Tom Brady’s Wicked Accent

[music] Hey excuse me.
Hey, how are you doing? Hey, can you tell me where the
Under Armour Coldblack golf gear is? Yeah, I just moved out
here, and I haven’t had a chance to unpack
my golf stuff, so I’m kinda looking for some, shirts. Wow, are you– Tom Brad… –from Boston? Your accent… (accent) Hey, where’s
the Under Armour. I don’t have a Boston
accent. I play football in Boston, but– I’m sorry man, but
I can’t understand a word you’re saying. You’re like, “Hey, what
do you mean?” “I ain’t got no
Boston accent.” Just say something, and
I’ll spitball with you. No, I really don’t
want to do that. (accent) Go Sox! (accent) Hey, that’s some wicked
hot chowder. What? I’m doing an impersonation
of you. I’m an actor. I don’t even sound
like that. You sound a lot…
You sound like that. I sound nothing
like that. I beg to differ. (accent) You really just got to
try the lobster. Is there anyone else
that can help me? No. (accent) You know, Marky
Mark and the Funky Bunch, now that’s a good band.
You know a band I love more? (accent) Boston. I’m actually from
San Mateo, so I don’t– Oh, San Mateo,
Massachusetts? That’s really funny.
Actually there’s a San Mateo here in
California. I got to show people… Hey everybody, get a load
of this Boston guy. Please don’t do that.
Please, quiet. Well they should hear you. You.
You. Play football. No, fly from Boston. No. Why would you
even say that? Man. Yeah, yeah, your
accent is ridiculous. Get a picture of
me and this nut Judia. Okay, say
“Bostonian” goofball. Bostonian. Hey, are you
Matt Damon? No. Oh, I knew it.
Affleck. Ooh (giggles). Oh my God. Hey man, you must get
so hot here all the time right, because your
blood’s thicker? You want me to grab
you some water? (accent) Water? No.
No. How about some
baked beans? No. You know why?
Because I’m not from Boston. I’m from California! I’m a native
Californian. I went to Michigan, and
now I play for New England. I’m the (bleep)
quarterback you moron. (sigh) You know, you look a
lot like that standee. Yeah, it’s uncanny. – Tom: Him?
– Store Clerk: Yeah. Well, you don’t need
go knocking it over like that. I am the guy on the standee. (accent) I am the guy on
the friggin’ standee. Uh!
Oh my… Matt Damon, shame
on you! He lost his wife
in those Bourne movies, but I don’t feel bad
for him at all. I’m going to go kick
that guys butt. Well, you look like
a reader. Maybe you need
some help. Go help him honey. You can’t treat
people like that. Yeah. I take a
Zumba class. I can dance
kick him. [music]

100 comments on “Tom Brady’s Wicked Accent”

  1. blinggnilb2 says:

    This gem was hidden well. 😂🤣

  2. Liam Shenise says:

    why am i getting this in my recommended 7 years later?

  3. Big_B says:

    Not going to lie that was pretty funny

  4. Alexander Perez says:

    Matt Damon shame on you! lmao

  5. Bourbon Horrific says:

    I’m from the city. This is perfect cause everything sucks lmfao

  6. revenge69ful says:

    Oh I thought he was doing recon for how to cheat against his next component 😵

  7. BiggBoss41 says:

    Okay; that was funny.

  8. Damon Macy says:

    This is dumb and not even funny…

  9. Jerimiah Madden says:

    Brady so good at acting i believed that mufucka

  10. G B says:

    "Matt Damin shame on you" lol.

  11. Animal Language says:

    Eeeeh not funny

  12. kgkustomz97ser says:

    god i hate tom brady but i laugh my ass off every time i watch this. HAHAHAHAHAHA

  13. Devyn Brinsfield says:

    This goes to show you acting is pretty easy lol.

  14. CycloniK tiger says:

    Fuck tom Brady

  15. ChromeArty says:

    This was way better than I thought it would be!

  16. Stephen Ponce says:


  17. Brad Morrison says:

    What accent?

  18. Kel Steele says:

    Matt Damon shame on you!

  19. Colby Morris says:

    Lol guess I have to die. Cus that was about as funny as Hillary's email server..

  20. JakeKeur says:

    That worker has an absolutely massive forehead.

  21. Mr. Robert Anthony Goncalves -Jackson says:

    Lol this made like Tom Brady 😂😂

  22. Steeler Cards 18 says:

    Tom brady is a better comedian than he is a quarterback…. how is this possible hes the literal GOAT

  23. The Nimble Ninja says:

    7 years later and dude hasn't aged one bit. 🐐

  24. Kynx says:

    Years later and I'm still wondering if he's actually acting or not?

  25. Benjamin Harding says:

    I want to see Tom Brady act.

  26. dan wheeler says:

    Right hand slaps standee, left hand in pocket. The mans a legend

  27. Jamba Juice says:


    Knocks over standee

  28. Hatter TheMad says:


  29. Steve Dhi says:

    Everyone in the comments … A little off ..

  30. nerifernandez1 says:

    Hahahahahahaha! Hollywood calling, Tom Brady! 👍👍

  31. I_no_get_sleep says:

    I'm the guy from the standee

  32. Brandon Lively says:

    Tom Brady can actually act.

  33. Mystic_ Replayzzz says:

    Tbh id push him too

  34. joe johnston says:

    Hey are you Matt Damon

    No I’m much more successful

  35. focob55 says:

    FUCK Tom Brady!!!!!!! CHEATING little cry baby BITCH!!!!!!! FUCK HIM. STOP RIDING HIS DICK, YOU CLOWNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. viper elite says:

    The cardboard cutout of Tom was a paid actor

  37. FadeZ says:

    he’s actually a good actor lmaoo

  38. FadeZ says:

    “i’m an actor” well obviously not bc the QB WAS BETTER

  39. Noj Paul says:

    you look like a reader

  40. No One says:

    Why is that dudes head

  41. David Ducaz says:

    “I take a Zumba class, I can dance kick him.” 😂

  42. KING TUILĒSU says:

    2:10 Brady completely went off on that guy 😂😂

  43. Red Rising sun Harris says:

    Hahaha 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  44. ghostdtx says:

    Matt Damon shame on you

  45. Darrell Stephens says:

    Little did everyone know 7 years ago that Touchdown Tommy actually liked doing bits like this. Only in the last year or two has he true funny troll side, came to light

  46. Rick Razor says:

    I’m the fuckiñ quarterback you moron 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  47. Bobby K says:

    Holy crap! I just lol'd like a crazy person….

  48. Jonah Chadwick Griego says:

    Couldn’t understand him, accent was too strong…I don’t speak championships.

  49. Galaron28 says:

    You look like a reader maybe you need some help. Lmao.

  50. Archersforeal says:

    As much as I “hate” Tom Brady, he did a very good job acting

  51. Google User says:

    "Matt Damon, shame of you!" Omg hahahahah ☠

  52. patssox100 says:

    Shame you you Matt Damon. hahahahah

  53. tripslikstar says:

    "You look like a reader" haha

  54. TheBusinessDude says:

    He went to shop for flat footballs.

  55. Chinese Government says:

    Fuck you Thomas

  56. Jack Wallace says:

    Pretty funny

  57. MixedBeans says:

    Is that him or one of his 6 clones?

  58. bestturtles25 says:

    He got so angry 2019 anyone

  59. MBC1975 says:

    Wow, Tom was pretty adamant about people knowing he's not from Baaahston..

  60. Kristen Baker says:

    Matt Damon how dare you!? 🤣

  61. Yung Sorrow says:

    “Is there anyone else that can help me” “no”

  62. jose rodriguez says:


  63. Denny Fuller says:

    This was stupid as fuck. Not funny at all

  64. Justin Barry says:

    Wow, this is very shitty, cringe material.


  65. Kermit Teh Froge says:

    I feel bad for Tom here (I clearly know it’s fake)

  66. MysteriousNinja says:

    Fucking Matt Damon 😔 i use to like him

  67. ZGERMAN says:

    It is not cool to assault Lesbians.

  68. Kevin Weiss says:

    I wonder how he would pronounce spygate, deflate gate, tuck rule, and leaving his pregnant wife for a model?

  69. Max Powers says:

    Dude had it coming

  70. Og Skinny says:

    “You look like a reader u might need some help”😂😂

  71. JimBob McDougal says:

    “Is there anyone else that can help me?”


  72. Antonio Buentello says:

    "Matt Damon, shame on yooouuu!"

  73. johnny hirko says:

    Holy fucking forehead.

  74. Ken Lagasse says:

    Give this man an Oscar !!! To go with the 6 (soon to be 7) chunks of bling he already has….. way to go TB !!!

  75. john gonzales says:

    Im pretty sure this actually happened to him thats why its so realistic 😂

  76. somekindaguy100 says:

    Matt Damon shame on youuuuuuu. Pure gold

  77. salvador rodriguez says:

    Lmao 🤣 Tom bitch slaps his own stand

  78. steelS V says:

    Noah tannenbaum the Hasidic homeboy… is that you?

  79. loginusername7 says:

    This reminds me of the fake news and the ridiculous narratives they come up with, completely void of the truth. Just keep repeating falsehoods and derail anything resembling sanity.

  80. BRVD Production says:

    Tom Brady and Peyton should make a show

  81. Adam Blare says:

    Wow! Great acting from Brady…I'm flabbergasted

  82. Todd Secor says:

    Alright this is hilarious.

  83. Neftali’s Weed Reviews 420 says:

    San Mateo Cali

  84. Ben Gonzales says:

    Good acting!

  85. 1shunt says:

    matt damon shame on you,lmao

  86. Callum Scott says:

    If he retires, he should defiantly act. IF he retires.

  87. techi9 says:

    That's how Brady treated his 1st baby momma

  88. Cole McKinstry says:

    Matt Damon SHAME ON YOU

  89. tombrady 12 says:

    That guy looks Peyton Manning in disguise. Cuz he was able to cover his face but not his big ass forehead

  90. Mezmerizer02 says:

    Better than Manning in football, and acting.

  91. Automated Comment says:

    Fuckin Matt damon

  92. darth rabid says:

    Is that the guy from ted 2?

  93. rottiesdad says:

    I knew he was gonna suck even back then.

  94. RJC USA says:

    He should have gone to Academy , they aren’t that stupid .
    Could Tom be any cuter? Not possible

  95. Jdwillso says:

    “You look like a reader, maybe you need some help”

  96. 10k subs with no videos Challenge says:

    Imagine being so weak you get knocked over by Tom Brady

  97. LAsirs Media says:

    “Go help him honey” *causally nudges wife to help beat up Tom Brady 😂

  98. Garrett Redden says:

    His hands are big asf

  99. BLACKcat #NEWJOKEgiants YT says:

    I bet if jesus came to earth saying he died for our sins , someone would be like thats cool bro. But how many superbowls have you won 😂😂😂😂

  100. ROB-IN-PHILLY says:

    Wow, Matt Damon is a DICK! WTF!

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