Tips and Tricks Blizzard #1 Snow Removal Kioti Tractor

Ok folks! Today it’s a very different different kind of a situation cell phone oups! we are the January January thrid yeah January third I think maybe forth what ever 2018 we are in a south ouest Quebec Canada today we have a kind of blizzard it’s actualy a around 9 o’clock in the morning we can see the wind there a we have a minus 22 Celsius with out the windshield effect the wind are about 40 to 60 KPH I did clean all my customer 3 hours ago and it’s to be done again a event my driveway I did it and a it’s all a it’s all a what ever LOL So are you ready for an other ride this time we still put all the lights on 4 way flasher warning lights beacon on top very important event your cab lights on top you know your LED lights what ever very important in that kind of condition because you have to be see by others visibility is very short and sometimes you know people drive drive not like they should at that kind of temperature and now I’m just waiting to take a bit of a I’m just waiting that the tractor heat up a bit I put the a RPM around 1800 and a I’m gonna be good to go in a few So bear with me it’s gonna be a fun one this one just hope the camera gonna not drop a drop dead on battery LOL you see a diesel engine like this you have to a bring your warm up particulary in that kind of temperature why because the wind gonna cold up the engine faster and a in that particular case here with the tractor that I have it’s not a a tractor built on a frame meaning the engine in the front with a drive shaft and transmission in the back it’s kind built like the big tractor all one piece you know you have the engine transmission housing everything’s and the back it’s all together so this one hydrostatic that we call so when the engine running like this all the gearing turn and you see my window all ready start to fog that mean I’m gonna need heat today more then usual probably want to keep my coat on too LOL because even that I have a heated gab with big win like this wind tend to a to pass at the bottom of the cab because you know all the pedal and the you have some kind of hole there that you cannot plug and a, it’s normal so the heat, the heat is getting up a bit so, we gonna go higher that a bit (RPM) when you a heat the engine you a at the begining the idle on the tractor is about a 1000 RPM so you lift it up to 1500, 1800 to make it you should leave it running at lease for a minute at minimum idle you know it’s a diesel diesel don’t like winter, but if you take care of it if you put a block heater a battery heater stuff like this you not gonna be a having a problem Yeah! where good to go! ready for a ride? this is working put the fan on Here we go! we don’t see much it’s gonna be better in a few put in on put on the blower this customer want is path cleaned You see now I’m gonna put down pressure on the blower you see the tractor just lifted I have some kind of a bump here we go! that an other thing that is very good about that kind of tractor like this it’s a you can put down pressure on the blower You see here I don’t have a choice to blow the snow this side but this side is the neighbor so I put down the pitch on the chute so I’m gonna be the more as close as possible not to far not to go to far (the snow) I try to keep it a, near the street so nobody a can complain I’ll put a bit of down pressure here just to make it a oups! the guy as a kind of small (sidewalk) Yeah Here we go! Yeah those garbage can it’s the day of recycling they gonna be on my way all day but that’s ok I think it’s part of the job stay tuned for next part of Tips and Tricks, “Blizzard edition”

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