The Zhiyun Crane V2 – My Review on this Amazing Tool For DSLR & Mirrorless Cameras (ft. Sony A7RII)

Hey guys my name is Francisco Hernandez
and today I’m gonna be talking about the zine cream version 2 to start off I
wanted to show you guys what comes with the crane and it’s all the stuff right
there and I thought it was really nice how everything was nice and neat you
also get a manual and a cleaning kit when you order from Purdy you have the
upper portion of the handle it’s gonna be doing all the heavy lifting you have
the lower portion else deep batteries you also have the charger and the
charging cable as well as a lens mount attachment to support heavier lenses if
that’s what you want to use the bottom of the crane features a thread with an
adapter that you can either keep or remove to support either 1/4 inch or 3/8
screw I choose to keep it in place so I can use it with a mini tripod you’re
about to see initially I did want to show you guys how to set the camera on
the crane but it’s such a tedious process and there’s a lot of good videos
out there already so I’m just gonna be leaving a link to one that I think is
gonna help you out the most also leave the setup instructions right here in
case you guys lose the manual you bought one that didn’t have one or you’re just
too lazy to look it up online although I’m not gonna be showing you guys the
setup of the crane I did want to point out something that I learned a little
too late and that’s that the camera itself should be stabilized
when destabilizer when the crane is not even on so for example if you leave it
position up like that then it should stay that way or when you position it
down it should also stay in place in addition to being able to support itself
when it’s tilted forward and back the crane should also be able to stabilize
itself when it’s tilted to the left or when it’s tilted to the right although I
don’t have it exactly calibrated right in the video which is why you’re seeing
it tilts back up low as I mentioned in the beginning the video there are two
versions of the crane and although both versions are pretty similar and believe
version 2 has some key differences that make it worth getting over the original
as you can see the version 2 has a noticeably shorter handle which is gonna
make it easier to stabilize your video another key difference is that the
buttons were pushed into the front there’s a mode button now and there’s a
much larger joystick the version 2 of the crane now features a sliding
mounting plate and a measurement on the site that makes setting up the camera
much easier the version 1 of the crane doesn’t have
the sliding monthly plate or the measurements but it’s still very simple
to set up the camera but I’m all for ease of use so I definitely recommend
the version 2 over the original I did want to point out that the microUSB port
on the side of the handle is only for firmware upgrades and the port on the
top of the handle is to connect the camera to the crane and that court is
not included by default when you turn on the crane you enter pan follow mode and
you won’t have any tilting abilities but you do have access to some nice patting
motions this mode is probably my favorite because it not only gives me a
nice tracking motion but lets me turn smoothly if I ever need to change
direction by pressing the mode button once you
enable lock mode and like the name implies it locks the ability to do any
sort of panning and any tilting you literally lock the position of the
camera where it was when you enabled the mode this is perfect for when you need
to capture the movement of somebody and you don’t want to worry about the camera
panning off press the mode button twice and your navel pan and tilt mode and
like the name implies once again you get the ability to not only do nice tilts
but also nice parents you can even create a nice interesting look when you
combine the two movements last but not least when you press the mode button
three times you enable selfie mode and this is gonna be perfect for anybody
that wants to do any blogging with smooth video before I forget you can
also use the camera upside-down and what’s called inverted mode but
definitely be careful when you enter this mode because depending on the setup
that you have you can get your camera caught up in the crane and when I was
filming this video actually did get the camera caught in the lens which I’m
about to show you guys right now so you can see what not to do for any of you that want to remotely
control the crane you can do so with an app that’s very easy to use just make
sure that bluetooth is enabled and once you see the crane pop up select it and
you should be connected right away once connected and you hit control to virtual
joysticks will pop up and you’ll be able to control your crane there’s also a 180
degree rotation button and a button to level a camera once again I believe the
Zoom Crane version 2 is an amazing tool whether it be just for recording your
friends little dog recording your friend goofing off during a photo shoot or when
recording behind-the-scenes videos for your YouTube channel which I recently
did and I can tell you from personal experience that the video was a lot more
interesting and dynamic than compared to when I usually had it on a tripod if
you’re interested in getting the Zoom crane version to which I highly
recommend if you’re interested in getting professional quality video then
I have some links in the description that you can check out if you guys
enjoyed the video it would be awesome if you can give it a like comment and
subscribe alright take care guys and I’ll see you
in the next one

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