the back?

  10. Grant D Travels says:

    Hitch hiking on the ranch ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  11. Frimmbits says:

    I could live on mashed potatoes and steak all my life.
    Potato is the most versatile food nowadays.

  12. Fz_MaKo says:

    My name is Lincoln!

  13. stefan vanlierde says:

    As you said… always hilling the potatoes. I am sure the digger would do his job much better….. greets from Belgium.

  14. MrMamanDon says:

    Its giving you quite a good shake, which I suppose if not bad won't be good for you too. Still, it's cool and looks like an alien machine.

  15. Considine's Farm says:

    Why not get a potato digger for a small tractor.

  16. Gary Maris says:

    Another great one! Thanks, "Very spudtakular"! Weak Oregon humor

  17. James O Hara says:

    In Ireland we call it the " Humble Spud "

  18. Susan Chamblee says:

    Well all you had to say is it was Italian made and I knew we were off for some fun…!! LOL

  19. Earl Sebastian says:

    Mike may I recomend something for next year when you do plant taters.
    Yes I am from the south we call them taters.
    I see you got a side by side get a plow that is.
    Pulled by a horse or a mule hook it to your side by side.
    To dig the taters.
    Or if you have a small tractor hook a plow to it to dig the taters.
    Both methods will work and its easier there is no shaking.
    Like the one in this video.

  20. Gordy House says:

    Need a small tractor to pull the digger.

  21. Marsha Mauersberger says:

    I bet you had fun with this video. Lol

  22. smitty91 says:

    We always lay down a strip of hay amd plant plant the potatoe in the hay above the soil when it comes to harvest just pull the plant and the potatoes come up works slick

  23. William J. Stilianessis says:

    Hi Mike and Erin, I was interested to see if the implement would work or make things more difficult. Just watching Mike try to wrangle that beast was enough to say no thanks. Now, on a possibly brighter note. I've been doing taters for a few years now and used to dig by hand, like you all. A friend of mine who farms educated me in planting the seed potatoes in straw rather than soil. I'm going like, "oh sure this will work, not" but I was found to be wrong. (My wife loves hearing that) I prepare the soil just as I would if planting but instead of burying seed, I just spread them on top and then cover the whole lot with straw. I lay a few pieces of old lumber across the lane to keep the straw from blowing away, a concern of yours I am sure. Soon enough you'll see the shoots coming up and the potatoes look beautiful in the end. Harvest is simply a matter of raking the straw off the top and picking up the potatoes. Occasionally I have some runners that went deep and I dig, but most of the harvest is right on top. Afterwards, I till the straw back in and leave it for winter. This lightens the soil and composts a bit as well. I was cautioned, do NOT use hay as there will be far too many weed seeds and the like in it. Straw is the way to go and I'll be doing that from now on. If you get the chance to give this a try I wish you all the best. Farming/Ranching is hard enough without adding to the cause.
    I forgot to say, make the straw about four inches deep.

  24. Patrick Smith says:

    Thank you for the technical info on potatoes and machinery and views of the gardens. Great stuff. Please don't give up the day job though. ๐Ÿ™‚

  25. Tattooed Lineman says:

    Man my kids hammer potatoes….. And ranch dressing ๐Ÿ˜

  26. cmeist1 says:


  27. Rodney Wroten says:

    Mike may I suggest cutting the tops off the plant or mowing them before. the potato digger they would come out a lot cleaner

  28. Wran Ther says:

    That is an interesting attempt at a down sized potato digger Erin! I wonder why Deere or Case havent figured out something down scaled for the smaller tractor family? But I do have a suggestion Erin. Maybe Mike could duct tape his mike along side of a garden hoe and hill away his peel off the internet jokes next season? But seriously, even if the rows are well hilled, would the rows be narrow enough for the wheel spread of your BCS? -Bob…

  29. snapstring says:

    ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ˜‚. I was sure at the end; I would see a shepherds crook reach on the stage and pull you off the screen. ๐Ÿ‘

  30. Linda Jarrett says:

    Erin and mike I watched this last night and I think its a waste of time, just dig them up by hand. Thank you for sharing this video with us.

  31. Judy Biamonte says:

    Too Funny LOL

  32. Valentus SlimROAST says:

    $2.00/lb!!!! holy smokes …that's more than twice what they should be as that's more than twice what we can sell 'em for here

  33. matt phillips says:

    you may also look at everything attachment they may have one that may work on the jd 445 or 455 you have

  34. Rod K. says:

    Have you been drinking? You sound ……… Smashed Uffa…..

  35. Cliff Anders says:

    Good job joke suck but keep trying Mike

  36. luckyno888 says:

    Corny potatoe jokes. Love it.

  37. Whole Circle Homesteaders says:

    Try using a mid point plow to dig potatoes. It hooks up to tractor and way less shaking.

  38. Jugoslav Stojanovik says:

    The Prussian king introduced the potato first in Europe. The potato is very nutritious and long-lasting, ideal for his army. In the beginning, the farmers had regarded the plant as a fruit and not the potato in the soil.
    What do the little track gates/Traktor cost to mow the grass? On these small track gates you could attach the potato plowman.

    Then you could sit comfortable and the potato tool can deeper into the earth, work more effectively.
    Here in Germany, the cities have small racial mowers where the workers sit on top of them. They mow the grass like a go kart.
    Even private person have such a Driver-Traktor for cutting the grass at home. I don't know how much they cost . They have more PS ( Horse Power) and can easy handle the potato-Tool ( Potato Digger )

  39. D P says:

    Yes! Potatoes are very healthy. I'm so glad you covered this. There is a nutritional therapy that has helped thousands of people recover from cancer and other autoimmune diseases that uses potatoes in their therapy. The Gerson therapy! Keep warm out there. โ˜บ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  40. Thomas Desmond says:

    Erin I don't recommend picking up hitchhikers. That one looked crazy. Lol God bless

  41. Jugoslav Stojanovik says:

    Here a Link from them , but is in German . You can use Google Translate .

  42. Jugoslav Stojanovik says:

    Rasentraktor Testsieger: John Deere X 300 R (sehr gut, 1,4) ( means the winner )

  43. Jugoslav Stojanovik says:

  44. Jugoslav Stojanovik says:

  45. Jugoslav Stojanovik says:

  46. Kitty Kat says:

    Looks to be more trouble than it's worth.๐Ÿ™‹

  47. Brigham Egbert says:

    Come to idaho we have a trillion potatoes!!

  48. Economan says:

    Maybe need to add some ballast on the front of that machine. Maybe a short ton. Haha.

  49. Astrid Belsaas says:

    If you cut the potatogras first, i think you will do better ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Rob Bell says:

    A single bottom plow (see 'middle buster') works great for digging potatoes. Pull it behind your utility or garden tractor. You don't end up with hardly any cut potatoes with that. Check out other YT videos of them in action. And WAAAAAAAY cheaper than this attachment too.

  51. Robert Black1911 says:

    That was spudtacular.

  52. MrVailtown says:

    Depending on the year ,as a teen, we dug 54-68 bushels by Hand to sell thru the winter .
    At 55# a bushel, well you do the math

  53. Simon Bailey says:

    It might have worked better if you would have cut the tops of the potatoes off the vine part on top of the ground

  54. a watchman on a wall says:

    some wheel weights would help

  55. Johnathan Rudd says:

    Love your family content it shows how working together can be fun

  56. Joanne Ganon says:

    You don't know until you try๐Ÿ‘Ž.
    Nice leg hanging Mike๐Ÿ˜ฑ
    Jo Jo in VT ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ˜Š๐ŸŽƒ

  57. Reicher Reinhardt Von kesselring says:

    Holy cow!!!! It's the lady with the white rabbit tattoo from the matrix.

  58. carlosmante says:

    I know a guy that his diet is like a 90% potatoes and he is healthy.

  59. Paul Shakespeare says:

    Has mike got any blood back in his arms .

  60. Tyler Gray says:

    Can't beat a middle buster plow then a potato pitch fork. Not only the easiest but also the cheapest way.

  61. Mike Bonge says:

    glad you got to try first

  62. Vincent Esposito says:

    I have great luck with a simple 3 pt potato plow on the tractor. I got it from Tractor Supply (not a big fan). I use it to make a "trough" to plant in, and to harvest the potatoes. Looks like it would damage the potatoes, but it never does. The potatoes literally fly out of the ground. You should check it out if the budget permits. I also use it to plow my gardens in prep for discing and tilling (a bottom plow is not in my budget). I would not be without one.

  63. Sandy says:

    That thing looks fit to rattle the brains right out of your ears. Funny enough, taters are one of the major crops in my area though they tend to be rather larger than that contraption there.

  64. Ben Bernal says:

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  68. Michael O'Connor says:

    My Grandfather had a old ford tractor with a single plow attachment that he would run down the line and turn the soil over and then we would follow behind picking up potatoes. Worked fairly well.

  69. Nelson's Tree says:

    Even if spud shaker from hell did work good who could survive holding it for a whole day. I'm going to say the engineer who designed this never tested it out themselves. Lol thanks for the laugh. Can you feel your hands yet ?

  70. Kevin Clavers says:

    Hey Mike, nice Claudette Colbert imitation! As for comedy, not so much I give you two spuds down!

  71. Richard Pierson says:

    Something I tried this year was planting potatoes in a truck tire, when they were ready I flipped the tire over with my pallet forks on the tractor and kicked it around a few times and picked them up off the ground. It worked really well, I will probably do a dozen tires or so next year like this.

  72. Stan Rodgers says:

    Should be SPUD-O

  73. Stan Rodgers says:

    I was wondering about your 2 wheel tractor. SO…

  74. Dennis Scott Brown says:

    What a great video! Really enjoyed you both being on the video. Loved the jokes at the end. Sorry the device didnโ€™t work as smooth as hoped. ๐Ÿฅ”

  75. Karen Douglas says:

    This is Karen's husband, Robert again. As a boy I loved potatoes so much I would sometimes eat too many and would get a funny taste in my mouth that I nicknamed the "potato taste" . I once broke down crying when I thought the dinner host had run out of potatoes. I still love potatoes any way they come, with mashed smothered in hamburger gravy my favorite.

  76. Red Cossack says:

    Great show!

  77. Dave Wygonowski says:

    LOL!!! :()

  78. Drew Wilke says:

    How about trying to build a potato digger for the little international tractor. A bracket for the 3pt, a spade to dig, sifting bars, and a vibration motor, little bit of welding and presto a digger

  79. Tim England says:

    You two crack me up with the potato vlog. It wants me to watch the Martian again. But, he ran out of Vicodin and ketchup but survived on potatoes!

  80. alwaysinblue says:

    I think my eyeballs would fall into my shoes if I had to use one of those potato digger do-dads. I'd pass

  81. nmelkhunter1 says:

    That thing fried, baked and mashed you. Sorry, I couldnโ€™t resist…

  82. David Wearne says:

    Everything attachments has one that hooks to a 3pt hitch on your tractor.

  83. Rich Peterson says:

    Hi, Erin & Mike, I'm going to weld-up a potato digging bucket for my small backhoe on my tractor. I have an old 16" bucket that I'm going to revamp. Anything beats digging ๐Ÿฅ”'s by hand, LOLโ—

  84. Justin Wilcox says:

    I tried to use one of these for the potato research plots at my job and it doesn't work for potatoes that are hilled in soft sand. We treat the plots like commercial fields and as a consequence the BCS rides on the hill and has too much soil to dig up so it slips and inevitably falls off the hill. I Spent 4 hours in 90 degree heat trying every which way to get this thing to work. The BCS needs more power, more weight and a wider stance to run this thing. It needs an actual tractor.

  85. Richard Hopkins says:

    Love your channel!!! I see a previous comment mentioned barbell wheel weights. BCS has some great wheel weights available. I purchased my BCS 749 with the filled tires on a recommendation from Joel at Earthtools. Wow! It made a huge difference in traction. Keep the great content coming.

  86. charlesworth farm says:

    Mike, you might try looking for a used 1 or two row pto powered 3 point or pull type digger. you should be able to get one for less than the price of the one from BCS. You could powered it with your small International tractor.

  87. lizardtoenails says:

    Mike? What if you plant the potatoes above ground on box planters with access for harvesting from beneath instead of above. With latched openings underneath the box planters.

  88. lizardtoenails says:

    Or set a strong mesh liner on each row below the potato plant with grab handles. When ready to harvest two people one on each side pulls up on the mesh ungrounding the potatoes. I'm sure you can figure out what I mean. Even with cans it can be done. Dump them over. Well those are my 2 cents for today. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธT20

  89. Alan Greene says:

    I would think tire chains would help. I purchased a 60 year old Iron Age potato digger years ago. It's pto driven and has been well worth the few hundred I gave for it. Good luck.

  90. Steve's Outdoor World says:

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    I run the Spedo behind my farmall and its amazing with raised beds. But I had similar issues without mounds but it still was better than my spud plow. I'll never go back to digging by hand again. But I couldn't imagine running one behind a BCS lol. My butt gets numb just running it behind my tractor. All in all after a few seasons it's paid for itself by increased yields and I plant less now because it harvests more for me.

  93. jerry peacock says:

    This must be for small tractor, the two wheeler doesn't seem to have enough weight to keep traction. Also it's best to cut tops a week or so before harvest, just to keep jam ups to a minimum.

  94. My Self says:

    Found night shade in my hog pen a week before I got em. Was not happy. Thanks for letting me know bout the flowers bein in the same family. Planning on every spring and fall when I get pigs to release in the garden for a couple of weeks first

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