Three Crushed in Tractor Rollovers (Punjabi)

In the past 20 years, tractor rollover accidents
have killed hundreds of Canadian farm workers. I’m going to tell you about three fatal
rollovers that happened in B.C. At a vineyard, a farmer was backing out from
between the rows of grapes onto a road barely wide enough to fit his tractor. Next to the road was a steep embankment made
up of loose, crumbly soil. A mechanical inspection after the accident
found that the tractor’s brakes weren’t adjusted properly. When fully applied, they
locked up the left rear wheel while the right would continue to spin, causing the tractor
to veer. While reversing, the tractor likely veered
at the edge of the embankment. The soil gave way and the tractor slid sideways and then
rolled over, crushing the farmer. The tractor wasn’t equipped with a rollover protective
structure or what is known as a ROPS. A tractor operator was transporting a bin
full of apples. As he drove down to the bottom of a steep hill he turned sharply. The tractor
overturned, killing the operator. The factory-installed ROPS had been removed. There had been a bumper crop of silage – so
plentiful that it was piled 5 feet above the storage bunker’s walls. A young worker was
attempting to compress the air out of the pile by driving a tractor back and forth on
it. The tractor rolled sideways off the pile, crushing the worker. The ROPS had been removed to facilitate the
tractor’s entry into low-entry barns. Unfortunately, it wasn’t reinstalled when a new barn with
taller access was built. Except for a few special cases, all agricultural
tractors built after January 1, 1985 are required to have a ROPS. And, because of the danger, all tractors old
or new require a ROPS if operated: on slopes greater than 20 percent, or
on roadways that are less than twice the width of the tractor
and have an edge or shoulder with a slope that would allow a rollover. Always wear seat belts on tractors with ROPS.
They keep you in the survival zone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re young
or old, experienced or inexperienced. If you drive a tractor that doesn’t have a rollover
protective structure and it rolls over, there’s a good chance you will die. The statistics say it best: Rollover with no ROPS: 75% chance of dying Rollover with ROPS and wearing a seatbelt: 99% chance of surviving! Stay safe: Use a ROPS along with a seat belt.

3 comments on “Three Crushed in Tractor Rollovers (Punjabi)”

  1. Qamber Ali says:

    i hate it when i see tractors without ROP

  2. WorkSafeBC says:

    I've added a link to the English version in the video description.

  3. bobatporty says:

    In 2004 had a massey ferguson with no roll bar roll over me twice, was in hospital for 9 months and off work for just over 12 months, and still suffer from the injuries.

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